How To Paint Fill A Golf Club

How To Paint Fill A Golf Club

Golf At Home .tv I’m Chris and
today we’re going to talk about how to paint fill your golf clubs so wedges in particular are popular for
this I’m Cleveland wedges like this one can
actually order with custom colors in electrical stuff but that cost more
money and maybe don’t wanna spend that money
maybe rather do it yourself or you’re a little Cleveland logo was
little chewed up from all the same in rock’s because a I end up over in the crap and that’s for
repair it make it work better for myself I don’t do it on the cheap so
you have actually really easy there are a lot of videos on YouTube and I had
another one so you can use anything the paint
this these are just some cheap acrylic paints
from Walgreens I got this because I want to gold for
the putter master paying on the grip and you can also use paint
pens this is probably the best method just
because a the way it feels nicely and you get less
overfill but also you have to take care of with
nail polish remover and speaking of nail polish remover you
can actually use nail polish to paint fill your golf clubs as well so I’m going to demonstrate the paint
pen method and first let me show you ever showed
you ever shown you my putter and I’m still going to show
you my driver here I’m I painted and the Dymo the Nike
logo the have loft and those were all
black Dymo was red and is made of white
because I could I did the face those were all black
lines I made them why just testing out right now doesn’t
necessarily work all that better but it is different and
didn’t cost me anything what we my wife isn’t the scrapbooking
arts and crafts so you think that means were free and if
you live with a female you probably have access to
nail polish and the nail polish remover Sosa cheap she project the paint fill
your golf clubs let’s go ahead and do this I’m gonna try
to repair the Cleveland logo here so I just want
white I just want to look factory again let’s
take the white paint pen and some paper towels here my extra paper towel government put some
nail polish remover on so I haven’t and I’m just going to fill
it in played at this level here and it’s going
to spill out over the edge and that’s okay because we’re gonna clean a I’m trying
to do just enough so that everything inside have the indentation the stamp is filled and with the pain says we’re having the club
nice level helps cuz the paint settles and or actually fill in this indentation
with our paint I’m trying not to do too much is live in
pain is nice because I’m not getting too much how love indentation when I did the
putter I had a whole lot all over the place is
pretty sloppy I used this prefered here it is good on
that a good thing use still white over the club filled in all the gaps in
and I did the the white method so I have this fill
them can see a couple spots and sometimes
adding left bank and then we’re going to let this sit for about two minutes I’ve tried doing that immediately we’re
just paper towel without a hit the nail polish remover and that’s not good it usually sucks up
the paint in after filling more our truck waiting
a long time and that requires more effort in usually
end up pushing too hard and then that also messes up some the
paint in the indentation so about two minutes on going on there any and we’ll go ahead
and put so that no powers remover on a paper
towel and then we will gently wife over for
you in a second here I’m without pushing in smaller quite
over a couple times note taker well paint filling our golf
club we have waited two minutes now and you
can see that it’s not too bad you could get a little sloppy with
doesn’t have a fill all over the place and you’d still be okay I when I did the
driver in the Putter it was all over the club
and that’s okay but that’s why the paint pen in my
opinion works best for filling Agarkar so I’m gonna go ahead and take on my
paper towel here and I just a little bit this is a far trip thousand-member and
take the new ball of the river school over on their you a whole lot and facts my one try to keep a somewhat firm
because I want to prevent it from dipping into the indentation on the club and then I was going to very lightly go over a few times and this is the I think more light on their perfect
missing my spots been fifty that’s good probably about five excessive wipes
that’s why the pink and works so well for FileMaker Go of a I’m the the acrylic paint when I used
this is not good at all over into quite a bit more on and I also
awaited my waited for a long time and you the Q-tip try to get in some rural areas because I
mean it’s really getting there that’s why only waiting about two
minutes it seems to be the best but now you can see and now that I have pain filled mind of love it looks much more factory much more I was near but I
refreshed my girl well be that so now my old beat-up Golf
Club doesn’t look so bad anymore and you can
do this within the club’s if you have medal
stamps you could actually just like they do
just like you could order I’m 10 what does it as well I think you can
stand in your initials you could stand in something else felt
something out you some numbers whatever you want to do I could staff that maintain Philip and
fill it using the exact method that we just used
looks pretty cool so I don’t actually have any mail stamps
otherwise I would absolutely do that went hope you enjoyed video on how to
paint billy clubs if you’ve done the same thing I’m at a
video response sir %uh some images in the comments or

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