HI everyone Danny Maude here thanks for
joining us this week I want to strip the golf swing back to his bare essentials what
three things could you do right now that could make a dramatic change to your
golf swing maybe you’re finding that maybe you feel
like you’ve lost your golf swing maybe there’s so much advice out there
where do you start well this week’s very interesting because my wife after 20
years has decided that she wants to pick up golf for the first time so we had a
very first lesson and what was really interesting is when we started she can
add in a star very well you know just like most people who would be playing
for years she looked very uncoordinated she had a very wristy swing with her
club head waving around almost impossible to get the consistent
striking and a squareness of club face not only that she was moving a body around
left and right all over the place and the question is how do I get somebody
like that playing and swinging well without cluttering their head full
of stuff well in this week’s training I get I’m going to give you the three
things that I gave Laura and I know that know whether you’re a beginner go for
somebody who’s kind of just wants something simple to improve that swing
this week’s training will be really really useful so before we get into it
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week so I can come and help you improve your game so where did we start with
Laura first and how could you start well the very first thing is clearly set up
like a lot of people when Laura died she kind of wasn’t realizing that this was a
sport so the first thing we got to do is get in through very simple into a nice
athletic position initially so what I did was the I played this little game
we’ve used this before if you if you’re regular to the channel is imagine you’re
getting yourself set up here and you’re coming at me and you’re getting it and
I’m gonna come at you and you’re gonna brace yourself so you get yourself ready
that’s the first thing you’ve got to get those athleticism here we’re not stood
up like this you know you’re ready I’m gonna come at you and you’re gonna stop
me yeah so the first thing is we want to have a
athleticism checkpoints we want to look for in this situation here if you hang a
club down from your armpit here it kind of wants to be running through the front
part of your knee down into the balls of your feet and you want to feel out your
shins here are angled forward so there’s just simply an athleticism to what
you’re doing and that is it so the first thing we did with Laura is simply
getting into a nice athletic position did that make a change not really but it
give us a starting point and it’s where you anyone should start to play golf
very few people when they come to see me ever set up in this athletic position
they want to be more powerful they want to be more consistent but they just
can’t until they get this that’s the step number one number two we then said
look when she started she simply just swung with her arms and what was
happening here is this these shoulders are moving a lot I see this a lot but
nothing’s moving around here so I I talked to her about moving the core and
when I view but you know what none of that really seemed to work either so
well what do we do how do we get this swing more coordinated now why do we
want to be more coordinated well if you’re swinging with your arms like this
you can see here there’s no real power so you lose power the other thing is if
the Cubs waving around a lot like this it’s opening and closing a lot so it’s
very difficult to get that Club back to square straight so you can hit
those lovely straight shots so what we want to achieve is a more controlled
motion where look at that that face of the club now is what we call more stable
it’s not welting around all over the place so what I want you to do is
imagine this I want you to work out we’ve got to work out how are we gonna
get this lovely coordinated motion how could you go about doing this
with Laura what I did was this I actually got her to move the feet so I
got it to set ok right what do I do now though I want to make a swing and wait
to move the feet but actually doing this I want you to stay very centered here so
like a lot of people she’s got to move backwards and forwards yeah and we don’t
want to we want to stay nice and center sir she’s
started to move backwards and forwards because now our hips are moving her
tummy moves because the tummy moves her shoulders move now look at this now the
swing is more coordinated when I feet were just planted to the deck
this was frozen this midriffs was frozen and all she was doing was making a
shoulder motion this is I see this a lot if you find that you get stuck inside a
lot this is often the reason the arms are working a hell of a lot
none of this midriffs working great for senior golfers this as well great for
people who need that extra bit of flexibility but you’ve got to get that
core working so we’ve got her in a balanced position we’ve got a host
pivoting backwards and for she said it’s like freaky shaky Stephens but we’re
just moving backwards and forwards staying very centered but as she was
doing this the club is still wafting around so we’re getting progress but
we’re not really kind of getting any at this stage any improvements in the
strike so she’s getting the freedom we’re getting some coordination now in
the actual golf swing and we’ve got some athleticism in the posture but this club
is still wafting she’s got coordination but the clubs all over the place move on
to stage number three now this wasn’t something that we came up with
straightaway it took a while so we went again learning to strip the swing down
to his bare essentials it’s quite tricky so that is right okay what I want to do
now is this I want you to clench your fists I want to put your thumbs up here
okay see ya you’re bending forward and then what we’re going to do is this I
want you to make that hip movement I don’t want you get your thumbs now
parallel with your spine angle here so we’re going to do one two and what we’re
gonna do with backwards and forwards now keeping those arms and the thumbs power
with a spine oh no look at this they’re very close to each other all time
backwards and forwards now look look at how much more coordinate this is
announcin lee the club isn’t waving around anymore she’s now getting the
sensation of this wonderfully coordinated motion now when we first
started it she’d still move a bit side to side so we said just keep imagining
your centerline here okay so then she started to feel like a core was working
as well so now we go so we’ve got that Martian
going backwards and forwards I then said take the club same principle take it in
your strongest hand so she’s right-handed you could if you’re if you
play golf right handy but your strongest has left hunting you can do it in your
left but take the club now in your strongest hand mine’s my right I’m gonna
put my thumb up here close my fist get into a nice athletic balance position
and then what we’re going to do is this we’re going to then pivot the body
backwards and forwards here with the hips keeping the thumbs look there and
then now notice it’s just a very small swing at this stage okay
we’re learning to get their coordination backwards and forwards
I then said okay what peg a ball upon a tee and so let’s imagine that now so
what you’re going to do is you’re going to mixed up the swing with you with us
feet backwards and forwards just imagining those thumbs up here and here
someone – now we’ve got yourself set small a little swing one two no real big
hits at this stage just tapping it forward okay just literally chipping all
we’re trying to do is get the sensation of this movement so pivot to the right
pivot to the left there’s no strikes at the stage it’s just literally getting a
sensation of the body moving right left nothing fancy but she’s going away and I
was a little bit impatient she wants to smash the ball so we and most people
want to hit a bit further down there right so how do you then from that
position start to build it up well we said right from here what we’re gonna do
is this she’s got the body moves you got the hips movement her body started to
coordinate now the final bit here in the piece of jigsaw it’s from there she
simply moves the thumbs up to a 45 degree position here so it’s here power
with spine 45 now the mistakes she made a note earlier she went here I went and
lifted that’s not what we’re after we’re simply going to get to here and move the
thumbs to 45 and that then simply creates the extra bit of power because
something when she gets to here all then is that okay so that was the final
piece of the jigsaw here and suddenly we started to see this more coordinated
powerful swing now let’s show you how we gradually built this up so we’ve got our
posture in place we’ve got the legs pivoting here this is the summary so let
the load pipping that gets the core working but we’ve got to get those hands
more coordinated thumbs up here one two one two you could go one two three one
two three this will get your feeling what’s going
with the hands and then bit by bit we said don’t be perfect now don’t have to
be perfect do you want to start small start there
move those feet for you like coordination one two and away we go one
two I know where we go well you’ve got to remember most people who are
struggling at this game they just stay to still so in golf we need this balance
between control yes but also mobility most people are
literally like this they’re rock solid they’ve got maximum control but they’ve
got no control of the ball because they just stills to stiffen to to still and
then like Laura you’ve got somebody who’s out of control just moving around
all over the place you need to marry those two things together so you have
control and dynamism all in one so we’ve got the balance you’ve got the freedom
of the core you free up this core you’re then free up coordination finally you’ve
got the club control of this club here with a thumbs always matching the spine
and backwards and forwards like this flick the RIC or the thumbs now 2:45
back into position here back to square and then through and then away you go
that was session 1 we’re going to share more of large progress put it live
actually on camera at some stage but these are the three fundamentals that
would really get your game going simple as that hope you enjoyed the training if
you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with somebody else I maybe share with
a few beginners who are looking at getting started of course use the
channel come and subscribe so I can see you next week but until next week have a
great golfing week

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