Let’s Be Basketball Players πŸ€| Do it Duo | Raven’s Home | Disney Channel

– What’s up, guys?
It’s me, Jason Maybaum. – And me, Issac Ryan Brown,
and we are… both: The Do It Duo. – And today we’re gonna learn
how to be professional basketball players
from none other than… – Trae Young! Hey, Trae, catch this![dynamic music]♪ ♪– What’s up?
– What’s up? – All right.
– Yo, what’s good? – What’s up?
What’s up, my man? – Look, so we’re in
a dilemma, right? – Okay.
– So we our costar Sky every lunch, two on one, and we’ve never won. – Oh. Yeah, we need
to change that. – Exactly. Basically, we just
wanna get as good as you… – Yeah.
– Like in a day. – In a day? – Yeah.[rock music]♪ ♪– You make it look so easy. – Oh…oh, you got it! – Oh, w–oh, oh! – Ah! I’m already losing it!
Uh… [buzzer] [buzzer]
– Oh. – Aah! [ding]
– Ah, there we go. – Hey!
– Oh! – Whoo!
– There we go.[dynamic music]– Oh–
– Oh! Oh! – I got it!
[both laughing] – Now I wanna see how you
guys handle things under pressure,
so I brought these. – I don’t do under pressure.
– Oh, no, no, no, no, no. – I–yeah.♪ ♪– Right over it.
– Pressure. – Oh!
– Your arms are too long! – Uhh! Uhh! – Aah! Hey! – Oh!
Good job. I liked how you guys
handled y’all selves under pressure.
– ‘Cause you got the whole stick hands–
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. But, um, we didn’t put
that to the test, though. I actually have a friend
who I invited.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– There–there are quicker
ways to enter. No, no, you’re good.
– You could just walk to us. Yeah, you’re good.
– Go ahead. – What?
– Go ahead and show it off. – I can’t hear you
over the dribbling. – Today we’re gonna
play a game called Duo. – What is it?
– I’m down for Duo, but what–what is Duo?
– It’s like HORSE, but with less letters.
– Oh. Why didn’t you just say that? – All right, me first,
me first. I won’t make it complicated
for you guys. You gotta spin around Trae, dribble in, pull a reverse. You got it? – Uh… Ah! – Dribble between
your legs twice. – It’s a beautiful– day… – Uh– Oh!
– Oh! – D-U! – Top corner. – Let’s go…let’s go… [buzzer]
[laughs] – That’s a D-U-O! – No, no, no,
it’s just a D-U. – D-U? – So what everybody have?
What everybody have? – So now…
– I have a D-U.– Issac has a D-U.And I got another one.
– Don’t brag.
– [laughs]
– All right, Trae, you stand here,
pass behind the back. Double! – Here we go, here we go. Behind the back. Uhh!
[buzzer] – D-U-O! – Ah ha ha ha!
– Now it’s your turn. You got it.
– See, this could end the game. Pressure’s on.[dramatic music]♪ ♪[buzzer]
Oh! Game’s over.
– Ah! – It’s–don’t trip.
– All right, all right, all right.
– Good game. – Good job, good game.
– Good game. – At least we ended it
as a duo. – Yeah.
– ‘S what we do. You know what, it’s like
we learned a thing or two. – Hey, I love it.
That’s all that matters. Get better and better
each day, a little bit. – Well, as far as basketball’s
concerned, both: The Do It Duo did it! – Okay, guys,
best two out of three? We’ll go again?
– No way, kid. Trae? All right.
– Let’s do it.

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