Limble Customer Story – Atlanta Athletic Club, John Patterson

My name is John Patterson and I’m the
equipment director here at the Atlanta Athletic Club. I’ve overseen about 13 PGA
Tour events. Before I was using software package called TRIMS. The process with TRIMS: I
would have the data upload and then printing work orders, collating, sorting
all the information, where now that’s gone. Because as soon as
that data is entered and something crosses a maintenance threshold, a work
order is automatically generated and distributed to the technicians, all in
real time. When I was looking for maintenance software I looked at Fiix and
also Manager Plus as systems. And I chose Limble mainly because it’s just so easy
to use and it was just a no-brainer for me. Limble does pay for itself in reduced
labor to take care of the operation. Right now we’re spending about three
times what we were for our old system per year, but the labor savings alone from my labor has got to be double that. So, without a doubt, we’re saving we’re
saving money using Limble. One of the first times that I got the biggest smile on my face from using Limble — I was down in the lower storage building and
walking the the line of utility vehicles as they were parked and I ran across one
thing I could tell by the hour reading that it was due for service. Well before
I got done with walking that line of utility vehicles, Al came walking down
looking for that vehicle that had come due for service because the work order
was generated and he got the notification here in the main shop
before I got to the end of that line. And he came down looking for that vehicle just that fast. And I had to stop say: “You know I didn’t
have to do anything for that to happen it just it just automatically got taken
care of. So that to me was really a cool, validation of the system. Every time I checked my usage on my
fleet it saves me about a half an hour over the old system that I was using
because my work orders are automatically generated where before I had to manually
input all that data. Even our most senior technicians who aren’t as familiar or used to working with technology have really embraced it and and it’s it’s
been a non-issue. One of the biggest benefits of Limble in our
operation is the work request feature. Where our golf course superintendents
can put in a request for work in the shop and then they automatically get
feedback through the system to know that that work has been completed. I like it
too because we don’t have the opportunity to drop the ball in the shop
or forget things. We have a trail to know that that task has been completed. I
don’t know how many times in the past we’ve had stuff scheduled into the shop
and one of my technicians come up to me and say hey we don’t have this filter of
that filter. So since we started using Limble we have not run out of parts that
we’ve needed for maintenance operations. You can have a full-featured
computerized maintenance management system and there’s just no excuse not to
have the system now you know. You’ve really taken away all the excuses
because you’ve got enough computing power in your phone and you don’t need a lot
of money. So I think it’s great.

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