How to Swing Each Golf Club : Pitching Wedge Golf Swing

Okay, in this segment we’re going to use the
pitching wedge, this one is a 48 degree loft so you can see that it’s got a pretty stiff
loft at. So the purpose of this club is to get, is to come down on a ball, to strike
it and to drive the ball up. So you’re going to create a lot of back spin on it. So, this
shot is usually for most players from between 80 and a120 yards. Some big hitters might
hit a little further, but it always depends on the wind conditions, but this is a great
club because it’s a major relatively close to the grin, and if you make a good shot here,
you can really get a good score on this loft. Also, it can be use for chipping, but we’re
going to hear just, on this segment, we’re going to have a full pitching wedge so what
you want to do is get line up, put the club for a straight shot, you want to have it in
a neutral, which means that if there’s a line from the target the club is going to be perpendicular
to it. So, and because it’s a relatively short club, you’re going to be relatively close
to the ball, you don’t want to be way out here. So, that’s an okay shot, and that’s what demonstrate
a couple move. So you just want to get line up, feel the, put the ball somewhat between
the legs, a little closure to the front foot. And that’s what you need to do to head a good
pitching wedge, is just line up and there we go, over the green. So, it’s a great club,
it’s a great, it’s a lot of fun if you could make the shot, it really can save you a lot
of strokes.

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