Kabaddi Kabaddi – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Kabaddi Kabaddi – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi!! Patlu, look people are playing kabbadi, lets go and see. Kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi!! Boss, we should have a match of Kabbadi with Motu Patlu. They cant play, these game is for Men and not for kids. John don’t challenge or you would lose. If you dare to, play with us, win the game and show. John we accept the challenge but not here and not today, on sunday in front of the entire town. Ok, we shall have the match and show the power of winning. Patlu, we have challenged them but we haven’t played kabbadi for many years. We played it in our childhood. Motu Patlu, don’t worry. I will make you win. I got 20 yrs of experience of playing Kabbadi. Wow Ghasitaram!! Let’s party before the match begins. No, we will train with the help of this hen. Listen to me, when the opponent tries to escape we need to catch them. They try to escape with a great speed. If you can catch this hen then you can catch surely catch the opponent. Start the training, catch it. Careful. Caught you!! Hey, lisen to me carefully. like the hens says “ku ku” while running, you too will say “kabaddi kabaddi”. You can’t stop, you have to say it continuously. If you stop then you are out. Start Motu. Kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi!! Motu don’t stop, keep saying “Kabbadi Kabbadi”. Ghasitaram, make him say samosa instead of kabaddi. Ok, Motu say samosa. Okay, samosa!! Samosa!! Ghasitaram, why did you bring this bull here? Hey Motu, when the opponent comes, it is very difficult to hold them. They are very strong. If you manage to hold this bull then you can hold anybody. Oh my god!! May all the bitter medicines of the world fall in to your mouth. Oh my lord!! Try hard. Wow!!This great!! Good job. Now, nobody can beat you, keep it up. Citizens of our town, today is a big event day , its about grand game called “Kabaddi”. Today it’s the big finale match between John and Motu Patlu. Yeah!! We won the toss!! Kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi!! Samosa!! Thank you my friend. Motu out!! This is cheating. Cheating? How? I wanted to have the samosa. Now, I will go. I shall kick out every one. Kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi!! Jhatka out!! This is cheating.John has applied oil on his body. Where is it written that oil on the body is not permitted. Referee sir you only tell. I know about boxing rules. Come on!! Lets see, what you got? I am coming, save yourselves. Kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi!! Kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi!! He is out!! Okay, now I will go. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. Friend, why fear, what is the next line? Why fear when Chingam is here. Yeah!! Chingam out!! Hurray!! Oh my god!! This is cheating. He cheated with Chingam, cheated with the law. I am coming. Kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi!! My glasses? This is cheating, they are cheating. Hey, start the game. Its not cheating. Kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi!! Kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi!! Hurray!!! We won!! You didn’t win, we have caught him, he has not touched the line. Look at his tongue its on the line. Any part of the body has to be touched. Yeah!! We won!! Motu’s team has won the match. This is cheating. Its all because of samosa. Hey, don’t forget the training with Hen and The Bull, haha!!!

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