PREVIOUSLY ON MAMBO… TAKE IT You have to give me something,
I’ve come all the way here Sorted. It’s a mixed bag. I think we’ve got all we
need. Let’s mambo. But sir, are you sure about
all of this? Trust me.
Sooner or later you’ll understand. Hang on a minute.
What the hell is this? Striking from the get-go, soaring through the crossbars. I’ll shred it even
with my bad foot Past the defenders
the point of no return, hitting the back of the net,
scoring a ghost goal. shouting victory
the middle of the pitch. shouting victory,
sound and fury. The mambo kings are
just getting started the stadium can feel it. EP.2: THE MEETING I dunno, mate. This whole thing
seems a bit dodgy. All this cloak and dagger stuff…
Dunno, man. What if they traffic organs,
steal our kidneys? You want to calm down?
Let’s just wait and see. I’m scared shitless too,
you don’t see me crying. Let’s see what they’re on about,
then feel free to go mental. Let’s just, not get there
late. What? You sure it’s up there? Well, look at the logo. Yeah, that’s the logo.
Must be it. Not, bad eh? Not bad. When it comes to investing you
have keep your eye on everything, trends… What up, my man..? -It’s Toni.
-See him? Come on. See, mate? -More kidneys for them.
-Nah. -Drop it.
-Yeah, okay. -Hey, so how’s it going?
-What are boys doing here? Mind your kidneys, guys. -Hey, man.
-What’s up, dude? -Check it out.
-Are you serious? There’s Toni.
Let’s go. -You’ve been working out.
-Those are proper pecs. -It can’t be.
-There’s Juan. -That quiff.
-YouTube’s most famous quiffs. What’s up, man?
What’s with the hair? -What’s up, boys?
-Dyed it, new look. -What’s up?
-What’s going on? -Hey mate.
-What’s up, dude? Hey. -What’s up?
-Hey, man. How are you? We’re all here. Hey, hey, Papi Gavi. Gentlemen. Gentlemen, your
attention please. Shut up, shut up. It’s exactly 9:01. I deeply dislike these types
of delays. All this screwing around
when appointments were scheduled two minutes ago now. Sorry, we didn’t know. So, are you going to harvest
our kidneys or something? Christ. Please make your way inside,
a very important meeting is about to begin. This way. That’s was wild. I met up with
Mikel thinking it was just us, then running into everyone… Seeing Papi Gavi especially,
I didn’t expect that… And I’m chuffed to see him. Well, fact is… They’re kind of, big fans… Always posting messages to me,
kind of obsessively, but but I’m happy to see them,
they’re good lads. They’re good fun. Nice guys. No idea about if they’re
any good at football but I get the feeling they’re crap. Really crap. Not so fast. Take the other one. -Everyone take seat please.
-Hey, hey. Look. Hurry up. Right, gentlemen, first off,
I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Aroa, the person you met the other day in less less luxurious surroundings. Please, stop that. Right. The sharper minds among you,
assuming there are any, have probably pondered, surmised what this
could all be about. But before going any further
I’d like to introduce our club manager.
His name is Álvaro Arbeloa. Seeing all these Youtubers,
I’m thinking, this is going to be some
social experiment thing about Youtubers and that, but then seeing how they’re all
linked to football in some way and seeing Arbeloa there, well,
Real Madrid and the Champion’s League. I was freaking out, of course, walking in and seeing Arbeloa
standing there, seeing he’s involved in
this thing… I’d met him before too,
but it’s amazing to work with a world-class champion,
really incredible. You know who’d get a kick out
of this? Virus, man. Virus would be a great asset. This like a dream come true
for me because I I’ve always supported Real Madrid
and hanging out with a player I’ve always
seen on TV is brilliant. You mind if I ring him? See if he can make it. -Go ahead.
-You sure? This is so cool, I’m gonna tell Jes and
he’s gonna come over. It’ll be wicked. What’s up, man? Listen, no.
Shut up. Shut it, mate. I’m doing something
really cool. It’s football related. Yeah,
I know handball’s your thing. But it’s way cool, mate. Really,
you’d love it. Mario’s here, Cacho and his fat arse too.
We’re all here. Right then, see you downstairs
and I’ll fill you in, okay? See you now. Remember the only question I
asked you had to do with football. Because the topic we’re going
to cover is 100% football. So pay attention. The aim of this initiative gentlemen, is to go further. Is that clear? A journey of
discovery to see how far your flabby bodies and feeble minds can
take you in this sport. This is the project’s main objective and all of you are the stars. But naturally, we must first
discover what role each of you will
take on and for this, we have
a true expert. Thank you, Aroa. As you’ve noticed this Mambo Football Club. A team designed for winning. Sooner or later,
but for winning. Look, when I heard this was about
football, I was like: I’m so there. I’m, uh, the star has arrived. Cos if we’re talking football,
everyone knows I’m the star. Brilliant. It’s all me. It’s what I’m all about. I
think I’m the only one here that actually plays football,
meaning they’re all shit, but I reckon
I can help them out, like Alvaro. Alvaro knows I’m the only bloke
that can play, can take free kicks. Since our first meeting with you,
even before we’ve been watching you. We wanted to know what
made you tick. Makes you unique. I want you to know you’re not
here by accident. I believe in all of you. That said, you must also know not all of you will make
the final cut. In the following days we’ll
undertake a series of tests to weed out those who cannot
meet the requirements. You’ll be split into four groups. Goalies, fullbacks, halfbacks
and strikers. Well get started tomorrow and identify those of you
who aren’t up to scratch. That’s it, guys.
That will be all. See you tomorrow morning
at 7:00 AM. Aroa will send you the
location. Thank you. You, the one with the
red dye. Get rid of it. Fine, okay. Rest up, gentlemen. Your lives are about to change. Guys, at least we know what
this shit’s about now. I was jittery at first but I’m cool now. Hang on, though. Kidneys
can come out, just like that. Drop the kidney bollocks. -It’s like you’re…
-Hey, I’m just warning you guys… Yeah, you’re just looking out
for us, got it. Right, some FIFA action, huh? Mate, we have to rest. Yeah, we’ve got to get
some rest. They said that specifically. “Thumbs up” -No gaming.
-None. Yeah, yeah. I heard you Cacho.
No FIFA. I’ve got those other 30 FutChampion
matches on, though. But pass it, mate! And he even scores. Right, we’re starting at 7:00,
so I’ll set the alarm for for 6:00. 6:00 should be fine. And I even have time for a few more matches. Right, next one I win and
it’s off to bed. NEXT TIME… You’re all here because
you’re the best of the best on YouTube. I think you were right,
this is going nowhere.

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