Inside Training: Energy-sapping bleep tests | Keita, Fabinho & Milner

Inside Training: Energy-sapping bleep tests | Keita, Fabinho & Milner

Nice summer? Nice, yeah. How was yours, good? – Yeah, good, mate.
– Got a nice tan. – Where you been?
– Here. Have you? Not been away? Formby Beach though, innit?
That’s what it is. Hello and welcome to Melwood, day one of what we’re all hoping
will be another memorable season, and if you could have asked for
an early present, this would be it. The club announcing at 8am this morning that Mo Salah has signed
a new long-term contract. 26 players are back here today
for the start of that pre-season, they reported bright and early
at around about 8.30 for the first batch of testing.
Lactate testing has been taking place too. Gini Wijnaldum and Virgil van Dijk join
the eight World Cup players returning late. There we go, still here. Morning. Morning. Hiya, mate, you all right? Good to go? Yeah, I’m good. Naby, you OK? Welcome back, Pep. Hi, I’m Andreas, nice to meet you. These are my team, fitness guys. Hi, good morning. Maybe you will like us. Nice to meet you, I’m Dave. Craig, nice to meet you. – Morning!
– Hi, boss. How are you, boss? Looking good! Stay fit, no? I didn’t. – No paddle tennis?
– No. – Louise!
– Jürgen! Hi, good to see you. Nice to see you back. Boss, you OK? Nice break? Good move! Ca va? How is your English? A little bit. A little bit. You’re next. Well done, Dom. RAP MUSIC PLAYS BCG again. Can’t wait for the next interview. LAUGHTER Oh, the summer interviews! Good to see you again, mate. Well, Jürgen, welcome back. We’re hoping, all of us, for another
memorable campaign ahead, aren’t we? Yeah, of course, that’s the plan. We are always ambitious,
we’re still ambitious, we did a few nice things
in the last couple of years but we know as well
that we can still improve and we want to build
on the things we achieved so far. The first day is a testing day, the boys have to
show how they worked through the summer, because the boys
obviously have a programme, and if they did it, then the tests will be good and we don’t have to
do that much physical work. If they didn’t do it…then it’s a bit more intense. Some new faces as well, they’ll add
something new to this squad. Yeah, very, very happy
finally to have Naby here, and Fabinho is here as well,
so that’s perfect for the moment. Even better that they can start
from the first day with the training, because they have to learn the most,
they have to adapt to our style of play. OK, lads, lactate test. We’ve all done it before,
obviously other than you two boys. Measure of your aerobic endurance
and your endurance basically, working continously round,
levels going up, gets progressively harder as you go, OK? First one’s 8km per hour, pretty much a walk. Two laps, 800 metres. Next one’s ten, goes up two each time. 10km per hour, two laps. And then it’s three laps of 12,
three at 14, three at 16, and then we do four at 18 and four at 20. And so on, OK? WHISTLE BLOWS WHISTLE BLOWS Three, two, one… WHISTLE BLOWS WHISTLE BLOWS When you film that,
can you do it a little bit quicker? Who’s gonna be last man standing? James M. Pretty sure. WHISTLE BLOWS WHISTLE BLOWS WHISTLE BLOWS WHISTLE BLOWS Well done, lads. WHISTLE BLOWS WHISTLE BLOWS HE EXHALES Three, two, one… WHISTLE BLOWS Now we work, lads, now we work, come on. WHISTLE BLOWS WHISTLE BLOWS Come on, boys! Keep pushing yourself, come on. Keep going, come on, let’s go for it, yes! Well done, boys. WHISTLE BLOWS Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s it, very good! JÜRGEN: Oh, my God, that looks great. That’s it, very good! JÜRGEN: The hope of English football! Keep it up, lads, well done. WHISTLE BLOWS Fantastic, boys, last sprint, well done. JAMES: Come on, mate, all the way. Brilliant. WHISTLE BLOWS Move out the way. Come on, Milly, let’s go. Wardy is coming, Wardy is coming. Three, two, one… WHISTLE BLOWS Come on, Milly! WHISTLE BLOWS Fantastic, Milly, well done. WHISTLE BLOWS HE PANTS JÜRGEN: Gives Wardy at least
a chance, that’s good. Just have a sit down if you want now. THEY SPEAK GERMAN

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