Lakewood Lakes football team

[♪drum beat♪] Give me an L! >>L, you’ve got your L, you’ve got your L. Now give me an A! >>A, you’ve got your A, you’ve got your A. [laughing] Welcome back. In smalltown Washington, there’s a high school football team with exceptional talent, ranked one of the best in the state. And you know what? It’s not a coincidence that Fort Lewis is right down the road. Dave Annarino takes us to the huddle. [players doing drills] [coach] I don’t care how good you think you are; it’s about how good you play. Every coach has his speech. [coach] We’ll find out what we’re made of tomorrow night. [player] This is our time right here; we’ve got to take it. And every team has its stars. [player] Give it all you got, baby. [coach] You cannot go up in there. But what separates this team from others is deeper than the sport. 60% to 70% of our kids are military dependents. It changes everything. [whistle blowing] Here we go! Here we go! [cheering] It’s such a challenge when they have a parent missing. [band playing] [crowd cheering] In the last five years a lot of our young men have their dads gone from the family for 12 to 18 months with the Iraq and Afghan wars. My dad brought us up in football. He’s a leader. He taught me everything I know. He just left about three weeks ago for a 1-year tour. Football is my way to express myself, to let go of all the emotion of the deployment and school and everything else. [coach] I learned this a long time ago. It’s the guys in the uniform. It’s the guys wanting to is what it’s all about. [crowd cheering] Since 1970 that attitude is what led this smalltown team to 45 consecutive wins, 16 league championships, and a state title. [coach] Don’t give up. Every day is a new day. Not bad for a few, or 80, Army dependents. [player] So if I can do it, then I know you guys can do it. It strengthens me, it builds character, and it made me the man I am today and the football player I am today, too. [coach] Here we go now! Here we go, Lakes! In Lakewood, Washington, [coach] Do it the way we always do it. Let’s go! I’m Dave Annarino. I loved being an Army brat. You’re still an Army brat. >>You’re just jealous.

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