Is Her Side Hustle A Fitness Instructor or Groomer? | Guess My Shopify Business

Is Her Side Hustle A Fitness Instructor or Groomer? | Guess My Shopify Business

– Is whatever that is
bigger than a bread box? – What’s the size of a bread box? – [Narrator] What do you think
these people have in common? Each works a regular nine to five but they’re also holding down a surprising side hustle. Can you guess what it is? (cheering) A team of four strangers, will get three clues. – Guys, I am stumped, truly. – His eyes will tell us everything. – We should go with our gut here. – [Narrator] And one guess – Here we go! – [Narrator] To solve this episode of (metal clanking) Guess My Hustle! – Hi, my name is Carissa. And my nine to five job is that I’m a graduate student
at USC studying Business. – Hi I’m Keara, nice to meet you. – Hi, I’m Carissa, nice to meet you. – Do you think the other contestants are going to guess your side hustle today? – I think they’ll be able to tell that, certain aspects are part of it, but, I think my job is pretty unique and, not many people have done it before. So hi, I’m Carissa. Here are a few things that
you should know about me. Number one, I was born and raised in LA. I’ve also been vegan for five years and vegetarian, 10 years before that. – Oh my God.
– I’m also a pastry chef. I love traveling and I’ve
been to 30+ countries. And then lastly, my nine to five is that I’m a USC grad student, studying Business. – What was your favorite country to visit? – Oh, I love Southeast Asia. – Oh, the food there.
– The food there. – The food there is great. – The food there is great. – Mango sticky rice. – Oh yeah. – Curry.
– Yummy. – What do you think of
your nine to five job? – I like it. I mean it’s temporary since
I’m only in grad school for the next year and then
after that, who knows? But, it’s very different then what I do on the side, definitely. – Would you like to make your side hustle your full time job after grad school? – Maybe. – Oh.
– Oh. – Clues. – Hey, speaking of clues. – Clues. (upbeat music) – Do you think you’re going to guess the side hustle today? – I have had not that
great of a track record but, but, I think, just so confident in myself this time, that it will be different and better. – You ready for the first one? – No, but I can be. – A closer look. Have the merchant turn on the projector and figure up the close-up
image for your next clue. You have until the buzzer
sounds to view the clue. Let’s do it. – Here comes the challenge. – Yeah. – Wow! – It looks like amoeba! – This is the clearest? – This is the clue? – This is magnified? – Yeah.
– Best clue, ever! – Oh, it’s magnified.
– It looks like, fabric. – It looks like a background.
– It does look like fabric. – Does this have to do with food? – Maybe? – She can’t answer me. – What if it’s magnified on a pastry? – Is whatever that is bigger than a bread box? – What’s the size of a bread box? (laughing) – That’s something that my grandma used to ask me when we played games. – What is a bread box? – Do you have any questions? – Is it bigger than a microwave? – I don’t know if I can say that. – Okay.
– Well, I mean help a sister out. (laughing) – Where’s the solidarity?
– Next, next. – Okay. – Is that vegan? – Technically. – Oh.
– Oh. – I almost feel like
– I feel like maybe it could be
technically means you’re not supposed to eat it. (laughing)
– I feel like also seeing anything that says technically vegan I’m kind of not sure. – Okay, I’m gonna go with.
– Oreos. (timer buzzing)
(grunting) – Chelsea what role do you think you’re gonna play on your team? – Totally unhelpful, but here to have a good time. Okay.
– What have we got? – Blind Box. So you have until the buzzer sounds to figure out what secret
clue the box holds. – What? – This is gonna be interesting. – Here you go. – I have a first question.
– You go first. – Is this thing gonna bite me? – You’re the tester, huh? (laughing)
– That’s a great answer. (laughing)
– Go ahead, go ahead. – Okay, Ah!
– First, first one. (laughing) – Ew!
– I know. – Can’t just do that.
– I know. – It’s wet! It’s just liquid. – Ew! – Is there anything else in here? (laughing)
– That could be the water bowl for an iguana. That’s probably what this is. – Interesting pet choice. – Yeah, it feels like water. (giggling) – Wait smell it. – Smell it! – That’s how you can tell, – if it’s juice or water.
– It’s water. – Valid? – It’s water. – Can we do it at the same time?
– Just the one arm – ’cause I can’t see behind it. – Oh it’s a hand! (tittering) I feel a hand! – Water is Vegan. – Oh wait!
– Was it a pinch She’s LA Vegan girl!
– of water up close. So you’re obsessed with dogs! – I mean, LA.
– Does this have to do with dogs? – What was the first clue then?
– Who’s not? – Who’s not? – Right, definitely
dogs over cats but like. – Okay. – I’m triggered now, and this is one game. (timer buzzing)
(grunting) – I’m left with nothing. – What is the closest you’ve ever come to having your own side hustle? – I did music for a
friend’s short film recently and I was like, “This would be cool to do on nights and weekends
for the rest of my life.” What have we got it? – Okay this is our last shot guys. – Out of Context: listen to a random blurb of text from the merchant’s website. You have until the
buzzer sounds to discuss. – Okay. – I think we take everything
out of context here, but let’s do it again. – Okay ready? “We contribute a portion of
proceeds to animal shelters, as well as partner with
them for special events. We want all dogs to feel the comfort of a loving family and home.” – I think that she makes dog clothes, and sells them and a portion
– I agree. of proceeds goes to.
– I think we’re barking up the right tree. – I hated that. – Wow.
– I hated that. – Goodnight! I think we’re done folks. – I’m gonna get back to my kids. – What if it’s like a dog makeover place and they give them new clothes, and then they eat at
like a nice little fake restaurant, like for dogs. – Like a knife and fork that they can put in their paws. – Yeah. – Aw.
– Aw. – That should be invented. (timer buzzing) – Ah shucks. – What’s the closest you’ve ever come to having a side hustle? – This past year, I would get like, phone calls and FaceTime calls
from the girls in my sorority who needed homework help at like 2 am. And I would charge so much money per hour because I was sleeping. – Okay, ready to guess? – Yes. – All right, let’s do it. – I think we have a vague idea. – I think we have some clues.
– Dog House Interior Designer. – Doggie spa groomer. – And Dog Friendly Fitness Instructor.
– Fitness instructor? – It’s just like goat yoga, I wanna do that so badly! – Is that like,
– I want that to be true. like you workout fat dogs? – No, I think, no, it’s like,
– C’mon Fido! no it’s like fitness instructors, where you’re like, oh, you can bring your dog with you.
– Yeah! – Does anyone like, feel like it’s spa? ‘Cause, I feel like, the only clue that we got towards spa was water.
– A spa groomer. – Water.
– But, like, water could go towards literally any of those. Should we take down Spa Groomer? – I think Spa Groomer is my
– I think Spa Groomer least likely.
should go. – We can, okay. – I’m watching her face while we take it down. (laughing) – I feel like she’s maybe a dog
friendly fitness instructor, because maybe that close-up
was of like, a workout mat. and then the water,
– I think that makes sense. like you drink water. Okay.
– Are we all like, unanimous on that? – I’m with you. – Are we all well and agreed?
I’m with you. – Do you vote for, we have
to have everyone vote. – We have to have people vote? I’m not. I am making an executive decision.
– Actually, put it on the board.
– All right. – Here we go. – Oh, she took it. – I took it down, sorry! It’s my decision now! – Way to dominate. – Final decision? – Wait, wait,
– You’re welcome. she’s questioning us now and now I’m like. – I don’t think it’s that. – No, we gotta go with our gut. – No, we have to go with our gut! – I feel like you guys are very split. – No, we are split. (laughing) – We are fully split.
– Just because you’re the only one, who wants the other thing.
– I’m gonna be the nightmare of this
– Doesn’t mean we’re split. And I say it’s not that one. – Well, let’s vote.
– Which one do you think it is? – I think that, she’s a interior
decorator for dog houses. – I just don’t.
– I say it could go either way, but my stronger vote is fitness trainer.
– Okay that’s three to one! – Fine, fine.
– Okay we’re going with it. – We’re going with that. – We’re doing it.
– Are we split? – Should we reveal? – Let’s do it. (fingers snapping) (metal clanking) – Yes! – Yeah, Woo hoo!
– Yes, yes! – We did it!
– I told you! We did it!
– I’m leaving! – Oh, come back here. – Do you bring the dogs, or do I have to bring my own dogs? – It’s BYO-Dog. (laughing)
– I don’t have a dog! – All the exercises, they can be done with body weight or doggy weight movements. – Oh, my god! – What do you do, bench press your dog?
– Exactly. – Imagine like squats holding your dog,
– Oh, my God! – Obviously, depending on the size. – How did you decide
you wanted to do that? – Yeah, so, I’m obsessed with
all things health and fitness. And I thought for the longest time that my career had to be what I loved. And obviously, I hope that is true too but, at least while I’m in school this is something that lets me
be creative and get outside. And especially the social impact component that we donate to animal shelters, really, is something I’m proud of. So, it allows me to do a lot of things that I’m not doing full-time. – Okay, who volunteers?
– So I actually have some friends to help me out. – What?
– Really? – Are they?
– And they can come on in. – Where are they? – Where are the doggies? – Are you kidding me? – Oh, my God!
– You mean my dream is coming true?
– Where are the puppies? – Do you wanna work out? – Hi guys! – I call the small one. – So here, you guys can each. – Hi!
– Oh, my God. – The little one is Daisy and the big one is Leo.
– I love it! – Daisy and Leo! – You can just pick her up. It’s fine.
– Okay. – Okay, come on. – Hello!
– Come here! – So here, you’re gonna hold her. – I feel so mommy! – Our signature move is the doggy squat. There you go, there you go! – Hey, this is how I’m
gonna find my husband! – Leo, sit. – Single leg squat, get a little fancy. Try a bicep curl. – Okay. – There you go. – Oh, my god. – Oh, my gosh. (laughing) – My dumbbell is wiggling. – Okay. – Okay how did today’s episode go? – I mean, I’m holding a dog right now. – I sadly, didn’t like that
there was a disagreement but I’m glad that there was
a little friendly competition going on within the team. – I have been through all of the emotions, my ovaries like exploded during that, I don’t even know. I honestly was like, There was anger, there was surprise, there was joy. I could cry! – My cats are gonna
sniff me a lot tonight, and probably be a little jealous. – So nice meeting you guys, I’m very impressed.
– Thank you so much for letting me work out with your dogs!
– Thank you so much, yeah. – Say bye!
– So you’re gonna let me keep my child? (laughing) – Which one? – That’s my child!
You can take this one. – Thank you so much.
– That’s my child. I’ll keep Leo. – Hi, I’m your new mom!
– There you go. – Wanna check out more episodes? Hit subscribe, here. For the longest time, I was trying to think of something I could do for my full-time career that combined health and all of the things that I was interested in. And it was actually very difficult to do. But, doing something on the side allows you to be creative and follow what your passions are without committing to it full-time.

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