INDIA Vs PAKISTAN Final | Cricket Funny & Silly Sentiments | By Fun Bucket Team

INDIA Vs PAKISTAN Final | Cricket Funny & Silly Sentiments | By Fun Bucket Team

Hey dude..
are you ready for sunday’s match..??
This time India will smash Pakistan.. lets celebrate.. now I dont have energy bro..
Swamy ji said me to do fasting for India.. Let’s make it after match Hey Dude.. I can’t come.. Last time India won when i sat on Blue chair..
But it lost with srilanka when i forget to sit on that chair.
India will win Ohhh God.. please Make our India to win today.. How if rain comes..!! How if match get cancell
God.. please look of the Rain.. Rohith Dhawan Kohili.. will they play well..??
They will play great.. But pakistan bowls well right..
No proble… India is strong in Batting.. God please look our Indian’s to bowl well India wins the match if they choose feilding after winning Toss.
Otherwise… Hey Dude..India won the match.. Still Match not started know..?? Nothing bro.. I throwed Blue ball and Green Ball in front of My tommy
It picked the Blue Ball.. My tommy never tell wrong. Don’t worry.. we’ll win
But dont know what they do.. Last time also they did like this only.. What you are doing yaar..?? Iam preparing all the updates to post in Facebook Match not yet started know..?? That’s why iam preparing to versions bro
One, if Kohili win toss..Next if he lose toss..
One, If Dhawan plays well..Next if he won’t plays well..

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  1. 1 St like
    1st comment
    thats mine

  2. second viewer wow

  3. first commentator and nice funny video

  4. But I think it is already finished

  5. India won and Pakistan is all out before reaching the target

  6. everyone though India going to win against them.

  7. hi bhargav and hi trishool and hi fun bucket team

  8. బాగుంది brothers
    Kaakapothey mouka mouka style lo testey total india and world wide telustundii
    Telugu one channel and fun bucket antey entoo… Try it inka 1day time undii naa daggara ayete ye script ledu

  9. Superb brother's

  10. You guyz are my favorite 💚😍

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  12. nice👌👌👌👌👌

  13. bhargav anna nice scit . ind win avuthundi. 😀😁😂

  14. Arey bhargava…nvu chala edigipoyavuu ra…

  15. bhargav Anna nice skit and trishool anna is there in fun bucket 90th copy we are waiting for him in fun bucket

  16. Very is 90th copy

  17. ara pani pata lev raa meeku chusthunam kada ani chetha videos meeru

  18. India will win and raise the flag with proud….waiting for the match..superb video brothers

  19. Hi bhargav and trishool this is rizzu superb acting

  20. again mukka mukkaa starts

  21. good idea and india win teluguone good tem

  22. lastlo fb lo pettadaniki update ready chestunna dialogue keka bayya, keep rocking

  23. trisool I'm also like u sentiment so pls sit the blue chair only so that we india will win

  24. total funbucket superb team
    India win pakka great episode about Ind vs Pak match

  25. parledu varsham padda malli next day pedtaru Match.

  26. super india win the cup and pakistan will👎👎👎👎 the match

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  28. superb bhargavu anna 90th copy Best comedy chesaru

  29. Bhargav u r performance is too good and great keep it up…

  30. aa kotha abbai evaru

  31. fun bucket is entertaining 😁

  32. keep it up
    all the best fun bucket team 👍

  33. yuvi peru chepparura miru

  34. సూపర్ సూపర్ సూపర్

  35. super background music is nice and fun bucket is always fun u again proved it Ind Vs Pak also comedy also are same

  36. so realistic.. mainly the sentiments, collecting posts for updating..

  37. Indian is gone I'm sad

  38. kadha mottham reverse aipoindhiii

  39. Chasinaru chusinava match

  40. Ilanti over action lakey dobbindhi…..

  41. india hand echindi

  42. pak won the match mama

  43. arey Brooo manchi navvuuuu

  44. Ippudu odipoyaruga

  45. dude u were right…rohit,dhawan and kohli did not bat well..

  46. India lost😥😥😥😥😥😥

  47. hi fun bucket team ..Mundhu mana. desham lo raithula gurinchi edaina concept ready Chesi video pettandi …eppudu cricket ea na .. ?? 100 run kottagane oka cricketer Ni god Ni Peru pedthe …Roju niku Annam pette raithuku emani pedthav Peru ??? society ki upayogapadedhi cheyandi Sami … eppudu entertainment kadhu m..

  48. Finally Anumanula Ankith win

  49. 😆😆😆
    blue chair sentiment !! 😛
    Tommy Josyam!!

  50. total team antha super

  51. i love india bro s

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  59. I love fun bucket

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  64. maa kadapa bhayya akkada

  65. maa kadapa bhayya akkada
    I miss u

  66. మీరు స్రిఫ్ట్ గురించి అవగాహన ఏంటి

  67. Fun bucket is highlight

  68. Super cricket 🏏

  69. Boss video Chala chinnagaa unnadi next time inkoncham pedaga chupiyara

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  71. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. BLUE CHAIR🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Trishul bhayaa not sat on blue chair????

  74. Ne overaction apura online

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