How to Swing Golf Clubs : Golf Clubs: Three Irons

How to Swing Golf Clubs : Golf Clubs: Three Irons

Okay, now we’re going to see how to fade the
three iron. So let’s say you’re playing a par three and it’s narrow, and it’s a hundred
and eighty five yards, and there’s a little bit of wind coming across the fairway, right
to left. So the fade is a perfect shot for a situation like that because if you hit a
ball straight, the wind’s going to push it possibly into the trees on the left. So you
want to fade the ball to counteract the wind. So a hundred and eighty yards might be a club,
if you’re a good ball striker you might normally use a six iron or a five iron or a four iron,
but because you’re going to fade it, you’re going to use a three iron because you lose
a little bit of distance. So the key here isn’t how much of a macho person we are by
using this big club to get there, it’s getting there where you want to be in the number of
strokes. So let’s say for that scenario, a hundred and eighty yard par three, I’m going
to hit this three iron. Now normally if it’s a perfectly sunny day, I might hit a five
or a six iron. But if there’s a little bit of wind coming from right to left, so this
ball’s going to go from left to right, so I’m going to aim left of my target. So here’s
the target line. This would be hitting the ball straight. I aim to the left, and then
I open the face of the club. So now I’m going to be able to fight the wind and I’m giving
myself margin for error because I’m aiming to the left side where the trees are, but
I’m waving myself the whole fairway or green for the ball to land safely. So let’s see
if I can get this done.
So that was pretty well executed. So that gave me a lot of margin for error. I, since
I lost distance on the three iron, it was an, it was the perfect club to use because
I could swing nice and easy on it.

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  1. is it just me…or is his swing a lil ugly?

  2. lol a little ugly?!

  3. He bends his knees a crapload in his backswing.

  4. It seemed like he did a reverse weight shift, not to mention the extra-knee bending!

  5. Video is titled "how to swing a 3 iron" but this is about fading it. How much does your head dip when you hit the ball!? This video is a joke.

  6. I couldn't watch your video because you decided it was too important for me to see an ad at the beginning and there are plenty of other videos that don't.

    oh..jeez.I just noticed it's an "expertvillage" video. The tag name that guarantees no expert is remotely close to the camera.

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