Kid’s First Time Hitting Golf Clubs

Kid’s First Time Hitting Golf Clubs

again Mike Dojc, slinging birdies, it’s a
dreary rainy day we are at a baseball diamond because the driving range is
closed due to inclement weather too much water so what we’re doing today is
looking at an XJ set from Callaway this kid is starting to play golf for the
first time I am NOT a pga qualified to teach or anything but I’m his dad so I’m
gonna show him first before his first lessons just give him the basics he’s
starting the first tee program in the spring and we were trying to get a head
start on it so that you know he can grasp the game easier now what we’re
doing is we have a goal we just want to hit the ball over the fence his first
time playing real clubs he’s played a lot of mini golf but never real golf and
it’s exciting to get a chance to do that with a kid set what you want really is
to get all the clubs ago you don’t want to buy kids clubs individually you’re
basically getting a box set so you get the essentials that you need and before
you get golf shoes before you get balls anything you need the tools because you
can practice golf just by swinging club whether there’s a ball or not and
especially you’re learning it’s about learning the swing and that’s basically
it so even before you hit the range practice on a field just learn the swing
learn how to chip learn how to putt learn how to pitch now one more thing I
wanted to say is okay this is shining moment in an aspiring golfers life when
they’re presented with the tools of the trade for the very first time and we want to capture that because
often the moment is lost to history and you know nobody’s even paying attention
so this is a legit first time that this aspiring next rory mcilroy is looking at
his first set of clubs and actually playing with them you know toys are out
of the box this is golf it’s a beautiful thing let’s go see what that looks like
all right the first thing you got to learn about a bag is how to carry it
right give you figure it out swing your arms a little bit follow me okay we’re
gonna chip that’s right four kisses the Elevation need to see it doing something
so what we’re gonna try to do is going to get you to hit the ball and we’re
gonna try to get it to go over the fence that’s our goal
okay one two three see often when a kid starts playing golf that’s what’s gonna
be at the ground balls you get from the ground balls and eventually they’ll get
up to hit in the air I know grown adults whose first golf
lesson is just in the ground balls but as long as I get the excitement and
they’re liking that that’s going to start this is his first time ever so
this is to be expected take the claw up to top and stop there now swing through
the ball that was good try again that’s the first thing you got
to get going bring the ball back bring the club back swing through now you got
to swing a lot slower than that got to be smooth back and forth the same speeds
you bring it back bring it through good takes a lot of hand-eye
coordination hey Kai show you there you go that’s good for progress once you get
the ball moving like that you can play like that yeah hit it again there you go
you got in there look at the post lower your target and what I want you to do is
pick a point on the ground that’s in the general direction of that post so say
like here see this leaf you see this leaf so that’s your aim point square the
club so when you hit the ball that’s what you want to come back to when it
comes back down to the ground keep your eye on the ground keep your eye on the
ball go look at the ball through the whole time look what you’re gonna hit
bringing the club back and hits going out and hit the ball okay at least hit
the ball good now gonna hit it again walk up to the ball and start behind the
ball you’ll look at your ball like this you’re gonna keep hitting it to get to
the post look at the ball that was good don’t move so much with
your legs keep your legs in check you’re turning your body there you go
that was good now walk to the ball you just hit the top of the ball that time
keep your keep your head looking at the ball the whole time
so as you move back you’re not moving your head you’re moving your arms it’s
okay what you got to do is concentrate on
hitting the ball this ball is gonna be here you’re gonna start the club here
show me that grip thumbs here and keep your eyes on the ball the whole time
just shifting your weight okay you’re hitting the ball least you’re gonna keep
your leg close to each other I just want a half shot like this okay so there’s
less involved just a little half shot so I’m looking at that post right and
that’s all I want you to do this is a tough lie so just a little half shot
just bring it back and so you’re sort of chipping the ball this is really wet
ground so let’s go on to let’s go right here okay so just a little half shot
just bring it back like this and then through the same now so back yeah all
right let’s see it come up right up to the ball try 10 times you got to keep trying not
high just a little half shot half shot too half shot good good good perfect
shot go after it yeah let’s switch to the putter that baseball let’s switch to the putter yeah
hold on sir let me get that for you okay try again take your time take your time
just tap if it hits the post you win use two hands two hands on the putter
always yay so I really like um how I got to aim for
the post I got good aim and it was a nice shot I
also really like most of all of them what and my favorite clubs the putter so
I like the driver has the nice fat top or bottom and just a like how and I hit
it it’s it’s easier since it’s just a big body in a small ball if I hit it
over the fence I would be really happy even if I didn’t and I hit it really
high I would still be happy Golf is a game where I am very happy crikey it’s
time for a bubble bum break I don’t know where that accent came from but we have
a booster seat that is tiny that you can blow up and it’s perfect for a you know
being a tax you don’t have to carry a booster seat when you travel or if you
have got three junior golfers in your back seat you got two regular car seats
set up how you’re gonna squeeze lemon in this is how you’re gonna squeeze one in
with a bubble bum first thing I do is I’m gonna take my trumpet blowing skills get some air in there bubble bum boom
then we need somebody to sit in the seat hey you could you send the seat for a
second you help us test out this product child sitting the seat and then you’re
gonna buckle him in when you buckle them in there’s a red strap on each side I’ll
show you the one on this side and you’re going to want to put the belt in there
now as you can see we don’t want yeah we don’t want a child
a choke so we add the other safety measure which is a shoulder strap now
it’s not really shaped safety measure this is more for the child’s comfort
we’re gonna take that loop at the end and we’re gonna put that also into the
red thing and maybe a little up a little bit for you happy right what do you
think of bubblebum is it comfortable okay well that means it is cuz you know
if kids are always trying to say the opposite so if he says it’s
uncomfortable Oh never trust a six-year-old they always
say the opposite of the opposite or not not gone bubble bum bubble bum it’s lots
of fun good for traveling taking on airplanes not to use on the airplane but
the using the taxis when you get to your destination because if you rent a car
with a sorry not renting yeah when you rent the car you’re gonna be paying like
say you’re on a euro trip and pay like 10 euros a day for their Boozer seat
you could bring one clunky you gotta carry that to the airport of lugging
around this you could fold it put in your luggage it’s not taking up much
space at all blow it up it simplifies life okay maybe it’s a tad less
comfortable then booster seat so be it if you’re only using it to save your
kid’s life bubblebum lots of fun very convenient so we’re learning how to play
golf now in slinging birdies we’re not just about slinging birdies we’re about
the next generation of birdies flying so give back your community first tee
program bubblebum Callaway golf Golf what do you think yes okay I guess
so yes so so catch you all later 2019 it’s a beautiful year fling birdies is
here to stay sling birdies every day

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  1. Great to see a dad out with his son teaching the next generation of possibly hack golfers.

  2. Wonderful to see how much joy your son had hitting a ball better than me lol. That’s a great little set for juniors x a proud dad moment captured on video x

  3. Kids get it at some point we forget it 👍👍👍

  4. I’m 9 years old and I hit my driver 170 yards around there and this kid is like me on my first time hitting golf balls!

  5. This is awesome. Now I wish I had more videos of my son and I playing and introducing him to the game. We made a golf game that you can play in your backyard that is fantastic for kids and adults. My son and his buddies are out there for hours playing this game learning short game skills. check it out and let me know your thoughts

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