are you dumb doug?are you dumb doug? ayo! pass me the ball! yo pass me the ball! i didnt even touch you bro. just give the ball. give me the ball! you hold this camera no can you hold the camera [music] why why are you laughing? are you dumb bro! ayo whatssup ladies and gentlemen. itsyeboi and welcome back to another
video with my boys today I got Ryan sways swazy baby I know it is having
the wreck that stuff up there on YouTube maybe one more
and where’s David there anyways we are back in the gym as you can see and we
are going to be doing another trick shot video it’s been a while since we did a
traditional one where it’s just a straight-up basketball trick shots so I
figured why not go back to our roots what we first did when we came in these
gyms and do a regular basketball trickshot video and by regular I mean
it’s still an impossible trickshot video that we’re trying to do jad why are you
trying to take my pants off that’s kind of weird bro as you guys know if you
want to see more basketball trick shot videos or you want to see like an n1 oh
my god this is a longest video of all time but you guys want to see a trick
shot video where we do like and one trick shots which we are kind of doing
at the beginning smash that thumbs up button but without any further ado guys
let’s get into today’s video and see what our first trick shot is it’s not as
huh to go half-court shot baby are you doing are you just are you stop
[Laughter] hey could you just say that I can okay
these guys start off with a half-court shot when they can barely make it either
I know okay he’s never here and hi guys so I’ve
been known insurance videos to go off the wall that’s a very short video video
if you’ve ever go ahead well catch up I I know the instapass is banned or PIPA
so we’re picking it up okay you can let it bounce one time cause oh I was lit
yeah yeah we’re gonna go people oh oh [Music]
okay just like that Shinji my god [Music] [Applause] yeah that’s a letter to my letter
IRA done now it’s still in the pound sure I judged up next what do you got
okay guys a bunch of you’ve watched NBA Finals and we all know Kyrie Irving is
disgusting agilent lame so they have sounds on my channel go through date I
really up yesterday the cost and at the last second switch put some spin on some
spin on it okay whoa I see mats in one letter
[Music] why is having your shoot every 15 o
break your egg is actually oh my god don’t pop it back into place my good job
you’re a beast you still got a letter though hi I’m
back oh yeah practice a cuz why why’d you practice cuz we’re playing I was
gonna say cuz you have a car you translate a video on your channel oh
yeah alright so as you know I love to combine soccer and basketball so we’re
going to be doing is a rainbow flakes into a fog or a Mobley do it right no
what Waldo Reve okay yes yeah all right so right here we’ve got AIDS or which we
use for David’s channel so shout out the day for letting me use desorb what we’re
going to be doing is bouncing the ball off of the source or go through each
other we get a basketball off absorbs like this someone else is going to come
through press the ball and lay it up a needle you should be turning to their
sleepy feeling you enjoy when they make in the club baby you got it come on
they’ve come up there come on come on dick come on come on Dave Dave Dave come
on come on come on day 51 okay just about Hey oh the perfect swish what no so easy I
don’t know why you did not oh I went to shotgun okay guys this one is going to
take a lot of luck because you have to sit I should have to lay down on your
back and get it in the net yeah okay okay with the crusher oh and
the chicks are claws perfectly all right you found your comfortable position
oh all right big dog [Music] [Music] all right guys we’re going back to the
door for this trickshot we’re just going to do a free throw into the zorb
obviously though the rim for the zorb is a lot more bouncy so it’s going to be a
lot harder to get it in let’s go Tony the OBC get we cook it when they make up
in the club baby you got to do that moving you video 5 yo let’s broke that
low he did not expect that to go here Todd to 3 we said a free throw I was the
three for him yeah bro we’ve had a free throw my three point oh shit oh shit oh
shit why I to get off in backward in that is their car but what do you mean
the sparkling it oh all right I’ll let you think of another shot yeah [Music]
society that I practice that on the regular wake up twenty bucks a day you
start your day then you breakfast I rise up Oh didn’t you do that and like your
vid with Space Center or something like that yeah like you did it innovative
Space Center right yeah you did this in a vid with a sensor right so like you
should be good at it so my hope was of it I suppose
oh it was eyes closed oh my god ha ha ha ha [Music] goodness our plan what’s up what are the
water let’s go okay music one-handed we did behind the back this time we have to
jump over the yeah even though I’m okay with that
alright alright I’ll let him have it Dave are we gonna see a Asian landslide oh okay I get it already
where’s the job right I haven’t seen a profit off of it there we go yeah oh did
everyone get that one thank you so much livid Oh okay guys go through the next
shot I’m going to have to hang from this rim shoot with my opposite hand and
scored in that mess but first night I can’t reach I find in my friends with [Music] walls longhand [Music] [Music]
no no no no let’s get a guy’s smash that thumbs up on reflection amazing show
let’s go I couldn’t have done it without you are we even attempting that I can’t
do that okay so you guys want to try to remove it no are you not even gonna try
one letter I’m over I give up you give up you’re not even gonna try so you’re
okay you’re still okay though but I think that means you’re out a letter so
you sure you don’t even want to try you know what
no no channel times trickshot on you two buzzes on my
channel… alright guys as youtube saw we hit the craziest trick shot of
all time on youtube today but that is going to end off today’s
video a huge shout out to all my boys for being in the video go check out all
their channels slash David parity and David parity plays chatter
cij’s I’m on the road to what really comes subscribe to my channel and Ryan
sways actually on the baby Rose one locational truth to you as always thank
you guys so much for watching if you want to see more trick shot videos be
sure to smash that thumbs up and especially if you want to see an one
trickshot video as always they oh my god like one tickling my butt when should I
just wear it be with you guys behind me bro
as always thank you guys so much for watching this and I will catch you next
time [Applause]
[Music] alexloc

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