Jackson Lee On Slavery Reparations: ‘I Think America Is Ready For This’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Jackson Lee On Slavery Reparations: ‘I Think America Is Ready For This’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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  1. I think the DNC could lead with an actual apology to all the POC and minority voters they've taken for granted for decades. We all have a much bigger problem than our petty squabbles at the moment; rally the voters who stayed home last time and we can end this nightmare

  2. Oh ok, we'll sky drop those reparations to you ASAP via our white nationalist unicorns! Stop wasting air on this ridiculousness…

  3. This congresswoman is such an extremist bigot that makes the KKK look like kindergarten kids. It's an embarrassment that she uses the color of her skin as an excuse for her bigotry. Black or white bigotry does not discriminate against people ignorance.

  4. The Romans raided my ancestors villages in Scotland and made slaves of them for 1,000 years. I'm off to sue the Pope.

  5. Enough with the reparations. No one deserving of same is still alive and they would have been the ones entitled. Now we're just saddled with opportunists looking for a quick buck.

  6. Invest in fried chicken!

  7. Don't forget Native Americans and the near Genocide that everyone seems to have forgotten.

  8. I just found out that I'm 55% Native American and I'm whiter than white. So I'll be expecting a check in the mail. Woohoo!!!

  9. The best reparation is to make sure every black child gets a good education.

  10. Let’s face
    it, being Blue Pill sucks.

    If you had been Red Pill, you would have known about Epstein years ago.  You would also know that his indictment was
    one of thousands of sealed indictments (thank you Jeff Sessions).

    If you had been Red Pill, you would have known the results of the Mueller investigation

    and the Mueller hearing well beforehand.

    What else are you missing, while Lawrence drones on in his sanctimonious tone?  What other stories are not covered while Matthews,
    Lawrence and Rachel tell you Trump doesn’t use enough deodorant, burped in a meeting
    with Macron, and is orange man bad.  Have you had enough of has-been celebrities coming on to give their opinion about
    the president?

    Time for Red Pill.
    Here are some options:

    Craig Mason’s Reasonable Conversation Channel

    Craig isgentle, reasonable, easy to take, and has a fantastic smile.  He has a philosophical bent worth



    Craig (a different Craig) comes from a clear Christian viewpoint and includes a discussion of the spiritual

    angle of all of this.

    X22 Report

    Dave and company come from a financial/economic angle, unfettered by the thumb of media oppression.

    AmericanIntelligence Media
    If you are sick of vague accusations as evidence, data-rich Betsy and Thomas are the

    answer.  Very well sourced.  I don’t always agree with the philosophical or cosmological conclusions, but appreciate their excellent reporting.  Eye opening insider accounts on Eric Schmidt and Zuckerberg.  I knew about the SES whenI was in the military, now I actually know about the evil of the SES thanks to Betsy and Thomas.

    Corbett Report
    Corbett is the embodiment of what journalism professors discuss in the abstract.  His documentary on World War I is worth the

    price of admission.  You will never think of Rhodes Scholars the same again.

    And We Know
    If you don’t want to dip your toe into Red Pill, but jump in at the deep end, there is “And

    We Know,” who translates Serialbrain2.  Ever wonder why President Trump sends tweets at 2:00 AM?  Wonder no more.  You will never think of Christianity the same way again.

  11. Power to the people !
    BLACK AND BROWN LIFE MATTERS. Jail time for Trump & Pence.

  12. Of course, the uninjured should be compensated by the not guilty. Now do you understand why America hates liberals?

  13. Sometimes I listen to rap music and try to imitate the black singers. Does that mean I identify as a black person and can qualify for reparations?

  14. This reminds me of the proximity laws being pushed in some states. It is an excellent way to make law enforcement more efficient and responsibly use public funds. Essentially, proximity laws are where the police may pursue a felony subject, and if they go to the home of the suspect and he/she is not there, they can arrest another family member, provided that they have a relational proximity to the suspect. Police say that bringing a picture of the suspect to the home to verify a visual proximity to the suspect will improve arrest and incarceration statistics exponentially. The time saved from pursuing the person who actually committed the crime can be used for police baseball leagues, public relations events, and other useful contributions to the community.

  15. And the name of that first ship was called……… The Good Ship Jesus LOL

  16. Imagine if all peoples on this planet demanded to be paid for any wrongdoing committed against their forefathers 150 years ago… the black community of the US are ultimate whiners.

  17. Reparations for the Natives Americans , Indentured Servants, Slaves, Zionists Genocidal Wars
    How far do you Dems want to go ???

  18. Jackson Lee's Opinions On Slavery Reparations is of NO Consequences … #IamADOS and I Have No Quarrel With Her… She, However, Does Not Represent #ADOS #peace

  19. Does "Pocahontas" Warren want reparations too ??? LOL Dems Desperate for Votes

  20. 1619 ?? That was to get away from Britain and end slavery !😂😂😂

  21. I don't believe Lee has no clue. I think America is ready to move on from the civil war and stop using slavery every election as a crutch to buy votes. Perhaps if Lee contributes to the ancestors of those who fought and died serving the Union Army to end slavery then she could have an argument.

  22. Reparations are for the "American Descendants of Slavery".

  23. The topic of reparations: "Specifically I think that the descendants of slave owners should be compensated for all the money that they paid for black slaves. Years ago you could buy a black slaves for the price that you would pay for a tractor these days.They were a very expensive item and the white owners have never been properly compensated —– reparations must be paid! " __ Trump

  24. I gave a black guy 5 dollars just the other day cause he asked for money , so i've paid my reparations many times.

  25. 'People of color' is an anti-'whyte' racist term used to promote the Lie that whyte people have no color thus no value. Once again the opposite of reality.

  26. This woman is without doubt one of the dumbest people in congress how on Gods green earth did this moron ever get voted in??????

  27. How much is the estimated cost of this?

  28. Are you going to include Reparations for the thriving Today Slave Trade we created in Libya? Or do they not count? All involved said Bombing Libya back to the dark ages was a mistake. Are you also proposing, as well as reparations for our current slave trade, to rebuild the 8th Wonder of the World Free Water for Libya and South Africa that took 40 years to build and "In Our Name" the U.S and U.N bombed & destroyed??? Or, because a Democrat Administration did it, it doesn't count and you don't care?

  29. Will be interesting to hear what Prof Black Hq will say if bothers to comment. I am against slavery reparations as you can only get reparations for crimes experienced &, today, in my view, would ne nothing but perp payout, more criminals getting more rewards. Not for that. Those past slaves suffered & died wo justice & worse injustices happening today which are not getting redressed showing lack of sincerity towards justice. If wont address current crimes, hide, lie, wont address past, and again, those ppl dead, emphasis on here, now living but eurojew devils & minions dont. Today there are crimes that need addressing, but not everyone a victim. Tho negroes 1st arrived in 1500s jamestown, those who experienced chattel slavery not around, again, no reparation for injustices not experienced, but these functionary criminals putting on act no crimes happening today, what crimes? Thus a ppl who should be removed from process. Im sick of hearing about chattel slavery reparations. Focus on current crimes & force these mass crooks to stop putting on this phony act, no crimes happening today. danihendricks70 twitter; Books: Disintegration & the NWO; Autobiography of Targeted Individual @archive(org), thebookpatch(com)

  30. MSHIV, this channel gave me aids

  31. 9-11 was an inside job

  32. What if your relatives came here in the 18th century and had nothing to do with slavery?? What about the Africans that sold the slaves to the slave traders??? Aren't they at least 50% responsible???

  33. I'm for reperations as soon as we go back and honor all the Native American treaties that were broken.
    My people were almost wiped out as a people, as horrible and evil as slavery was it wasn't genocide as they tried with my Native Americans ancestors. We had close to 100 million people die from colonization, 600 thousand slaves were brought to America. Even today my native brothers and sisters are treated the same.

  34. Another crap idea from the Dems. Open borders,sanctuary cities,
    higher taxes,Medicare for All and abolishing ICE. Your recipe is
    a disaster and a great way to guarantee Trump a 2nd term.


  36. There were more African slaves in South America, didn't make us rich

  37. If you yourself was not a salve, you don’t need to get money for YOUR ancestors suffering.

  38. Yeah school marm bug'n blood eyed four alarm, let's Dixie Gypsy suck'n gritty unfit for polite society pages this kid ain't off the wall traveler half bad flash flash

  39. It's critical that no Democrat candidate gets the nomination unless they swear a solemn oath that they will make reparations for the decendants of African American slaves, a major plank of their 2020 campaign if they win the nomination.

  40. You better look into why the idians are NOT accepting the money !!
    The government WANTS them to take it !!

  41. Travelers is just folk's big city spoon gritty unfit for the baby raper funny's paper's? Go figure huh, hey it's Vinny he seem straight up enough yeah he seems right as rain enough to trust business wise guys.

  42. As a lifelong Democrat any canadite who supports this I will NEVER vote for, will actively campaign against.

  43. Government needs to get out of the way of the People.

  44. I just did a viewer’s tour of most of the entertainment ‘tabloid’
    televison shows who’s bread and butter seems to be scandal, did so to get a glimpse
    of any of  the aftereffects of the MTV
    Music Awards, was not disappointed. Don’t know why I didn’t see this before,
    all those multi streaking trashy hair shades not found in nature have morphed
    on to the heads of most of the female news contributors appearing on a
    television set and program near you…

  45. Call it what it is: A White Tax
    And a surefire way to start a real, shooting race war. Not a metaphorical one, but one with bodies lying in the streets.

  46. I do give her credit for keeping a straight face through the whole discussion. You insult your whole race by baiting them with a potential handout.

  47. Its not about free money smh…the then federal government made that promise to the newly freed slaves to make them whole or to give them a chance to be economically in a position to buy land and provide for themselves since their whole lives since then were as slaves but the promise to those slaves was never honored til this day!!

  48. Reparations are fine with me as long as the Democratic Party and all registered Democrats are responsible for paying them.

  49. I want you off the stolen land and you need to forget about your crack money reparations. Money made from selling crack. You live on stolen land. You want reparations?

  50. I'ma say this… If the Democrats don't get behind reparations they won't win the presidency ever again 🤷🏾‍♂️

  51. Our little guy Rachel Maddow
    ratings during the month of August down as Fox News continued to stay on top of cable news ratings.

  52. Aren't government handouts enough?

  53. Lets talk real news. Obamagate. Truth is out.

  54. A last-ditch effort to make sure you don't leave the Democratic party is to buy your vote! Remember when Joe Biden said they want to put the chains back on? He was talking about himself and the Democratic Party!

  55. Democrats are brain dead if they believe this is a good idea

  56. To all racist Reparation haters, some info on the subject from the foremost academic in the field.

    Forty Acres and a Mule in the 21st Century

  57. Never Happen get over your pitiful selves

  58. Reparations might be the stupidest idea I've ever heard of. This CAN'T even be debated. Please someone name one plausible reason for reparations? Yes, slavery was America's great sin and is the most embarrassing part of our nation's past. But slavery ended 154 years ago. Many generations ago. It's over. Everyone that was involved is long gone. Why should the government pay someone who wasn't alive 154 years ago to experience the horrible acts of slavery? Slavery didn't invent racism. There would still be racism even if there was no such thing as slavery. Slavery is over. Move on. We don't owe anybody, anything. Period.

  59. Ain't gonna happen so find something else to whine about. Maybe something that impacts the living?

  60. Democrats- “How do we win the minority vote? Let’s call every single republican a racist, claim to support open borders, and give free money to minorities. When we get elected obviously we won’t do any of that. We just need the votes. We then continue to hold minorities down and give them no opportunity to succeed in life. This is why the worst cities in America are all run by us”

  61. Hahaha. Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha.

    What We Get Wrong About Closing the
    Racial Wealth Gap

  63. why does sheila jackson lee think america is ready for this.
    is she drunk?

  64. C’mon African drum 🥁 for the ringtone!!

  65. It must not be ignored that slaves were sold into slavery by their own African peoples.Slaves were not rounded up by white people.

  66. The Americans that disagree with reparations aren't my American brothers and sisters because if someone does something morally wrong to my countrymen I would want for the issue to be remedied (the same as America has done for those who aren't Americans) but you all want us to let it go and move on 😒 why don't you reach into the pockets of those who built economic wealth off the backs and deaths of other Americans and repair the blk community. The right thing to do is to provide reparations for this issue but I guess only Americans (not blks) deserve what's right.

  67. If this goes ahead it's going to cause a massive divide and hatred towards the african-american community within the United States no one in America today of African descent has been a victim of slavery

  68. Does inherited guilt show up in a blood test? Will my insurance pay for it? Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal "identify" as black but they're white—will they pay? How 'bout Obongo—he's more than half white…I have so many questions!

  69. Does inherited guilt show up in a blood test? Will my insurance pay for it? Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal "identify" as black but they're white—will they pay? How 'bout Obongo—he's more than half white…I have so many questions!

  70. Does inherited guilt show up in a blood test? Will my insurance pay for it? Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal "identify" as black but they're white—will they pay? How 'bout Obongo—he's more than half white…I have so many questions!

  71. Does inherited guilt show up in a blood test? Will my insurance pay for it? Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal "identify" as black but they're white—will they pay? How 'bout Obongo—he's more than half white…I have so many questions!

  72. Id like to know what will be done about natives we were the first slaves in this land and genocide inflicted on us…

  73. Wonder how they plan on collecting it without people getting killed?

  74. She has no say in reparations her parents are immigrants from Jamaica

  75. I'm a descendant of slaves from South Carolina. Reparations is not only cash, but equal rights, eliminating institutionalize racism, restoring voting rights, etc.

  76. Boy they sure are quick to try to include everybody when it comes to Blacks but they didn't include us when they gave out reparations to the Japanese, they even paid reparations to the slave holders but now they want the whole world to be rewarded for us being in slavery. Smh. Keep your apology…[Genesis 15:13-14 – 400 years]

  77. That was a dumb question, how could all "people of color" suffer from the affects of slavery in America if their ancestors was never slaves in America? Discrimination is not even close to being a slave. What the what NBC?


  79. In the future when we finally give up keeping animals as slaves for food and/or other products. (Which we might as climate change will probably make it a necessity)… Are we going to have to ’pay reparations to the descendants’ of the cows we had for dinner or the chicken that laid your eggs for breakfast ?…
    Pathetic behaviour, nobody alive today should be held accountable for something beyond their control that happened before they were even born.

  80. This is the stupidest "news" on this stupid planet

  81. Imagen the look on the faces of some people when they find out their family history in the United States started after the abolishment of slavery.
    Make the Southern states pay for it.

  82. Get someone that really speaks for ADOS not some white people's puppet. Why is it okay to pay reparations to Isreal for what happened in WWII the US had nothing to do with that! No tangibles well 4 more years of Trump won't bother us! Then you can have 4 more years of what ever wacko they can did up!

  83. The comments show how RACISM AGAINST DEFENDANTS OF ENSLAVED AFRICANS STILL EXISTS!!🌍💪💪💪💪✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊

    240 years of slavery,
    100 years of Jim-Crow laws,
    75 years of miseducation and abuse,
    50 years of public Lynchings,
    and countless hours of media PROPAGANDA.
    Had any EFFECT on the BLACK community ?

  85. ADOS should've became Reds, requested succour from the Worldwide Left, then engaged in active resistance GENERATIONS ago!! —

  86. Don't f-ck with me. I done paid my 10 dollars.

  87. Anyone thinking that the U.S. Government has legal obligations or liable for "Slave Reparations" is obviously totally ignorant of "Statutory Law". When the U.S. Government paid Slave Owners "Reparations" for freeing their slaves, it is like what you would expect if the government knocked on your door and commandeering your car or house… or forced you off your land so they could build a highway where your house stands. You would be within your legal rights to demand to be paid for your losses. The U.S. Government by freeing the Slaves which were bought lawfully and owned lawfully and not a crime until AFTER emancipation changed the law, cannot rob you of property (like your car, home or slaves) without compensation.

    Slaves, however, were not bought or captured by the U.S. Government, so they have no responsibility or liability in compensating Slaves for their enslavement. Slaves may have a case against those who captured them or sold them into slavery but not the U.S. Government who was not a party to any of that. Those responsible for capturing and enslaving Blacks were various Afrikan Tribes, warlords, and Afrikan countries that were involved in capturing, selling their Prisoners Of War or selling into slavery debtor citizens that had not paid a debt. Portuguese sailors involved in shipping and selling slaves to the "New World" may to a lesser degree be culpable, though that would be a tougher case to prove since they were only "middle men". Those are the PROPER parties that Blacks might have a chance of having a legal leg to stand on in bringing a "Class Action Suit" against.

    Now you know… pass it on to the rest of the ignoramuses that are "barking up the wrong tree".

  88. The MYTH of 40 Acres and A Mule

    The "forty acres and a mule" argument is invalid and has no legal grounds.

    It's origins come from Sherman's Field Order #15 to temporarily… TEMPORARILY… settle the problem of the growing band of refugee Slaves and… AND… White Union sympathizers that followed Sherman and his army of Union soldiers as they marched through the South battling and defeating Confederate forces.

    It is important to understand that FIELD ORDERS are ONLY enforceable during a state of Marshal Law, which means that ONLY while a territory is under the control and command of a military force (Marshal Law). The Military has NO POWER or authority to make laws outside the period of time when Marshal Law is in force. So once the war was over the order is "null and void" unless CONGRESS (which is the only constitutional body of government allowed to make permanent laws) votes to extend or make permanent the Field Order. Congress NEVER did, in fact, President Andrew Johnson not only did not extend it but returned the land to its rightful Southern owners for legal reasons. That in itself should lay to rest anyone's STUPID attempt to argue that Field Order #15 was somehow a promise or legal statute to base a claim that the United States Government owes or promised anything of the sort to freed slaves.

    But let's look closer to fully understand and appreciate the reasons and circumstances surrounding the declaring by Sherman of his Field Order #15. The order was made at a point when General Sherman and his troops had torn a path during battles from South Carolina to Georgia and in "Liberating the South" had accumulated a following of some 40,000 refugees left homeless as a result of his "Scorched Earth" policy of burning everything in his path. Forced by Lincolns orders to protect the refugees his methods had created, Sherman found himself babysitting a growing mob of hungry, helpless people with nowhere to go. Sherman, to rid himself of this burden, proposed Field Order #15 that would TEMPORARILY redistribute 40 acres of land to each REFUGEE family (regardless of whether they were Black or White, or whether they were former slaves or Free) and use of a mule to till the soil (if any were available). In this way he could rid himself of this hungry mob of tag-alongs and concentrate on his military duties and go back to reapportioning his meager supplies to his troops instead of having to share and spread them out to the whole refugee population. It was a brilliant solution that would anchor the refugees so they would no longer follow the troops in hopes of a handout and give refugees a means to provide for themselves instead.

    Now it should be noted that this Field Order ONLY had any effect or authority over the lands that Sherman's troops had conquered and only for the 40,000 refugees under his supervision. So anyone claiming that this Field Order covered EVERY former Slave in EVERY state of the Union is not only absurdly WRONG, but should immediately be forced to take a drug test to see what drugs they are on, a psychological evaluation to see if they are crazy and a IQ test to see how stupid they are and then have them forcibly institutionalized.

    A few more points that should be logically obvious but not surprisingly escapes the idiots that propose this idiotic "Black Reparation" handout proposition. Firstly, the best case scenario would ONLY be that it would only apply to the 40,000 refugees that Sherman was responsible for, not EVERY former Slave and even less so every African American in the U.S. today just because they are Black but having no American Slave heritage. Not every African American today is the descendant of these 40,000 refugees and even less so is it true that every African-American today is a descendant of an American Slave. Many, if not most of the present day African-Americans came to the United States AFTER… AFTER the end of slavery so they don't deserve reparations for a slavery not imposed on them. Many present day African-Americans came from Central and South America where even if they were slaves in those countries or descendants of slaves there, they have to go petition THOSE governments for reparations.

    Good luck with that! I can just see Haitian-Americans and Jamaican Americans, for example, trying to squeeze out a penny from those shithole governments that constantly are begging other countries for money and free handouts. LOL!!! So, someone like Kamala Harris whose father is from India and mother is from Haiti would get ZERO anyway from the U.S. government. She can go crying to Haiti and demand "Reparations" from them.

  89. one plainly obvious point is never made during the debate and that is that if blacks were not brought to the white world they would all – all – be living in grass huts. There would be no black movie stars, oprah, sports stars, etc – so the shoe on the actual correct foot is that the black race owes literally everything to the whites for lifting them out of the stone ages – on their own they built nothing, invented nothing, no social advances – and its even true today that african nations are backward shitholes and whatever tech they have is from the white world. No honest person can deny this

  90. I don't believe this to be a democratic or republican stance. The issues of reparations is about remedying an immoral injustice that harmed a American community (African Americans) if we've paid for holocaust victims,Indians, and etc, why is it that our own country men don't support reparations for their own countrymen? The points of redlining,free labor, and housing discrimination are reason enough to approve reparations.

  91. These idiots are out of their minds!!!! Need to drug test these jackasses!!!!! Send the bill to the DNC democrats were the slave owners and formed the KKK has the world gone nuts??? How on earth was this moron ever put in office!?!?

  92. She needs to go somewhere and sit down and don't get up again.

  93. These white as well going around beating on drums sit down and don't get up again.

  94. If black Americans dont receive significant economic reparations. We should all leave and go back to Africa. Imagine all that human capital leaving to build a Continent that believes in its citizens. #motherafrica

  95. We had black president. Get over it!

  96. you want slavery Reparations then go back too Africa and ask the West Africans for the
    money the slave trade the biggest one in the world was Atlantic slave trade Run By West
    African West African men rounded up African men woman and children and sold them of the
    global slave trade that transported between 10 million and 12 million enslaved Africans
    across the Atlantic Ocean England America and other European countrys the white male never
    in slaved any African ppl the west Africans in slaved there own ppl men woman and children
    African men sold the slaves too the US and England and other countrys but white males did
    not go over there and round them up not one did not need too the African men all ready did
    that known Facts

  97. Rep. Jackson Lee: Your answer was NOT coherent. You spoke for 3.5 minutes and said nothing but generalizations.

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