I summoned The Wither Boss in Minecraft – Part 25

I summoned The Wither Boss in Minecraft – Part 25

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  1. You' re my idol pewds

  2. name the cats yin and yan

  3. This is so powerful I'm holding back tears

  4. Your ment to use bread

  5. i think i did an oopsie

  6. WATER SHEEP 😔😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  7. When he was building the beacon with the gold, diamond, and emerald blocks, I’m not exaggerating when I say there was a tear rolling down my cheek

  8. Best episode ever

  9. Name black cat ella

  10. I was about to cry when he was placing the blocks of grave and speaking of Water Sheep, Joergen #1, Joergen #2. That was beautiful.

  11. use breeding bread

  12. One of the cats should be named little stinker

  13. Aun que no allá entiendo nada pero es una buena historia

  14. Bebe was like father to me

  15. Now thats what I call a game of thrones style plot twist, his army turning against him had me shook 😂

  16. Porque pone el título en español?

  17. I actually cried when he Build this Thing for joergen, joergen #2 and water sheep

  18. its so great to have a zompe big man to fight with you

  19. I actually get SO upset every time someone dies

  20. wow esta en español el título?


  22. When pewds doesn’t use the sweeping attack

  23. Why am I crying in the club rn

  24. tell me why i cried.

  25. You should name them Edgar and Maya.

  26. It needs hella doors


  28. why is this episode so well done holy shit

  29. Subtítulos al español es un asco

  30. #justice for Bebe

  31. watching this during a scary ass thunder storm
    top 10 4d minecraft experiences

  32. High level simulator player: exists
    Low levels: Why is potato run from ceiling?

  33. So
    I was wondering what the hell is Ulla Britta and because all of his pet's names are Swedish
    I checked in Google Translate and I don't know if it's true but the meaning is wool bitch
    he named his cat wool bitch
    incredible job Felix

  34. Čau ty mluvíš český?

  35. felix, here’s just a suggestion.
    to actually breed villagers faster, you can just put a lot of doors down and they should breed faster 😎

  36. You know,felix
    You can change the beacon's beam color by putting a colored glass on top of it
    (sorry about my english 🙁 )


  38. Mine craft😂😂😂

  39. i can make a repeater go faster 😛

  40. pigmen: attack

    Pewdiepie who learned from gracie: sToP aTtA-aTtAcKoNiZinG mE!!

  41. the pigs didint do any thing iv his wight heas healing

  42. Everyone forgets the real tragedy of this episode …

  43. Give them Bread to make them Frick

  44. 24:52 like how pewdiepie uses stone slab instead of water bucket for water sheep

  45. Get in the frick hole, I'm laughing dead

  46. Alguien de latinoamérica que ve este vídeo ?

  47. You killed water sheep but, sheep stil protecting you

  48. 19:57 wdym? I saw the health got low a bit, they're on your side not his side.

  49. Hey PewDiePie! Someone have put there channel in the danish translation, just letting you know 🙂

  50. Pewdiepie is like yandere like u mudering eyeryone u monster

  51. why was this literally the most emotional thing I've seen since endgame

  52. Why people dont know theres a dropper in the fcking ceiling?!?!

  53. felix can work for a;

    redstone engineer
    Pornography director
    General of the zombie-pig army

  54. You use bread to make them frick quicker

  55. The pigmen actually made yourn fight much easier. They attacked him the whole way. The wither auto-heals.

  56. 9:19 the meme.. I don't know why I find it funny tbh 😂🤣😂

  57. the black cat is black panther now voor

  58. This is the equivalent to when Thanos jumped the Avengers base

  59. I think Bebe was the zombie

  60. спасибо челу который все перевел

  61. Pewdiepie like a boss

  62. Felix standing over the zombie pig man gave me major ice witch vibes from Narnia what the hell

  63. literally every comment: dOnT sPaWn tHe wItHeR nEaR yOuR bAsE

  64. Why is his tongue blue

  65. This episode>Endgame

    Change my mind

  66. peepee poopoos getting his revenge

  67. is he fr about to spawn wither in his world

  68. I’m surprised nobody is talking about Felix in the thumbnail

  69. wait a sec if the same two people have two village babies then they frick wouldn't that be incest

  70. Лайк если русский

  71. felix: they already cooked the porkchops cuz they burned. that's so sad!

    also felix: *keeps killing peepee poopoos*

  72. Pewds: You’re amazing peepeepoopoo!

    Sven: jealousy intensifies

  73. The white cat should be cliddy and the black-and-white one should be called Ophelia

  74. Such a sad ending

  75. Anyone else cried at the end or is it just me 🙁

  76. i just realized he forgot about bernie. 🙁

  77. Why did I get so emotional at the end

  78. you kill the not woking villagers

  79. He used the sword to defeat wither which didn’t even give himself xp.

  80. My ghad bebe died 😭😅

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