IT’S MY BIRTHDAY at Glen Ivy Spa – VLOG 223

[Music] crazy it’s cute it’s real cute there’s real real cute well that’s why I’ve never hurt anybody what’s up guys so today I am finally having a birthday celebration sorry my hair looks good today I’m finally having a birthday celebration and I’ve never had a spa day for my birthday I’ve also never spent an entire day at a spa I’ve spent like hey here’s two hours of your life here’s you know an hour here an hour there I’ve never said I’m going in it like 9:30 which is what time it is right now at 9:30 a.m. and I plan on staying until about hmm 6:00 6:30 we don’t play I’ve gotten a Cabana for a few of my girlfriends I’m still a little mm so I think that there’s nothing better than today with everything that’s been going on with penny and the family has been sick except for Jojo had somehow been like got away with not getting sick which is amazing cuz we’re also very like close-knit that is just incredible Grayson’s finally over it I’m on the way to getting over it I still sound like Rick rolls yeah it’s time to get my relaxation on we’re at Blinn ie down in Corona and I don’t know if any of y’all have ever been to the Glen Ivy in Corona I personally have never been here so we’re going to give you the play-by-play of all that we possibly can without getting in trouble for filming hey I didn’t really blow out candles for my birthday this year and this is kind of like two weeks after my birthday but honestly the only gift that I could ever ask for for my birthday is for my family’s health not like feeling good from a cold but internally mentally physically that’s what I wish for anyhow let’s P to the a to the R to the T to the wall I know you don’t really party it spas right and then I showed up look who I just ran into she came in a robe oh my gosh now we’re in the parking lot so at the stand got a stand P so that goes in this stand and you can put it outside or inside wherever you I can’t wait is that a giant picture of you it’s it’s a picture of me naked someone remember someone cares your name is whispered in someone’s prayers now don’t cry there’s so much more and let’s just make a mess in the parking lot who cares don’t look at my bad nail job but yeah let me just tell you something Tara is so good at gifts and I always have to like one-up her then she’s gonna go even better and better she’s always so good with gifts so that’s your birthstone the pen has your first oh wait she didn’t open the makeup bag there’s something obviously makeup has to go in the makeup bag of course we put our bettas lashes that’s my dad oh you deserve it I love you summer it sounds good right now after what we just experienced doesn’t it fun baby since oh right here so nice that’s awesome thank you guys okay it says thank you for sharing to be at Glenn IV today we hope you have a memorable meaningful and enjoyable experience but there is anything we can do to assist you please ask have a great day I plan on it it’s about to go down all right it’s massage time time to get my relaxation own y’all since I just left my massage and it was fun hi all right my girlfriend Everly I haven’t met her on the vlog yet mama needs a hat or some shades or both not sure now I see you know you see me this is Everly [Music] in word man oh nice nobody else nobody else was there oh that’s exciting were you naked no just ask and I ain’t afraid what’s up guys so now we have just all finished our massages and we’re into this beautiful like lounging area where everybody’s lounging around anyways it’s amazing look who has joined us we have the beautiful Elena the trash Jasmine and beautiful gorgeous a gorgeous job okay so for Mama maniac mondays I’m trying to organize Half Dome and I really want to go with her and all of the women from Little Women because we’re all moms we need to be on the waiting list now there’s just six month waiting period no I really want you to go I’m gonna sign you up so you’ll do you have dome she said she’s gonna do have to him I’m gonna sell go what is pressing go I don’t care about Bristol girl because that’s how people shoes like I do Joe is the only person with pseudoachondroplasia that understand what I’m working with right so if you can convince him to do it knowing it I can’t just go without any hours to their celebration it’s gonna be hard but we can do it together we can do I did a lot of crazy stuff because of you this doesn’t do I love them Never Say Never we are at Club Med and now we are about to get really muddy it’s happening we’re celebrating her birthday yeah I love her the making out has forgotten all right let’s go get wet I don’t know why I’m doing this I shouldn’t be bringing my camera and be careful probably not the smartest idea let’s play some warm I’m sure lots of people at PD Mitch can’t see the ground which kind of scares you Jasmine’s are going in to birthday right it’s not on them same Eric is adding in so so pre huh good thing I wear makeup color wash fully cover you need to get covered let’s get your boobie we’re getting the baby sighs I’d the average-sized people [Music] I can’t feel my nostril I got to step it all up in there what what is this we got to push ourselves I tighten like a mud up my nose cuz yeah welcome to the wild she’s in a row and habitat Elena pictured yourself being on in the front of that car look it says Happy Birthday Tara so cute especially with my mud babe all right let’s go shower this stuff off see also hopefully I’ll be looking like a normal person okay so next up is the hot and cold we go from like Ana super cold bath to a super hot like hot tub / sauna but this ho the show does not want to do it for show joint that’s good for your body’s nothing this is like a spicy mango margarita cup that’s America what’s up with Sui cooter under influence yes Tracy took the bull shot the shot hole shot are intense like that this is a shot here don’t worry she has a designated driver all right let’s business saunas this way mineral baths this way hot and cold plunge hot and cold plunge here we come just touch it with your toe so you go there first you go there first part in there all right cold then hot or hot and cool come on hot then hold all right I’m gonna give this I don’t know what’s gonna happen [Music] when you hop back in one fool from another it’s like really hot it feels like needles your circulation facial [Music] just finished my facial it was but nama facial it was really great [Music] birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Tara alright presentation Elizabeth difference [Applause] [Music]

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