Ishii vows to expose GoD in Beppu Sept 15! (#njdest)

Ishii vows to expose GoD in Beppu Sept 15! (#njdest)

Damn Tongans…
It’ll be their 6th defense match, huh? Already defended 5 times, didn’t they? But, did any of those defense matches
make any kind of impact? No. None. Can you remember any great matches from them?
None. Did any of their previous defenses convince
you of their strength? No. Do you know why? The quality of their fight is low. But somehow they pull it off.
And that’s why they’re so full of themselves. We’ll reveal all, in Beppu. Right, YOSHI-HASHI? The other day we talked about
what went down last time in Osaka… We will take the titles from you punks. タマの前に
一つ言わせてくれ… 俺を試したりするな! お前の年がいくつか知らねぇし 若かろうが 赤ん坊だろうが
もしくは杖をついた老人であろうが 石井 お前が全力でぶつかってきても
俺は倒れねぇぞ 俺はお前を殺しちまうかもな! この俺とリングで闘うってことは
殺されてしまっても 文句は言えねぇってことだ それが俺たちG.o.D
生命の神のパワーだ 父なる神だ タマが言うように…
神とは与えることも 奪うこともできる 良いこと言うじゃん

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  1. ヨシハシかましてやれって言う石井3日目

  2. 石井「ゲップで証明してやるよ」

  3. Yoshi hashi underrated wrestler
    I wonder what will happen if he was to replace with okada's position
    Yoshi hashi vs aj styles,Naito,And nakamura in tokyo dome

  4. GoD is really growing in me from time to time, their moves and gimmick pretty wild and free like there's no chain bind them

  5. それにしてもどいつもコイツもキレてるなぁ

  6. ヨシハシ痛いなぁ

  7. I wanna see this tag match now

  8. Taniguchi of NOAH vs. Yoshi-Hashi of NJPW: Who will finally rise to prominence the fans and the company have looked forward to?

  9. I hope YOSHI-HASHI will rise up from the Krillin level to the Tien level.

  10. 石井が言うと説得力が違う

  11. 去年のヤングバックスからアメリカでベルトとった試合はめっちゃ良かったんやけどな

  12. I really hyped about that Match in Beppu, and Actually i want to see Tacos 141 wins The Titles.

  13. Yoshi Hashi and Iishi new IWGP Tag team Champions

  14. 石井はYOSHI-HASHIより矢野と組んだ方が勝てそう。

  15. Tanga Loa just said he would murder a baby and an old man if they hit him as hard as they could…within reason. What does that even mean? Lmfao

  16. 3年前のこの2組のタイトルマッチは良かったけどね

  17. Ishii has awakened something within Tanga Loa we've all been waiting to see.

  18. I really like G.O.D but its time for YOSHIHASHI to get a belt

  19. They woke up the sliver back

  20. 石井は負けてもいい試合ばっかだからな

  21. T got pissed during the match. This feels like a bit of a shoot from him.

  22. Ishii and 3 bums…it will be awesome…

  23. I like Tama and Tanga but What Ishii said is right. I wanna watch G.O.D best match.

  24. It's not G.o.D.'s fault the heavyweight tag division has been shallow for a long time, but I do feel Tama, Loa, and Ishii could put on better single's matches than most of the recent heavyweight tag matches.

  25. 北野真矢ならマクドナルドで毎日働いとる。

  26. Ishii needs a better tag partner. YOSHI-HASHI looks too weak and unfit for any faction.

    G.O.D. is going to retain.

  27. ヨシハシまだいたんだ

  28. 石井はいつもいい試合するし期待してるんだけどパートナーがなー… ヨシハシ今度こそは取ってくれよマジで 毎回毎回タイトル戦線からんで結局負けて無かった事ようにするのもう見たくない

  29. G.o.D…せめて吉橋さんに激励の言葉くらいかけてやれ。何のコメントもしてないwww。

  30. 左の記者マジで強そう

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