LFC 2-2 Sporting Lisbon | Origi and Gini on target at Yankee Stadium

LFC 2-2 Sporting Lisbon | Origi and Gini on target at Yankee Stadium

Bruno Fernandes, driving effort! Oh, goodness me. Sporting take the lead. Simon Mignolet, his reaction says it all. We don’t need to say
anything else for that one. Here’s Alexander-Arnold,
can he produce a decent delivery? He can, Van Dijk! Good stop. Van Dijk going close. That’s a good take,
and Gini Wijnaldum is onside! Still Wijnaldum, Robertson, great chance! Henderson, Origi! Divock Origi… does what does Divock Origi does. Well-read by Matip,
it’s a nice first touch. Driven shot, off the woodwork. And Simon Mignolet this time
just about keeping it out. Origi trying to break away, Wijnaldum, great first touch… And Gini Wijnaldum gives Liverpool
the lead here in New York City. He’s been threatening to do that all game. – Yeah, fortunate. – Now Raphinha, great delivery! Oh, brilliant save by Mignolet! What a save that is. Bruno Fernandes accelerating with menace. Unselfish, Wendel! Lovely combination
and Wendel makes it 2-2. It’s Alexander-Arnold to whip this one in. Good delivery. Oh, it’s come off the woodwork! Oh, my word, so close.

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  1. Liverpool not wearing red and Sporting not wearing green and white hoops is like watching Breaking Bad and not seeing Walter and Jesse.

  2. Miguel back to his ways

  3. That save tho… made up a bit for the misstake with the first goal… YNWA

  4. We’re European Champions and one of the most profitable clubs in Europe too so it wouldn’t break the bank to buy a player!
    Need more depth in attack!!!!!! Please don’t hate on me this is just my opinion

  5. Fabinho is a fantastic player divoke is one match player

  6. C'mon Liverpool, sign Bruno

  7. I like this white shirt very much.

  8. That OX assist just made my Day!!!! Ynwa❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. this is why Sadio Mane should won the ballon d' or 2019

  10. Our Pre-season so far, they don't look promising……………

  11. Somehow, Origi reminds me of Inzaghi. He doesn't score much, but when he gets the ball in front of the goal, we all know what will happen next. His positioning is insanely good

  12. Mignolet did a karious that's why we have alisson

  13. bruno got some advice from bale

  14. i hope origi lights up Anfield a lot more next season

  15. who is that Goalkeeper

  16. so, when are they going to tour canada and the caribbean?

  17. I mean no disrespect to anyone, but this makes me realise just how much we owe to Alisson…

  18. FPL must be fun having VVD and Trent one on corners the other banging in a header

  19. L'pool are representing LGBT now. Look on their profile pic.

  20. The 2 heroes against Barcelona

  21. Sporting 🦁🦁♥️🇵🇹❤️

  22. Mignolet: Easy safe from 30m away? Naaah
    Also mignolet: double safe from 1m away. Yes

  23. Alexander arnold is gunna be bringing the heat this season. Its trent season lad

  24. Mingolet fucking up imagine my shock

  25. Origi looks sharp. Invested in him on football index

  26. Wow is origi gonna become a pro?

  27. Dear people running the YouTube channel. Stop with the politics and just use the badge as the channel icon instead of a woke homosexual flag.

    Virtue signalling morons.

  28. Juergen Klopp seems to have been satisfied with the tournament he took

    His policy in team development does not indicate that he wants to take more tournaments

  29. Little bit of defensive problems, namely goalkeeping in this occasion…

  30. เค้น-วิลสันผ่าน (ด้านจิตใจ) เค้นเล่นตำแหน่งเดียวกับฟีมิโน่ได้ วิลสันเป็นปีกซ้าย-ขวาและหน้าเป้าได้ …

  31. สต๊าฟลิเวอร์พูลควร ศึกษาเกมคู่แข่งให้มากขึ้น..และแก้เกมบุกคู่แข่งมากขึ้น ถ้าเกมบุกลิเวอร์พูลทื่อ ควรใช้ระบบ4-5-1คือยิงไกลและซ้ำแถว2มากขึ้น กลางรุก ลิเวอร์มีน้อยมาก ควรฝึกบอลกลางอากาศและระบบรับบอลกลางอากาศให้มากขึ้น..สู้ต่อไปน้อ…

  32. so… what the story of the colorful background behind the logo?

  33. Hopefully we don’t get smashed in the community shield😬

  34. Damn that pass from Ox

  35. Wouldn't mind if we picked up wendall for robbo cover

  36. 0:05
    VVD: "This is why you are not numba wan!"

  37. Someone tell the commentators it’s pre-season

  38. Liverpool has a awesome Squad! But there are players then we don't need… Sell Mignolet, Clyne, Lovren, Lallana…
    Buy Bruno Fernandes, Pepe, David Neres… This players!

  39. 81 ninguém esquece hahaha

  40. Still I dream naby fekir

  41. Mignolet this is a match football is not stand up stage don't make fcking joke to me.. 😂😂😂

  42. If the coach is comfortable with this squad…then top 4 is the target nxt season

  43. * Sporting Clube de Portugal

  44. Surely Mignolet's value dropped by a couple of million after that lol

  45. Why do LFC have gay flag in backround

  46. Alison played well without even being there

  47. Rafa finished 2nd and was sacked the next season Brendan Rodgers finished 2nd and sacked the next season Klopp finished 2nd I think We will struggle in this season especially with no new additions hopefully I'm wrong but a CAM would have been good

  48. Mignolet doit partir

  49. A shame Mignolet let that first goal in, he was brilliant afterwards.

  50. But not lose LOL

  51. the old mignolet is back

  52. Classic Liverpool goals 😂 a jammy rebound and a massive deflection

  53. Mignolet up to his usual tricks

  54. Hello guys I'm Liverpool fan

  55. Миньоле после такой игры в основе даже 2й команды не выйдет

  56. Pedercine jedne picka vam svima materina nosite se u ocev kurac i sagnite se i popusite mi ga salah polizi maneu picku i neka ti firmino uvali jezik u supak

  57. Klopp spend some money,this team is clearly not good enough,the squad is too thin,players like kent and wilson aren't good

  58. When i see idiot face Mignolet i got laugh so hard 😂

  59. Jesus! I know this is not our full first team at all, but if Salah and Firmino get injured again! We can't even beat Sporting! No offence to Sporting fans but the prem is the hardest league in the world. Benfica, Sporting, and Porto are always in the top 4.

  60. Why isnt Salah playig

  61. Liverpool need to buy backup players

  62. Liverpool badly need signings


  64. Origi doesn’t score good goals he scores important ones.

  65. Alison Becker…money well spent…

  66. Divock > firmino 🤔

  67. Origi's ability to score from parried shots is undervalued. Less chance of being offside,open goal. He'll be priceless for us,with our forward line there's almost 3,4 shots parried by GK and DO works out the angle of the strike and takes his position to bang it in.

  68. We miss you Salah , Bobby ,Mane

  69. Mignolet showing why he cost us multiple points for the last seasons awful keeer

  70. Ready for Napoli

  71. It should have been us it should have been us LFC

  72. Guess what? Mignolet has done a Karius

  73. lol..probably all of Origi's goals are rebound things or ones where the defenders kinda forget he exists inside the area like that cl goal! 😀 😀

  74. feel bad for Simon!

  75. Wish LFC would stay the hell out of social politics with that dumbarse flag!

  76. WAS Wijnaldum onside? Closr

  77. I support Liverpool not lgbt 🏳️‍🌈

  78. Mingolet isn't good enough to be a second choice keeper

  79. This shows why we need to sign Bruno Fernandes.

  80. only mignolet sucks at catching easy shots but end up double saving later on

  81. Why is Liverpool gay??

  82. I love Liverpool

  83. Здорова посоны)

  84. bruno fernandez is enough to destroy Liverpool

  85. We need to stop playing Mignolet and buy a future no.1 like every other club does

  86. Henderson saved origi scores what does that remind me of🤔

  87. Can we sign Bruno Fernandes please

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