Kissing in America | Nerdy Book Club

Kissing in America | Nerdy Book Club

Hello my friends! Kaitlyn here! And have you ever gone totally crazy after kissing someone? Because that’s what Eva does in “Kissing in America” and that’s what we’re gonna talk about in today’s Nerdy Book Club! (INTRO MUSIC) So the book “Kissing in America” by Margo Rabb. It’s a young adult coming-of-age novel starring Eva, a romance novel obsessed New York City gal and her best friend Annie, her super smart science-obsessed best friend. Eva falls in love the popular boy Will and after several months of tutoring him in writing and some bonding over the loss of family members they kiss and everything seems awesome! But then! Will has to move to California to be with his dad and this breaks Eva’s heart! But hey! The romance doesn’t seem to die out. They write letters back and forth to one another. Snail mail! So Eva decides that she’s going to visit Will in Cali. But how!? Well, getting Annie to be a contestant in the “Smartest Girl in America” contest, of course! And after a bit of parental maneuvering, they’re off on a bus tour of America to the contest and Will’s arms! Why would they take a bus from New York City to Los Angeles instead of fly? Do they have some kind of twisted death wish? No, they’re just poor teenagers and Eva’s dad kind of died in a really awful plane crash so there’s a little bit of fear of flying going on there. Plus how else would you get a teenage road trip buddy comedy? So this is a fun book. It has it’s issues, don’t get me wrong. But I wanted to talk about it because it dealt with some ideas about relationships and girl power that I felt were relevent to iIMAGINEblank. First of all, SPOILER ALERT!!!!! But not really because anybody with any sense kinda already knew that it was gonna turn out this way. Eva makes it all the way to California but Will breaks up with her. Ooooooooooo! Yeah, I know. That sucks. As an adult, I was reading this book like “Girl! You kissed this boy like what? Twice? And now you think you’re gonna run away with him and get emancipated from your mom and just live with this dude forever and ever?” No. This is not how reality works. But when I think about the way that I saw the world when I was 16 like Eva…yeah…. I never took a cross-country road trip, but there were definitely moments where I kissed a guy once and be like “Oh my gosh! This is it! He’s the one! Forever and ever!” And the next week he was kissing some girl at a football game with me standing like 5 feet away! Uh! That shouldn’t still make me made 10 years later! But what this book is really about is grief. The experience of grief when you lose a dad, a husband, a brother, a best friend, a first love. Short answer: it sucks! Moral of the story though: Losing someone, even a a first love, is very traumatizing. But we all deal with it in different ways. Some of us deny that we’ve lost them. Others of us just ignore the situation and act like that person never existed. Or we shut down and curl up in our beds like an ostrich with its head in the sand. Or we take a cross-country roadtrip to chase after them! Yeah, there’s that too. What I really liked about this book though is it showed a lot of different women in different stages of their life with different kinds of grief. Like a middle-aged mom who’d lost her husband and was trying to get back to some sort of stability in her life by getting remarried. A girl who desperately wanted a romance novel kind of sweeping love. A “perfect” daughter who felt the weight of her immigrant parents expectations on her. A woman experiencing a late-in-life pregnancy after a miscarriage and fertility issues. And that’s just a few of them! It showed them all going through the different types of grief that we have in life. And it didn’t brush any of them off as insignificant. We all have griefs and we all deal with them differently. But what Eva learned was that 1.) You have to deal with it and 2.) You need time and the support of others. Don’t try to bottle it up and then funnel it into a crazy romance for a guy. And if you do, know it’s okay because we all go a little bit love crazy sometimes. So what do you think? What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done for love before? Tell me down in the comments! Plus remember to like, favorite, share, and subscribe if this video made you smile! If you’re interested in check out “Kissing in America” by Margo Rabb, I’ve put a helpful little link down in the description to the book on Amazon. See you guys on Thursday! (OUTRO MUSIC)

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  1. i have a crush on my neighbor but she doesn't know, sometimes i try to look cool when i walk pass her just to get her to notice me that is the best i can do 🙁 , i can't even talk to her without having a minor heart attack, great video kaitlyn loved it

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