How to Swing a Golf Club : Proper Golf Grip for Your Right Hand to Improve Your Golf Swing

How to Swing a Golf Club : Proper Golf Grip for Your Right Hand to Improve Your Golf Swing

Hello I am Arthur DeBolt on behalf of Expert
Village. If you remember in the last lesson, we were using the left hand for golf, where
we gripped with only the two little fingers on the bottom, and keeping your arm straight
and this up, okay. Now, what we are going to do is, we are going to add the right hand
in order to do that I am going to have to get rid of my friend here even though and
I am going to get this club and set that aside. So now I grip with my fingers in my left hand
and let my thumb rest against it, and this is pointing down the shaft, down my arm okay.
This rests against my body, not along side of it, but against my body, on the front,
so that when I set the club down, I do not set it down with just my wrist, I set it down
by moving my whole body forward like so. That is when I lower my right shoulder, and take
the tips of fingers and I put them underneath the club like so, and point this so that this
has a V and sets that V against the grip like so. So that when I am at address, I now have
grip in my little fingers just with tips, set my fingers here and set this V right there
on the grip. So that when I comeback like, so I do not have to grip the club like it
is a death grip or try to hold on. If you hold the club like this and pull on it, you
will find that you would only have to hold with just the little finger, and you will
be able to keep hold of it. So here is what happens; I grip the club with just the fingertips
and I get those V’s setting like this, and I bring the club back like, so that it has
flexibility to it; that means that by using the clubs in my fingers, I can have that flexibility,
so that is what you want to work on, is to get that feel of flexibility in just your

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