Inside Kiev: Reds head to Ukraine | Two days until the Champions League final

Inside Kiev: Reds head to Ukraine | Two days until the Champions League final

DANCE MUSIC PLAYS And good afternoon from Kiev, all quiet here now at one of the fan parks of the Champions League Festival,
but it won’t be that way for much longer. They’re expecting
a few thousand Liverpool fans to arrive here today
from all corners of the globe. The players will leave Liverpool shortly, they’re likely to arrive
local time about 7pm tonight. Excitement building here then, expect an
invasion of red by this time tomorrow. Is that live? No. JÜRGEN LAUGHS Go on, boys! Go on, Mo! Jordan, Jordan! Big smile. Excellent. All quiet now, but in two nights’ time over
70,000 fans will descend here on the Olympic Stadium, hoping to see
their team lift that famous trophy again. For Liverpool, they departed from
John Lennon Airport a little earlier on this afternoon,
after an 11am training session at Melwood. The squad list includes Adam Lallana, who’s
back fit and ready to go after seven weeks out. LAUGHTER Smooth face, yeah. Gini, smile. Mohamed… Hello! Now I can hold it. MUSIC PLAYS ♫ We are loyal supporters,
and we come from Liverpool! ♫ Allez, allez, allez ♫ Allez, allez, allez… ♫ Been over to Krakow for two days.
Booked our flights, what, a month ago? Got them dead cheap, went to Krakow
two nights, unbelievable, got here today dead early,
five o’clock on the button. Makes it into a holiday! Can’t beat this, getting here with your
mates, singing, having great nights. Athens was the disappointment,
we’re gonna smash it here though. Dreams come true, don’t they?
We’re gonna go and win it. ♫ We shall not, we shall not be moved ♫ Like a team that’s gonna
win the European Cup – again! ♫ We shall not be moved. ♫ ♫ Jürgen Klopp
Na-na, na-na-na-na. ♫

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  1. What did klopp say?

  2. Milner man of the match

  3. I support Chelsea and Barcelona, please Liverpool do this for me, beat Real Madrid.

  4. Go go Lads !!! Pls subscribe

  5. fook me. are all birds there this pretty

  6. I'm a fan of Liverpool and Real Madrid, but sadly there has to be a winner 🙁

  7. Make us proud lads,InShaAllah it's gonna be an easy triumph for Liverpool.

  8. "KYIV", not "Kiev". And Ukrainian girls is the most beautiful girls in the world 😍
    Hello from Kyiv !

  9. Ronaldo will single handedly destroy you. muhahahahah

  10. Kyiv, retards, Kyiv is correct only. "Kiev" is Russian.

  11. 4:57
    Singing 'Allez Allez Allez' While Wear Real Madrid Cap..

    Feel Like A Bauz..

  12. Liverpool will destroy whole Real Madrid in small pieces

  13. Stupid goalkeeper….1 assist to benzema

  14. I am so sad we lost

  15. Klopp is not a manger who can win Trophy for u -its better liverpool should look for someone else.

  16. Hahahahahaha hahaha congratulation Liverpool for winning the champions league final.. hahaha keep on dreaming.. now tell me who's the boss Liverpool or real Madrid..I hate it when u guys try to give urself a false hope.. anyway goodnight everyone #believeinrealmadrid

  17. Hard luck boys allez allez allez🍅🍅🌹played well unlucky karius

  18. Final is 12 vs 10 players.. ( Lorris Karius is RM player no 12..) and creator for 2 goal RM..and Ramos is the most un fair and tricky Players.. result is 1: 1.. viva LFC

  19. Losers hahahaha 😂

  20. Liverpool or small Southampton kkkk

  21. He’s done it 6 times
    He’s done it 6 times
    Klopps a specialist in failure
    He’s done it 6 times

  22. @3:40 who are those beautiful ladies?

  23. Karius already slaughtered us.

  24. U need a new keeper

  25. You will never walk alone even after what happened in UCL.

  26. Hope Salah play in WC 2018



  29. Kyiv not Kiev !

  30. How overconfident Liverpool were . They thought they won it before the kick off. KARMA HIT YOU HARD

  31. Real Madrid till I die they know how to shut scousers up

  32. STUPID CUNTS😂😂😂😂😂

  33. 4:48 who brings a baby to a final ?

  34. Glory to UKraine!

  35. I love them so much T_T so proud of the boys & the boss

  36. cant wait….yeah

  37. Liverpool yeah played. Great at the league final

  38. This is heartbreaking to watch!!!! if only… owww that Ramos needs to get rammed!!!

  39. I love this club because of the pride of Arabs Mohammed salah 😊

  40. ALEZ AlEZ when never going to stop

  41. YNWA ,liverpool forever ❤️

  42. SALAH ER BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND FIRMINO , MANE

  43. so unlucky, fuking Ramos

  44. بحبك يا صلاح. Love you salah 💕💖💕🌺

  45. Where is salah i want to talk with him i

  46. Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1


  48. SALAH what a striker

  49. Mané à love mané

  50. 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. Solanke has no friends

  52. Guys, KYIV, not Kiev

  53. Liverpool FC 's European Cup history is one thing they will always have over Manchester United

  54. We move on to better things ❤️

  55. And then there’s Karius…

  56. i may live in new zealand, but i will see liverpool play in a european cup final in the flesh at some point in my life. that is a promise

  57. Only mo salah got flower

  58. We are Liverpool from lraq

  59. we were so, so close lads, we go again this year

  60. اكو عرب بالفيديو

  61. Keep support liverpool… 👏✊

  62. 😍😍😍😍


  64. Kapan ya bisa ketemu Steven Gerrard, mudahan Allah SWT kasi rezeki dipertemukan sama legendaris LFC Samarinda

  65. Real Madrid wear suits in the airplane

  66. I can't wait for this game. It's gonna be epic.

  67. Now Liverpool is heading for the final on the Madrid.Face Ajax or Tottenham

  68. Inside Madrid next

  69. Come on Liverpool ♥️👍👍

  70. Liverpool back to back finalist

  71. Who else saw the 4-0 win against barca
    Road to Madrid

  72. Liverpool🇦🇱

  73. Is the final in Ukraine?

  74. Salah can you play in the champions league final

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  76. Who loves Mohammed Salah Lake and subscribe to the channel

  77. This video made me cry. Hope our players lift the trophy in this season! They deserve it!

  78. Seeing after Barca comeback

  79. Who is here after barcelona died against Liverpool 4:0
    Liverpool 4:0 Barcelona

  80. I am a fan of LIVERPOOL.

  81. 0:04 – Made me look it up, it's not 2 days! I'd have to call in sick for work jeeze…

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  83. Now we’re of to Madrid

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