I Learned How To Spin A Basketball In 3 Hours

I Learned How To Spin A Basketball In 3 Hours

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  4. Who Else is a true fan of Buzz?
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  5. How many ksi fans are here?

  6. michael jordan son😉

  7. Imagine if 97% of your gymnastics grade was determined by this and only this

  8. Who else loves BuzzFeed?! ❤️

    My dream is to become a successful youtuber and orthopedic surgeon 😘🔥💯

  9. This is the poor guy that was played into getting nba tickets….

    Damn that vid made me cry

  10. Awesome videos and keeps hard works anyones.

  11. 3 hours? I've did it before and it didn't take 3 hours!

  12. 6:41 giving us the finger ahahah

  13. I swear I’ll like this comment 👀 you swore

  14. Copying Mike Boyd ?

  15. Imagine being not being able to spin a basketball 🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. Thanks Kanye, very cool.

  17. This is a clear copy of Mike Boyd's show Learn Quick… You should be shamed BuzzFeed.

  18. She look extra sexy how she came out and bodied it off the rip

  19. Saw the title and said " That's how I did it in the 80's." Hours of boredom before my parents allowed me to watch TV after dinner. And before you ask I'm 37.

  20. Did he just flipped us all at 6:25

  21. You are copying Mike Boyd

  22. Wait are you serious how do you have to "learn" to do it ? it's the simplest thing ever you just put it on your finger and push it

  23. I want to be able to do that

  24. Okay then gyro zeppeli

  25. He clearly already knew how to do it

  26. Tip: don't do it on the top of your finger.
    Do it on the middle of your nail (not the top). That way you have a lot more controll if you're learning

  27. Attempt 138 had it!!

  28. Learn to throw a knife (with a proper throwing knife and target) I taught myself with no help in about an hour (however I do have experience teaching people how to throw axes and hatchets) and there many aids on the internet that you could use to help teach yourself

  29. In their defence Mike Boyd doesn’t own the concept of learning things…. Iam sure there have been plenty of such videos (obviously in vlog form) before Mike… Stop being cynical just because it’s buzzfeed

  30. I a 60 year old lady and I learned to do this when I was 15 and can still do it.

  31. Mike Boyd is the cameraman

  32. Where's my goddamn basketball?!

  33. mike boyd did it first

  34. Wow,a video about a guy learning how to spin a basketball on the tip of his finger.I guess Buzzfeed is running out of ideas. facepalm

  35. i didnt know i needed this video until now.watchinf that at 3 am

  36. Learn in 3 hours
    3 hours ago

  37. Am I the only one who remembers him from training like Micheal b Jordan??

  38. I think she wasn’t much better than him. She was just slapping it to keep it spinning which he wasn’t.

  39. Why are they still making videos

  40. Yeah it's not that hard really. Also it has nothing whatsoever to do with basketball skill.

  41. Lol I thought this was a Mike Boyd vid

  42. I hate buzzfeed as a whole but somehow I found this vid

  43. 7:13 "Levron Shames, Levron Shames, Levron Shames"

    I'm sorry, I'ma leave now.🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  44. You flipping me off bro!?

  45. I just wasted 3 seconds writing this comment and just waiting for no reason.

  46. the slightly accidental but purposeful middle finger drops were amazing

  47. Wow, Mike boyd…. what did you do to your hair?

  48. who else searched for "longest basketball spin" after watching this

  49. 2:05 did he go to a buzzfeed website?

  50. Buzzfeed have at least 5 people working on this video, from guy researching, the guy spinning, guy filming, guy publishing, guy on social media and I'm sure there's more. This is modern society "work"

  51. he cheated the time lol

  52. 8:21 jumped from 2.3 to 3 secs

  53. 6:41 when the teacher yells at you and then turns back to the board

  54. It took me 5 hours to spin a ball for 2 minutes lol. (3 years ago btw, now I can basically do it until my finger is too tired)

  55. This video is only 9 minutes!

  56. okay but he is mad cute tho

  57. Who else thought that was Steph in the thumbnail 😂

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  59. 6:40 thx for flipping me off

  60. I’m really good at this I can switch fingers, make it spin on my knuckles, bounce off my knee while it’s spinning and catch it on my finger again while it’s spinning 🤔 my dad taught me this very young

  61. The key to learning anything in this world is… Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

  62. 68 spins per hour, 68×3 = 204, srry ik its 205 My brain isnt functioning rn ~_~

  63. People here hating he ripped someone off or that the timer skipped. He did better than all of us. Congrats dude

  64. I wanted to just,


  65. Props to whoever had to watch all the attempts

  66. 👀👀 Uhh what's his Instagram? I don't know how to spin a ball either. Maybe we can learn together 😊😊

  67. Pause right on 6:40 😂😂😂

  68. Did any body catch that he flipped you off at 6:37

  69. honestly if this was me I would of already of bombed that basketball at something

  70. He just flicked us off

  71. I wanted to just 🖕

  72. I spinned it for 46 seconds

  73. The fact that I learned it in 10 minutes

  74. He lasted longer than me at least XD

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