How to Play Cricket : How to Hold a Cricket Bat

How to Play Cricket : How to Hold a Cricket Bat

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip, I’m going to tell you how to hold a cricket bat and take a stance. This
is how a cricket bat looks like. This part of the bat is the handle, where you hold the
bat. And this is particularly the part of the bat where you play most of your shots.
The lower part of the bat and the middle. You hardly play any shots from this part of
the bat. Now let’s see how to hold this bat. Now this is a typical way to hold a bat, where
your hand touches the bat and holds, grips, firmly grips the bat here, in the top end
part of the corner. And the other hand comes very close to this part. You tighten your
grip and now let’s see the stance. Once you take the bat in your hands, this is a typical
way of standing; you keep about a foot of distance between both of your feet?s. The
bat comes behind your right leg, if you’re a right hander. If you are a left hander,
it’s the other way round. This would be firmly grounded here; your shoulder is looking towards
the bowler. Some people also keep a stance, wherein the keep the bat in between the legs.
But it is a better way to have the bat here. So this is how you keep the stance and hold
the bat.

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  1. ahh thats much better! feels more comfortable holding it this way!

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  3. debatable whether its 'better' to ground the bat behind your back foot than in between, personally I find it much easier to ground it between, makes playing shots much smoother

  4. this is gay thats how to hold a bat and get out

  5. I'm sure beginners would find this helpful. Racist, ignorant, cowardly, bigoted idiots might find it๏ปฟ less helpful – shame they seem to be the ones so keen to leave remarks.

  6. @ContactReal so if u think u can teach us better post a vid of ur's my frnd

  7. 0:56 'FEETS' ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. the bottom hand should be held a bit smoothly than the top hand

  9. bat witch ever way is commfortable mate

  10. Ya. Thats rite … the top hand should be firm.

  11. Bakwasss. ! You are doing it wrong my friend…. The bottom hand is held smoothly . And the top hand is placed firm. the top and the bottom hand is placed on the middle of the handle.

  12. horrible video ….
    don't follow these instructions

  13. lol guys don't follow these tips that is not how u hold a cricket bat one tip i can give u is basically your top hand does all the work, as my coach tells me, ''the bottom hand is just there for the ride'' ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. How can he say that it is better to to hold the bat behind legs.It depends on their batting style.Even I hold the bat between the legs

  15. You suck Man. Totally.

  16. he is a very good teacher

  17. Thanks that was a good advice

  18. he is simply a joke

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