Inside Anfield: Liverpool FC Legends v AC Milan | Gerrard, Pirlo, Carragher, Kaka and more

Inside Anfield: Liverpool FC Legends v AC Milan | Gerrard, Pirlo, Carragher, Kaka and more

Yes, AC Milan are here. 18 of the squad who arrived here today
won the Champions League with the club as well, and eight of them also
lifted the World Cup with their countries. We have eight of the squad that did the
impossible, eight of that team from Istanbul. What an afternoon ahead of us. Thank you very much. Hello, hi. You all right? Wales, well done! Come on! Oh, here he is, trouble. I got a tweet before saying to say hello to you. I know who that’ll be off. YOUNG FANS: Stevie! Stevie! First XI, OK? Thank you very much. It’s always exciting, especially coming
to Anfield in front of a full house, against a good Milan team,
they’ll be a good test for us. But, yeah, very excited before the game,
I’m not sure I’ll be saying that 20 minutes in, but we’re really looking forward to it. Do you still play? Kaka! Kaka! How are you? OK? Guys, line up along the wall here. OK, lads, let’s go. ♫ You’ll never walk…alone. ♫ FANS: Yes! Djibril! Djibril! APPLAUSE Kenny! Good game, huh? Too quick for me! ♫ And you’ll never walk alone ♫ You’ll never walk alone. ♫ You OK?

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  1. It was really a nice match to watch, nice playin, nice spirit, nice scénario, nice supporters 😉
    Steven at the last minute… Incredible.

  2. This guy Gerrard…I keep falling in love with him over and over again…what a man..what a legend…there will never be another Steven Gerrard!!!

  3. No matter how much weight God puts on, he'll never lose that supreme finishing ability with that left peg.

  4. Gerrard and kaka doesn't age at all

  5. legend of legend ♡


  7. This is how Stevie G is treated by Celtic fans in Scotland. Same again at Sunday's old firm game. !!!

  8. I love you 2 club LEGEND.. LIVERPOOL i lik4 .. ac milan i like.. from indonesian

  9. 2:49 van Dijk and Robbo

  10. Que gran recuerdo de ese equipo de Liverpool. Su estadio impresionante. Ojalá algún día lo pueda visitar.

  11. Daniel Agger ❤️✌️

  12. Where is Shevchenko? Why don"t he took part in match?

  13. You guys seen the spurs legends match for their new stadium? The crowd was fcking boring. Here, we cheering it like it's a derby

  14. Where a Pippo says Bar 😂

  15. The in side anfield coming after the game along time tooooo late

  16. owe isnt our legend!!! he is a rat!! enough for him!!

  17. Always good to see Captain Fantastic back at Anfield 😊

  18. Who is the mananger the Liverpool?

  19. Where is Finnan at? Hero.

  20. Best Legends match ever

  21. Rafa should be there

  22. The legenda touching the "this is anflied" sign… this is something that i miss in our team now

  23. 4:07 Ivan 'the weasel' Gazidis

  24. damn the camera team on LFC is on a next level

  25. Luis Garcia = Joseph Gordon Levitt

  26. Luis Garcia = Joseph Gordon Levitt

  27. Liete kaka very awesome

  28. no konchesky no party.

  29. Such a delight to see Kaka back in AC Milan colors ..

  30. 1:49 Never Knew Totti played for Liverpool FC ..

  31. Steven Gerrard and Maldini are true legends of their club ..

  32. maybe someday I'll go again…

  33. Pirlo with freekick and Gerrard with Long shot…..Class is permanent

  34. Miss you all guy LFC & milano all history

  35. What a joy to see them all on the field. By the way, CL finale in Istanbul was the best one ever !

  36. Very nice
    Im very emotional 😭

  37. So much feel if liverpool and ac milan meet each other ..two great team

  38. Kangen Steven Gerrard 👍❤️👍
    (Fans Indonesia)

  39. 2022 ucl final liverpool vs ac milan again….

  40. The King and His Men arrive at Anfield and everyone of them is a Legend that Time cannot diminish! YNWA!

  41. It just had to be Stevie G! Imagine Stevie in The Team now!

  42. 🙇‍♂️ขอบคุณที่สร้าง Liverpool ขึ้นมาให้ผมเชียร์ ❤👍👏 ขอเสียงคนไทยที่เชียร์ ลิเวอร์พูลหน่อย 🖐🖐😊

  43. Столько легенд 👍👏


  45. Miss you Gerrard

  46. we are talking about 2005 and 2007 the bast rival miss them al play at the fields

  47. they are a great player and true legend

  48. Day moi chinh la 2cau lac bo co nhung cau thu dang cap the gioi dac biet la livepool

  49. Save ancelotti back again to milan

  50. welcome . the youth old . 😎😎😎 .

  51. I love Liverpool…iii

  52. Feel like watching 2005 CL's final

  53. Inzaghi didn’t score …

  54. Ricardo Izecson de Leite a.k.a KaKa 😍😍
    Stevie G 😍😍

    My fav players of all time .. will always miss both of you.. thank you for being my childhood heroes 😭😭

  55. Michael Owen ruined this video.

  56. Rush should have came on

  57. Should liverpool rescue kaka 5 years ago dam

  58. The real elcapitano MALDINI N STEVE G😍😍

  59. Where is Xabi Alonso?

  60. Still proud..all the time! always

  61. great see all the them .

  62. Oh my…
    Feel old yet? Fv…

  63. Hmmm… So, where is Man. City Legends?
    I mean, who is?

  64. How much does that club love Stevie G. I'd forgotten how good that Milan side was, a walking hall of fame. Amazing.

  65. Где Шевченко?

  66. seeing Sami makes me emotional

  67. We come back Steve gerrard

  68. Here for Kaka.❤️
    I started playing because of him.

  69. Paolo Maldini the best defender of the world

  70. Amazing reunion

  71. Hey! I didn't see The Premier League Trophy!!. Where was it?.

  72. aww they dont show any interactions between gerrard and kaka. The 2 greatest man in and out the field.

  73. Ian Rush my hero

  74. thanks Both Legends

  75. Anyone remembers fernando torres at liverpool i swear he was a beast

  76. I was there, in the anfield road end, block 124, row 16

  77. Playing a c Milan and beating them was a good omen for winning the champions league for the 6th time in Madrid 2 months later , Liverpool fc England’s only perennial kings of European football well ahead of Nottingham Forest and Manchester United

  78. Great going ((°}°))

  79. Neymar no es nadie a comparación a estas leyendas

  80. My operating system crashed : too many legends in this video

  81. Polo maldiniiiiiiii

  82. состав Милана бомба. YNWA

  83. Ibrahimovic was not available because he is still playing for Galaxy 😂😍

  84. Chorei mano..Que foda. Fico feliz por ter visto esses caras jogarem, e triste por me dá conta que estou ficando velho haha..

  85. สตีเว่น เจอร์ราร์ด สุดยอดไปเลย

  86. You can see how much Stevie Misses the COP!

  87. Dalglsh Anchelotti Gerrard Maldini too much class.

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