How to Swing Each Golf Club : 5-Iron Golf Swing

OK, in this segment we’re going to work on
the five iron. So you can see the clubs are getting less and less lofted, which means
the club face is getting more perpendicular to the ground. So this means the ball is going
to go further forward and it’s not going to go up as much. So a five iron is, if you would
say that the sand wedge pitching wedge and nine iron are your short irons, and your six,
seven and eight are your mid irons, the three, four and five would be considered your long
irons. So, you’re going to hit this ball, the average player, reasonably good player,
is going to hit the five iron anywhere from about 165, 170 to 190, 195 yards. Now the
pros can hit them well over 200, but that’s what they do for a living 8 hours a day. So,
as a developing player, you want to, you’ll make your goal to hit your five iron somewhere
between 165 and190 to get going with. So once again, I draw a line to hit the ball straight
from my target to my club, and I want the club face to be perpendicular to the line
of flight, so that just means that it’s coming in straight like that. With that line, I step
in to the ball. So I have good alignment and I’m totally relaxed, and because this is a
long club, I step back so I have plenty of room to swing, and I just take a nice, easy
swing. Because there’s no reason to, if you don’t have enough club, then you have to try
to over swing and then you’re not going to get a good shot. So just take a nice, easy
swing and you’re five iron will be great.

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