Hurling in North America News | June 2019

Hey guys, I’m David from Play Hurling and
welcome to June’s episode of Hurling in North America News, where we
take a look at what’s going on in the hurling and camogie community across
the continent. First up in New York GAA news, the first-ever New York camogie sevens
tournament was held on Saturday June 1st. Teams travelled to New York for his
tournament from across the East Coast and also a few from Ireland. Cushendall won the senior division and New York’s Annie Moore’s won the junior division This tournament laid a strong foundation for camogie development in New York and
congrats to all involved. Next up in North Carolina news, Raleigh Cu Chulainn hosted the sixth annual Thomas Burke Cup at NC State on June 15. 6 hurling teams
and 2 camogie teams competed over seven matches. The final was between Raleigh
and Charleston with Raleigh winning 4-11 to 2-5. Also on June 15th, in Indiana news, Indy GAA hosted the Indy tournament. Unfortunately, thunderstorms
and the tornado watch cut the tournament short but they played on like true
warriors until they have to get off the field. Some of the teams competing
included as Madison, Indy GAA, St. Louis, Twin Cities, Atlanta, and
Cincinnati. A big shout out to those who showed up the next day to break down
the goals despite the weather conditions. Next up in Canadian news, the Western
Canadian Championships happened in Edmonton on June 29th and 30th. In the junior hurling final, Edmonton won against Calgary. And it was a Vancouver senior
final with JP Ryan’s winning against Cu Chulainn. In Ireland news, check out this ridiculous
catch from Shane O’Regan of Cork. And June’s photo of the month goes to Michael Griffith of
Mid-Atlantic GAA for capturing the shots of a Naval plane taking off during one of their divisional matches in Virginia. And June’s video of the month goes to Vancouver’s Cu Chulainn who decided to have a poc around right beside Lake Louise on the
way to the Western Canadian Championships. And there are 2 clubs of the month for June. First up, Seattle Gaels who took over the Play Hurling social media accounts for a week at the beginning of June while hosting the
Emerald City Cup. Their take over week was a lead-up to their 40-year
anniversary is a club so congrats the Seattle Gaels for forty years of growing
Gaelic games in Seattle. Thank you so much to Joseph, Travis, and James and the rest of the Seattle Gaels for taking over the accounts And June second club of the
month goes to New Hampshire Wolves who also took over to Play Hurling accounts. During their take over week, they shared video-game inspired player profiles. They
shared a link to a documentary that was made of their US military beginnings This is a warrior sport. Are you a warrior or not? We came back out of Iraq through Shannon Ireland and happen to see a
little bit of a hurling match on a TV screen. A bunch of us said what is
that what is that sport there’s a connection between the military mindset
and what’s going on in an athlete’s mind in the heat of the game
and they share coverage of our match And they shared coverage of their match against the Fenians. Thanks so much to Cory and the rest of the Wolves pack for taking over our social media accounts. Make sure to go follow the Seattle Gaels and the New Hampshire Wolves. I’ll link their profiles below. Well that’s it for June’s Hurling in North America News If you’re interested in buying hurling equipment such as hurls, helmets, and sliotars go to we have bulk discounts for clubs and we still have these fun coluorful
hurleys. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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