I summoned The Wither Boss in Minecraft – Part 25

I summoned The Wither Boss in Minecraft – Part 25

**GOOOOOD MORNING GAMERS!!!** Okay. Okay. Okay. .yakO Mending. I have it. finally. after three episodes, please Please just sell me your mending. I’ve been t- Yes. It’s locked in. Thank you. So I had it last time no one cares Felix I insist that I had it and then he changed it. Now I have it Thank you. All right gamers today. We have a lot of stuff to do. first off I want to show yuh While I was desperately trying to find the books. We have two new friends! two new kitty cats Sven’s been keeping an eye on them. Ulla Britta, that I don’t know what to name the other one So you guys give me names and I’ll- I’ll top comment decides. we have you locked in place This guy is not gonna change profession because we traded with him. That’s how this works We have the freaking chamber, which is not working at all! So we’re gonna have to redo it. There’s gonna be a couple changes around here Just for a brief moment, We’re just gonna cover up this window. So no one else can see what’s happening. Just do it just a minor detail. No one needs to see what happens in the- That’s so weird everyone just disappeared! all the villagers Well, no one could see it apparently villagers gossip so if you hurt someone They’ll give you worse prices. So that’s lucky that they just left and I didn’t have to hurt them Why am I always full of stuff every time I play it’s like I don’t know what ah okay so these two, you lucky- see they already like each other. This is this is perfect They’re gonna be our new breeders. You guys are gonna be like Adam and Eve Yes, see see now. He’s a normal villager. I’m taking no chances with you two You will frick Whether you like each other or not, this is gonna happen this is happening I mean, oh, yeah, I built that piggy statue. It does it We’re doing it more important things Okay. So here we are The idea is that they’re gonna stay here. I Don’t know if this works No one’s tested out fricking method Then we’re gonna put this here, this here, and this here. And I’m gonna have to somehow get them down here. Get in hole Oh, perfect. No How am I gonna get both of them in there Come on! Come on. Oh Closed. this is so romantic. You will be together forever. You will populate an entire city. Think about the consequence I will pay you I won’t pay you, but I could. you can- Come on. You’re why can’t you stay in a hole? I don’t ask for a lot. yes Yes! *anime laugh* ha ha ha! Okay gamers. They are stuck in the hole of- of Fric-tion? We have Brad making sure they actually do it. you know, for moral support. Now what we’re gonna do is place a dispenser that will make food fall downs because they need food To frick and I don’t know how exactly look I think they’re already getting a- oh Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry I guess I’ll wire it to go here soo. so three up. and so we will place dispenser Looking down as such oh no, I’m stuck in frick chamber NOOOOOOO! Ah! ahhh!! Gotta push them down the Frick hole! Push em down the Frick Hole! I Push my boys down the Frick hole *singing* Get down in the hole get down uh get down in the get-down hole, uh! woo Hoo! Yeah haha! Get in the Frick hole Absolutely stunning Hey look, I know it’s kind of silly to spend all this time on this. But it will be worth it. Trust me. Alright, let’s just put some umm rotten flesh And it works. excellent. Let’s get all our favorite our finest~ potatoes Put them in the dispenser. as such. I think I would prefer if he like Goes a little, oh. sorry That’s probably not good, right? There we go. hah! I don’t need to go near you loser! Yes! that’s how I like him *pewds laughing* I just want it to be like a total creep. in the ground. now we can witness the lovemaking Sending in the potatoes! I thought it would continuously, send in potatoes. This is super annoying Maybe I need um some sort of repeater? Okay, so I need to figure out a way to make it constant pulse It’s going good, right? He agrees. okay. So now the signal is constantly pulsing This doesn’t make any sense though. Like how do I stop it? Oh I see. if I set it right. maybe if I had a button then right No, that doesn’t work. It just needs to be a higher tic stop it just click it again that doesn’t work at all. if I have a lever though, I can just make it blink And then activate it to stop it. this is so dumb that it might just work Okay, so I think I figured it out Because now we have a constant pulse going and then we turn it “on” Which is technically off. and then it’s just a constant flow which will make it stop Big brain let’s try it out Okay. I think I um. I think I did it. Man, you redstone engineers better Watch out Let’s try it out brad man. I Heard it’s working. Yeah! When you figure out redstone, it feels so good Let the fricking begin! That’s right, enjoy those potatoes. They’re like what is happening? why is potato run from ceiling? Don’t worry. Don’t worry. He can’t see us, They can’t see us from here Make BeBe! Now we play the waiting game. Let me actually, let me clean it up a bit. I guess we have to just wait for them, very well. We shall wait. In the meantime, I think its- dang time That I start utilizing this mending thing. Maybe I over- evaluate it. what the? So we have this badass Trident right? that we really want it. we want to keep this but it will break eventually, I have an arrow in my skull. or our diamond sword! Yeah, let’s do it on our diamond sword This would probably cost a lot but it will definitely be worth it so we put mending on it. And now, He, hey. something actually spawned for the first time we’ll we get xp maybe try it on some PeePee PooPoo, I think we can spare a couple. You see that! you saw that on the sword it went up. sorry PeePee PooPoo Oh my god, they are already cooked the pork chop because they burn. oh, that’s so sad Why am I laughing, ah! So the experience I get from um chip chop chipping goes not to me, goes to the sword. So, sword lasts forever now! I won’t level up though. So that’s, That’s a problem. I just keep hearing them flipping and bobbing but no- Fricking and friction, you know what I mean? I know I’m not supposed to be in here, but come on guys. You gotta do me a- When I come back there better be a baby. That’s all I’m saying. I think it’s safe to say, As disappointing as is this, the fricking machine doesn’t work. And I can’t figure out why. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that their restraint down there, You know? Wow. how many did they spit out? 64. Guess you guys don’t like potatoes, huh? If you guys are disappointed just imagine how I feel. Alright? Maybe we should just go with a more natural approach and just hope that they do something. It’s like you build someone a frick chamber. You think that they’d at least be grateful. Are you comfortable sleeping? God, Take another bed! Oh! Oh! oh my god, it’s happening. Oh My god, they love each other. finally! Don’t let me disturb you, I’m not even here. BeBe! BeBe!! Thank you! I also made uh- What is it paper farm? Because I now I actually need it to trade with li- librarians and stuff No! WATA YOU DOING?! How do you even get in here! GAh! how? Where is baby? Baby? *Sad piano music* *faded* bebe! *sad piano music continues* Thank you! Where did it spawn from? I’m so sorry for your loss have some potatoes. Oh my gosh, get out You suck. seriously? They love it, they’re like It’s working- oh and they have another baby! yes, keep eating it he Loves it! look how cute he is! Finally, the fricking chamber is working They’re like what this happened why potato rain? I don’t know but I suddenly I feel like having bebe That’s right. That’s right is it Raining? *gasp* it’s raining please Make the thunder rain, please Please I beg you counsel of water sheep I beg you Oh my god! Water sheep answered the prayer! sven. get the Trident Get the trident, I’m so excited for this. All right piggies go it doesn’t hello? I have to throw it at em woah! wooah! woohohohoho! our army Yeah!!! Give me back woohoo! I can make the fricking Thunder, baby! MORE! YEAH! By the power of Zeus! This is so badass, dude! We’re gonna destroy no! no! Not to me, I’m innocent! Oh God, sorry Sorry… they’re great my god. Oh my god They’ll forget about the fact that I hit them. right? they’ll forget eventually Guys, chill. I didn’t mean to hit you. More Oh my goodness, this is so cool more Was trying to help them from the fire by the way. Hope you understand more Guys please um oh, the fence burnt down. uh oh, uh oh Think I did an oopsie I think I did a big oopsie here my army. my army!!! My PeePee PooPers don’t! I have not betrayed you Please, you must understand I hit you on accident. Okay, maybe if I go to sleep, they will calm down. because like, I don’t- Oh my god, they’re attacking me. Oh my god. oh, this is the end This is the end Escape to the mines. oh gosh Sven, I’m going on holiday. just um make sure you What have I done? Oh god what have I done? You guys don’t mind, right? We’re cool Cool, sooo you guys. were cool. We’re cool. We’re all cool here. Will you attack me? are you going to attack me? guys, This is my house. I live here! Feige! Okay. how to make pigs stop attacking you I Forgot to add Minecraft. in Minecraft! I Have to escape 40 block radius That was badass though Alright, we’re cool now. right? Yeah, I don’t think we’re cool You want to kill me, don’t you? Oh my gosh, we’re cool! Ha! They’ve got worse memory than I have. Wait a minute Wait a minute. did they all despawn? Because I left the area *pewds screaming he’s lungs out* You’ve made one baby! well make more! Can I just change the weather? can I do that I Feel like umm This Doesn’t really benefit me. I just kind of want to see if this works at this point, and I don’t want to wait *anime guy* Nani?! So, I promise I- this is a PewDiePie promise! I will not never not on my spare time not another thing. Use it. Okay? Okay. So technically I said I wasn’t gonna use creative mode andd Changing the weather isn’t creative mode. Sooo Facts and logics. you know what I mean? I took all these steps for days I I- just want to do I don’t want to do it. I just got to make sure I don’t hit any one of them Yes! okay it’s working Whoa, it’s so badass. seriously the coolest thing More!!! More PeePee PooPoo’s! Yes!!!! Hahahaha! God if I mess up now Whoa! another Thunder hit them randomly. my army! My army!! hahahaha! yes! Tonight. we kill finally, one of the first bosses Tonight we dine in Hell! I just realized I haven’t prepared for this fight whatsoever. it probably closes that sven you should probably go inside. Oh God, it’s so creepy So I think it explodes right away Here we go Go. What is he targeting? I can’t shoot him. What just happened? Whoa! Attack zombie men! oh god! get him zombie! oh, he’s targeting me godamn its so strong faster! Come on! Half health Where is he? i cant see oh god. Thanks for nothing zombie pigmen! My god, He’s destroying everything!!! I just got to make sure I don’t hit the pigs cuz- then I’m screwed oh god, this is stressful I need health How is there more of them still? He’s healing himself What’s healing him? are the pigs healing him?! Are you kidding me? I set all this up so they would heal him? Have to get away Come on! *pewds yelling in victory* Woooo! water sheep! Righ in front of water sheep. Jesus Christ That was a lot more intense that I intended Please tell me I was recording that. that was- I will never want to do that again. oh my god! The pigmen healed him! You guys healed him! Hahaha! oh,They’re dangerous PeePee PooPoo, wheres PeePee PooPoo? sven! you’re safe We did it sven, we did it. I’m shaking dude. I’m not kidding. Im so like nervous All the adrenaline. That was crazy. Dude. What a madness PeePee PooPoo! PeePee PooPoo you’re safe! ah he made it! your awesome PeePee PooPoo look at this freakin. Oh my God, look at all the golden swords. look at all the golden nuggets! All right, you- you gotta go listen I Don’t care- I frankly don’t care Gotta get rid of these flowers How strong was my armor though? Can we talk about that? Jorgen, you’re safe! You’re safe jorgen Yes! okay, so we got a nether star That’s right Ulla Britta Look at how many babies! And they’re adults now too Yes- There’s something very special you can do with a nether star Let me go over it, you can make a beacon. I think? yeah, you make a beacon with obsidian sven This is perfect actually because now we need um, we can use svens grave For two purposes. Joergen. Joergen can help us in the afterlife sven. no, no. I’m not desecrating your – Ulla Britta. I don’t need judgment from you. from someone called Ula Bretta now beacon also needs to See the sky. So now we need to go to the very top I Can’t believe the meatball made it without a scratch we talked about the fact that I spent all- look at the aftermath of all the explosions! I have to Okay, sooo we gotta go get some obsidian Hah! and look at that, yes! What in the world? Not even asking These blocks represent water sheep *flashback* oh! It actually worked! The golden blocks represent my boy, joergen the first And the diamond blocks represent Joergen the second hey Sven, Ikea bird. there’s something I want you to see Joergen, Joergen 1 water sheep Wow That is cool you see this man they died to give us drink. Oh see this Sven, they died to give us strength oh my god IKEA tower!! through the skies and beyond! Let’s not forget. to pay our respects as well. They died to give us this…

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