Left-Handed Golf Tips : Stance for Left-Handed Golfers

Hi! I am Jason Wyatt head golf professional
here at Sunningdale Golf and Country Club and on behalf of, I am here
today to show all the lefties and how to stand correctly to the golf ball. What I am going
to do is take my golf club and again with the proper grip, we are going to place the
golf club down behind the golf ball to make sure it clubs aim correctly. From there we
are going to take our feet, put them together so that the ball is right in the middle of
our stance. Today I am using a six iron, so I want my six iron just a little bit forward
of the middle of my golf stance, so what I am going to do here, take a small step forward
and larger step back, notice my feet are still shoulder width apart, but if you can see if
I have to draw a straight line back to my stance from the ball, it is just forward or
center. So once again when you set up gold club first behind the ball, feet together
or feet go shoulder width apart and remember for using a six iron just slightly ahead of

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