Klopp’s post-match press conference | Southampton

Klopp’s post-match press conference | Southampton

Was that win more significant
than the scoreline, after what you’d been through the midweek, that was a bigger test
than it might have been normally? No. We played here last year, I don’t know
after which game, it was difficult. Southampton is a good team,
they defend well, they are really…just difficult to play. Good counter-attacks, good organization,
all that stuff. Last year, I don’t even remember,
the result, but we were 1-0 down, was it 3-1? Yeah. And this afternoon it was difficult again, nothing to do with with
the game in midweek, if we would have come here –
I said before the game – if you come here with two weeks’
preparation it would be difficult, so I liked the game a lot, to be honest,
I liked it. I cannot… It’s not allowed to think
too much about Wednesday, but of course I know it
and so I was really impressed how fresh we looked in the start,
especially how… It’s just how good
we were in the start, we controlled the game,
we were fluent and all that stuff, and then, yes, we gave a bit, with the
long balls and set-pieces Southampton came up then. But Sadio scored a fantastic goal in
pretty much the best moment of the first half. In the last second, pretty much, that helped of course, and second half
we made another big step, really controlled the game better,
did a lot of good things and then minute 83
showed up on the screen, and Adrian thought, “I played really well,
so maybe I have to make the same mistake, “like Ali did, and keep
the game a little bit open.” Yeah, so, and then they
came up and Ingsy had a big chance, and that’s normal, in that moment
I think the boys felt the tiredness that was exactly the moment
when you thought… “Really? Now we have to go again.” And so we kept the result,
I think we deserved the three points and I’m completely fine with that. Jürgen, did he say anything about it
when he was coming off the field? Sorry? Did you speak to Adrian about it? Yeah. “You’ve finally arrived – welcome.” Ali did the same, obviously it’s
a goalie thing at Liverpool! No problem with that
as long as we win the games. All good. Can I just ask about
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s performance? Brilliant. Impressive today in that central position. Yeah, so… That was different, huh? It was outstandingly good.
45 minutes on Wednesday, we can now say they helped for sure,
to get the minutes, to feel the intensity and know you
are ready for the intensity, and then today we had to make
changes and we did make changes, and especially for us in the centre of the
park it’s really important that they are ready for all these long runs,
for all these decisive things, so we changed there. No, only two times,
but Milly didn’t play 90 minutes so he stayed on the pitch, so it was
just good to have these opportunities, and Ox was obviously not bad today! Sorry, Jürgen, I remember last season
early on when Ali made a mistake, you said, “Doesn’t matter, keep on doing
what you’re doing, that’s the way we play.” Today that was at least the third clearance
that hadn’t gone quite to plan for Adrian, is that more of a problem? No. Adrian had a swollen ankle,
so we played too many balls back to him. I was happy about everything he did today,
all the saves, all that stuff, the other players have to feel
more responsibility for the build-up, you cannot give all the balls back to him
and hope the painkillers still help or whatever. I don’t think the goal was because
of that, but a few other balls. He’s completely good with his feet, and if you
would have seen his ankle on Thursday after we left the plane,
then you would say even that pass before the goal
was better than you would have expected. So, it’s all fine. I was just going to ask, you had
three ex-Southampton players in your line-up today, is there anything you’ve seen in the
ex-Southampton players in your squad that makes you feel it’s a club that
really knows how to look after young players? Actually, today when I stood behind
all the 22 players it came into my mind. What a team Southampton would have
if all these players stayed here, I think a couple of
Southampton supporters think that as well, but that’s how football is, I don’t think there are
a lot of areas in the world which… ..were that productive with these
outstanding football players, there are a lot. Who was it, Ox? Only four Southampton… Ah, they’ve played for Southampton,
that’s different, but Ox is from Southampton, right? Portsmouth. Sorry! From the area. Yeah, but it’s impressive. Any final ones? Jürgen, how close were you to not playing
Adrian then, in the circumstances? We had a clearing session, or he had
a clearing session, this morning at 10. And then the message flew
to my iPhone and said he is fine. If the message was that he was not fine,
then I would have had to make a decision, until then it was all good. We were waiting for that, he said at breakfast
actually that he would be fine, but we had to test it
and that’s what we did. Now you’ve had the opportunity
to digest Wednesday night’s victory, how does it feel to be manager of
the most successful club in English football? Yeah, I have nothing to do with pretty much
98 per cent of the trophies the club won. Or 99 maybe, I don’t know
exactly how many there are. It took long enough to get rid of
the burden of all the success in the past, so it’s good that we won the game,
we will never forget that, I’m pretty sure our supporters
will never forget that, but…’s easy to be happy after the game and to be concentrated the next morning
about the next thing. It’s not that we now run through
the floors constantly and celebrate, so that’s all OK, that’s why I like it so much, we are not used to winning big things. And then coming to Southampton, I really
loved how much respect we showed today, and I said before the game, this looks like
the biggest banana skin in history. Everybody is waiting for it, probably
all the headlines are written already, and I told the boys the headline I would
prefer is: “The mentality giants were in town.” And that’s how I feel in the moment,
the boys did an outstanding job for today, all good, let’s go home,
recover and start again.

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    after the restart we controlled the game, increased our edge and created several chances to make the result even bigger, Adrian stepped up on the shields three days after the magic Istanbul night, some of his savings safeguarded our precious result till the blatant own blunder which let the saints pull a goal back and put pressure on our backline, the final ten minutes were an authentic agony and I lived them with my heart up in throat, either way the final whistle put an end to a controversial game where the result could finish both ways but we kind of deserved to win, Manè my personal MOTM, Bobby broke his season spell with a beautiful accurate strike cutting in from the left and unleashing his precise right foot to beat the saints keeper at the near post, it was sheer trepidation indeed! let's enjoy this pretty good win and from next Monday back to focus on our next Saturday first EPL big match, happy day at the office, amusing match to watch for our supporters and neutrals, YNWA Redmen

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