Kyrie Irving NBA Vs 10-year-old Max Basketball Shooting Contest: The Rematch

Kyrie Irving NBA Vs 10-year-old Max Basketball Shooting Contest: The Rematch

Where’s Max? Is Max back this year? Max come
here, man. Hey, Max, last year, who remembers Max last year? Well 500,000 people, half a
million people watched what turned out to be you and Kyrie in that game. But who won?
Kyrie won? Dag-gone it. You think you can get him this year? yeah? Alright. This is a little
tradition we’re gonna play a game of racks. Dred, you’re playin’. We need Dred, Come on
Dred. Hey, What’s your spot, Dred? What’s your spot? Right Here? Dred Irving, played
a little international Ball. Kyrie, pick your spot on the court. The Kyrie Irving Racks
Game. I’ll explain it. What do you need, how old are you now, Max? You gotta back up a
little bit, man. We can’t have that, right here. Max and Kyrie went at it. Kyrie, it’s
your camp, wherever you, this where Kyrie… Who thinks Kyrie’s allowed to shoot right
here? No. back up, they want you to back up a little bit. no. Everbody has their favorite
spot. OK. What division are you in? Blue Devils? This year? You still in this one? Alright.
Your almost grad, alright I need, commissioner Baker give me one Blue Devil. Here we go.
And who’s my commissioner, I need one from the older group. We’re looking for the last
camper standing. What are we playing for? Signed basketball. I’m sorry, a signed 8 by
10. Who’s he playing against here. Signed 8 by 10 from Kyrie Irving. OK. All contestants,
you guys need to both, you both need to pick a spot. Alight, right here? What’s your name?
Caitlin. Caitlin.Caitlin’s here, where are you going
to be? Right here? What’s your name? Skyler.
Skyler, that’s a good basketball name. I’m Kyrie.
This is Kyrie. Hey, you know why both have a good basketball IQ, you know what a basketball
IQ is? huh? Doesn’t matter if sometimes, well, school’s first, but if you’re a smart basketball
player you both are in this side of Kyrie. You do not want to be where Max is. Max, I
thought you would know better than that. But Max is right here. And then Dred. Alright.
Here we go. Here’s how the game works. It’s called Racks, a good game, it’s pressure shooting.
Alright. At the end of the game, Here’s who I want the ball in his hands. He likes pressure.
He makes it, did you guys see him make some last second shots? So we’re going to start
of right here. Remind me of your first name again, I’ll get it the next time.
Caitlin’s gonna shoot first. When Caitlin makes it, alright, It’s gonna go here to Skyler.
Skyler’s gonna make it. So you go here to Kyrie. If Kyrie, which is rare, would happen
to miss,he would have 2. OK. As soon as you have 4,you’re out of the game. So there will
be 2 on the rack, and then there will be a free shot here. OK, the game’s gotta get going
a little bit, so we’re gonna start off here with Caitlin.So Caitlin’s got a free shot.
We’ll go here to Skyler. One on the rack to Kyrie. Here we go.Two on the rack to Max.
Ooo, Max has two. Alright Max. Free Shot to Dred. Dred’s gonna use the back, glass. Free
shot here to Caitlin. Caitlin, over here to Skyler. Free shot to Kyrie. Free shot to Kyrie.
Right now, Max has two. Alright, a little pressure, man.Kyrie must have been thinking
about you in the off season. There we go. Two on the rack to Dred. Dred’s got two. Here
we go to Caitlin. One on the rack. Two on the rack to Kyrie. Whoa. So three of you guys
have two. Here we go to Max, the girls are leading. One on the rack. Well, Dred’s in
a tough spot. Two on the rack to Caitlin. Three on the rack. Four on the rack. Hold.
Five on the rack. Hold on a minute Max, I hate to do this, but they were going so fast.
But you know what we do. When you have a chance to go out, we get a good drum roll going.
You gotta get a good drum roll going. We gotta put pressure on Max. Max can go out of the
game. But I know you can shoot under pressure. I watched the YouTube. Here we go. Do or die
to Max. Ohh. Give Max a round of applause, an early exit. He’s our last year’s champion.
Dred it is a free shot to you. Dred has two, Kyrie has two, the girls have nothing. Free
shot to Caitlin. Free shot to Skyler. Skyler can shoot it. One on the rack. Ooo. Kyrie’s
got three. Dred puts one on there. Two on, whoop, free shot. free shot. Caitlin has one.
We’ll get Kyrie loose here. Here we go. free shot. Free shot all the way around. Alright,
, put some pressure on dad here. Dred’s got two. Oh, basketball’s aren’t right. Alright
Dred, Dred you could one up him, you know, Here we go. Dred’s got three. Pressure shooting
for Dred now. Here we go with Caitlin. Caitlin has one. Free shot to Caitlin. One on the
rack. Two on the rack. Three on the rack. Oh, Round of applause for Dred. Alright, Caitlin,
Skyler and Kyrie. Who thinks they can beat one of the best scorers in the NBA? Can you
do it? If you think the girls are going to win, raise your hand. If you think Kyrie’s
gonna win, raise your hand. Alright, whoever voted against Kyrie, we’re playing for pushups.
Here we go. Caitlin, you’re up. One on the rack. Two on the rack. Three on the rack.
Four on the rack. Oh, four on the rack, hold on hold on. We got a little pressure.This,
I said this is a pressure game. Let’s give her a drum roll. Give Skyler a drum roll.
Oh. Round of applause for Skyler. Caitlin, We’ve helped him with the camp for four years,
he’s never lost. Are you gonna be the first to ever beat him?
No. No? You gotta be confident. Here we go, Caitlin,
free shot. One on the rack. What she got there, Adam? Two on the rack. Oh. Hold on. Hold on,
Hold on, wait, wait wait. You guys got ahead of me. This is a pressure shot for Kyrie.
Kyrie you got your shot now. I need a drum roll. First time he could ever…
Oh no no, no I didn’t give you the… He’s out?
Caitlin won it? Give a round of applause for Caitlin. Get
your picture with Kyrie. Happened so quick.
Shot it quick. I like it. We have our WBNX, Let’s give WBNX a big round
of applause. We’re drawing for a couple baskets, Kyrie if you could pull a name, that would
be great. We got two…

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