Live Golf Show #8 🔴 Talking about how to hit Hybrids and Fairway Metals

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you’re here however many of you there are and get your questions in we’re
talking hybrids fairway metals and our driver and really how to get consistent
with with those clubs so I’m just gonna start off with my hybrid I have a ping
i15 this thing’s old but I don’t know I just love it it’s all beat up 20 degrees
aloft so I’ve just had so much success with this when I pull it out of my bag I
just feel like good things are gonna happen so it’s hard to get rid of
something when you’ve got that that type of connection to it so that’s why I keep
it so here’s what I suggest you do here’s
you know the key to hitting good hybrids is using the soul of the club making
sure this drags on the ground what I always find interesting is when you’re
hitting a hybrid it’s pretty easy to let the soul drag on the ground or you know
just scoop that’s why they that’s why they built these clubs you know this is
your soul and nice large soul just glides right to the ground so when
you’re using a wedge though so many of us have a difficult time getting the
exact same feeling with the sole of the wedge along the ground we dig it in when
you want to use that soul and it’s the exact same feeling so you know I think
the hybrid and the wedge really go hand in hand because you’re really using the
sole on both clubs if you use it correctly the wedge and you want to be
able to use that and so the reason I bring that up is because I recommend you
start your hybrid and fairway metal training just by chipping with your
hybrid learn this little this little chip shot and you’re just brushing the
sole of the club off the ground this will help cure any over-the-top
moves you might have it’s hard to come over the top on a little on a little
chip shot so I just set up straight and and I try to I set square everything the
middle my stance 50/50 weight I joke down like I don’t know for five minutes
like almost to the shaft right at the end of the grip and that would be my
little chip and run shot that I would play and I’m just gonna try to hit the
right side of the net with my chip just push that out there just like that and
this is where I begin if I’m struggling or I want to get good with my hybrids am
I you know these clubs off the fairway from however far away you hit it I would
start chipping because you want to learn feeling of brushing that soul of the
club on the ground right it’s just rare right there get that feeling learn that
feeling first and as you develop that then lengthen the swing so this would be
just step one really choke down feed almost close together at weight is 50/50
push it out to the right and I’m turning just rotating as always right there keep
those arms straight all the way through I’m not doing too much I want to keep it
as simple as possible I’m not setting wrists here I’m doing just back rotate
through back rotate through this is just step one and practice this on the at the
short game area back maybe if you have that that long distance to to hit I
would really highly recommend recommend that how can I not suck it golf anymore
watch this channel we’re gonna help you Albert you got it buddy
impacts but okay get my 5-wood great but struggle with the 3-wood any help
yes we’re gonna get there I can hit almost every Club decent except for my
dang driver that’s very I feel your pain a lot of us have been there okay
so all our fairway metals are going to have the same approach so we’re going to
start here even our three you you want to hit some little chip shots with this
thing okay I have a Titleist 917 f2 16 and 1/2 degrees of loft on my three
metal that’s a lot of loft considering 14 14 and a half 13 anywhere from 12 and
a half – this is almost like a four wood so I highly recommend you get fit
so that your three and your driver don’t carry the same distance that’s what was
going on with me so I went with more loft with the three to kind of bring the
distance back got more height which really helps me and that’s why I have a
20 degree hybrid sixties so it’s like three and a half degrees more and a
little shorter shaft so it goes a little higher a little shorter and so my
spacing with my longer clubs is it’s good because I actually hit for some
reason I hit the three farther then like I don’t know normal but my drivers more
average for you know for me for so so it’s just you just can’t go and grab one
off the shelf and expect like everything’s gonna work out perfectly if
you haven’t roll the shaft could be too heavy it could be too stiff it could be
the wrong length you could have the wrong loft there’s so many things that
can affect how well you hit these things and then the hybrids gonna be a little
easier because it’s a shorter Club a lot more loft it’s more like a longer iron
so you’re gonna have better success with that so that’s why I recommend really
getting fit for like my swing weight on this shaft it’s a stiff stiff shaft but
it’s got a this it’s a 60 gram shaft and weight so they’re lighter sometimes you want to go lighter shaft
but stiffer sometimes you want heavier but more flex everybody’s different so
you got to kind of figure out what works for you because everything plays the
length of your arms your height your swing speed your swing plane all of
that’s gonna affect which shaft and loft lie setup is correct for you and again I
would start same thing with your three same little chip shot here this work
will never hurt you this will never hurt you full swing
every time can hurt you but doing this that will never hurt your game it will
never get you off okay if I take a full swing though and I’m a little crooked
that can that can mess me up so don’t be afraid to go and practice these little
shots a ton of those because it’s not gonna ever hurt you you only get better okay Spencer says its hybrid seems to go
too high and nowhere for sure for sure that’s why you need to get fit
that’s really a key these clubs more so than your irons your irons it’s really
about ok the shaft everything really needs to be fit but and your loft and
lie angle and then as you get into the longer clubs the shaft flex the length
the weight the loft of the club is really going to have a huge impact of
what you’re doing as well as your setup so here’s my hybrid after I do some chip
shots now I’m gonna kind of get into my full swing I don’t want to set that
thing up off my left foot nor do I want it off my left ear I want this more
just slightly in front of Center so here Center would be my nose I’ve got it like
on my left eye right here there sawing something next door – dude’s been
working on that house for like a month okay so just off my left eye that’s
where you want you could play hybrids in the center of your stance – don’t be
afraid of that so off my left eye right okay that’s set up so you could have a
problem if you’re hitting it too high your setup could be off you want to
check that so I just set up just slightly in front of Center and just
give myself a little a little tilt if you’re tilting too much that’s going to
affect the trajectory as well just want a slight tilt I’m not big on like
degrees because we don’t we don’t know what degree we need we just right there
that’s slight tilt okay and that’s your that’s your swing that the key is don’t
swing it back up here okay in order to hit good solid hybrids and was we got to
get that Club traveling in on a flatter plane it’s got to be coming in here like
you’re not coming steep down on it that’s never gonna help you you’ve got
to be attacking from low in here shallow is what we call it this shallow plane so
it’s easier to shallow that Club out when your swing is right here if your
swing gets up here it’s hard to get that Club back in this shallow position and
don’t get confused shallowing the club out doesn’t get it’s stuck back here
alright you know you hear that oh I got stuck getting stuck is when your hips
come forward and your hands are back here because you pulled down now you’re
stuck because your hip have shot forward here so now I’m stuck
in here and I have to flip my hands that’s a big difference than rotating
those hips and be like I’m not stuck here he is crazy that’s my look because
my hips are rotating my head because there’s nothing sticking me on this side
of my swing right if I shoot my hips forward my body is forcing me to be
stuck and now I’m like this this is sticking me if I rotate my hands could
be I mean I could be way back here doesn’t matter I’m not stuck because
there’s nothing preventing me from releasing the club boom and that is not
getting stuck so shallowing out the club does not get it stuck behind you all
right Brent we’ll get to your question you got it thanks by the way so I just
want to go over that okay don’t sweat shallowing that club out
down here because that’s not going to get the club stuck okay Brent has a
question can you over alignment when you have what right-to-left wind
right-to-left or when you’re on a side he’ll fly do you align the center of the
green okay so we’ll kind of apply it to these hybrids we’re hitting right now as
well going over alignment how do you align yourself when there’s wind so I
talked last time a lot about aiming for the center of the green so let’s say
we’re going to continue aiming at the center of the green but there’s a lot of
wind right to left a lot of wind right to left so you know how much wind do we
have to account for here’s the thing when you’re lining up when there’s a lot
of wind let’s say it’s gonna affect your ball quite a bit um now there’s a whole
different mindset when it comes to where to aim
because I’m thinking about just my mind going into the round is I’m gonna miss a
lot more greens so now I’m thinking about where do I want my chip shot to be
if I miss so big right-to-left win let’s say that pins back right I don’t mind
missing left so I’m gonna aim let’s say Center green now I’m just I’m gonna
account for a little bit of wind in my shot now when we’re talking this
remember we were working the ball left to right right to left high-low so
that’s gonna also come into play as well so what I’m gonna do is line up Center
I’m gonna take one extra Club and then I’m gonna play a right to left or low
shot so let’s say pins back right and I have this hybrid let’s say I have I hit
this 220 225 so gotta win right to left so okay I’m gonna take my hybrid I’m
gonna aim center of the green I’m taking an extra Club I’m still aim
Center but now I’m just gonna hit a low cutting shot back into the wind I’m set
up set the same way and I’m just gonna try to pull this a little to the left
with my body but I’m just taking one extra Club and I’m still aiming Center
but playing that low little cut that’s how I’d go over it right you want to
take a little extra Club when there’s a lot of wind and just play it continue to
play your shots and aim Center continue to aim Center align center of the green
where the big part of the green is especially in the wind take one extra
Club and then play the shot that low cut that that low draw whatever you know is
appropriate for that wind direction that’s how I go over that okay what’s
the best way to approach a par 3 that requires a fairway wood distance layup
go for it etc okay III do play course that has like this two-hundred and
Yard 230 our par 3 depending where they put the tees so it’s anywhere from a 4
iron to 3-wood and here’s what I do on this particular hole I have a spot that
I pick out based on the pin location that I say can I get up and down from
there where can I get up and down fronting from where can I not get up and
down from and I start there so let’s say it’s it’s a front left pin well I’m
I can’t miss short left because I can’t get up and down from there but I can
miss long so then I would say okay I can miss long right
so let me take a little extra Club that’s not a big deal because I’m just
chipping back down had a lot of green to work with that’s how I work on those I
can always start with where can I get up and down from where can I not get up and
down front play those odds that’s gonna really help and now let’s say your but
also here’s what we have to fight against the long shots this is why
fairway and hybrid clubs can really cause us a lot of problems we want to
swing harder you have a long two hundred thirty forty fifty yard par 3 the
tendency is to swing harder and in how do we how do we fight that okay when
especially when you’re hitting hybrid again that first step of where can I get
them now from and where can’t I get them and down from is gonna be huge
keeping that short swing it’s going to be a huge piece of this because you want
to get that flattened out here and rotate in right in there and we are our
number one goal is smooth swing okay if I hit a smooth swing if I take it full
soy a smooth swing and I miss in my spot where I can get up and down I’m totally
fine I’m good so that’s really what I’m
focused on many times on these long par threes pins whatever back left so I I
aim I’m aiming off the green sometimes I know I just talked about aim center of
the green what’s the long par-3 I’ve got a hybrid I’m like okay let me aim where
I can get up and down from right so I aim I’m aiming right side that green
because I know anywhere right of that spot I can get them down and if I pull
it a little then it’s on the green if I hit it straight I’m just right side the
green a longer putt so I will make sure that I’m picking my up-and-down location
and I look at that I’m like okay now now I’m not thinking about distance I’m not
thinking about the pin I’m just thinking about you know I could totally miss this
green and feel confident that I had a good shot and all is good and then I’ll
take my swing so I always want to have a positive approach going in all right
let’s work on a little drill here then I like that will help you with your with
your fairway shots okay just looking at your questions here yeah okay we’ll get
there all right so you seen these guys little noodles okay this is what I like
to do I put one let’s put it up there put my ball in there it’s a little bent
which is fine okay now I do a lot of shots like this or just now all this is
doing is help give me a visual on visual aid for really follow through I kind of
want my club just to fuck just to go here like it just helps me gives me some
three-dimensional perspective of of where I want the club
so it really doesn’t do much other than kind of gives me a visual visual aid
beyond the ball so I know where I want my club to fall through so I’ll hit like
this and start out like this and feel that for a number of shots helps me just
understand where I’m going now after I do that a bunch I’ll kind of reverse it
just pull this here and I’ll put this on this side okay
and this is where it really helps but I like doing both sides because it just
feels like you know I’m getting used to something being there and we’re getting
we’re getting to it one step at a time and I’m working it’s kind of like when
you work out you’re doing your left arm and you do your right arm so I do this
side the ball I’m doing that side the ball so on this side I want it just
straight straight along the map I wanted about a club or two clubs I want the
ball but maybe two Club heads beyond the noodle come here’s what’s key I want to
take it back the club to travel travel back here obviously it’s not going to
come inside here it’s not going to cross over until it’s past the noodle back
here the key what I’m looking for though is my hand my arm I never want my arm
from my eye line to come across the noodle okay as I turn I don’t want my
hands to get beyond that noodle so I’m turning and I’m just leaving my hands
back here and keeping my hand inside of that noodle from where I my perspective
here like you I don’t know if you’ll see it on the camera back there but it’s
really from my perspective okay as I rotate my hand never crosses that noodle
and that gets the club here the clubhead can cross it has to but my
hand never does it stays tight to my body and that’s a key when you get your
hands out weight from your body that’s when trouble happens that’s when you
start coming over to the top that’s where inconsistency lies that’s where
your duck hooks come from because you get this here and then you you got a
jump and flip and do all this crazy stuff so this little drill rotate and
never when you look like that’s not bad but it’s not great right here it’s great
and then you know you could tell during your swing what’s happening and just
feel it so here’s my I they get my alignment stick because the wind blows
these things around okay that hold it all right I’m gonna do them in there okay so I’m
out about two clubs to clubheads one – perfect okay
great again keep my hands in here don’t pull it down just leave your hands there
and feel that and that would be something that that I
like to do a lot so that I’m getting that feeling of shallowing that club out
and also I know I’m not bring it too far inside just taking it back and you
should be good that’s a great drill that I love to work on to uh to really help
again like I said shallow out shallow out the club okay all right you guys seem to be helping
each other out there and the on the chats which is great another drill so
this will really help you and then what I also love to do is you could be
careful with this one get my linemen sick just put in the
ground back here okay trying to get it you know the same angle as my sweep as
my club on set up but it’s not that important okay put this in here okay
here’s what I’m looking to do here I really want to exaggerate this feeling
so let’s say my ball setup is here I want to practice taking it out here and
then come underneath and feel that okay some racks out here and then swing it
underneath always look where your ball where your ball would be so I’m taking
it back out here and you’re gonna feel really weird in here like if you release
a little early I mean that the release is so late because you’re holding that
and but it’s a good way to feel you know I’m just a couple feet away
you’re good way to feel feel that shallow out and come through cuz you’re
you know you’re you’re not releasing till way beyond the ball so you’re just
here okay so I love doing that and then getting up on the ball then hit shots
feel the exact same thing I hit that good I mean oh some reason always pure
it when I do that it’s just a great way a great little drill to start feeling
the right feeling that you’re looking for
take it back here because most of us come here and then we do that we come
over top of it and yes and it’s not about pulling down I don’t I want you to
pull those hands down that’s how you get stuck you pull those hands in and take
it back turn those hips and it’s gonna feel weird you can feel like you’re you
know it’s gonna feel weird like you’re losing everything but but that’s the
feeling that’s really what you want and then on a real golf swing you could step
up after you have the right feeling and try to feel the exact same thing maybe I don’t know if you could tell Oh
off the channel but I mean I’m hitting that really solid even with that
lawnmower behind me overlooking Shawn mm-hmm okay so again
we’ve got to shallow out that Club the more you shallow it out the better then
you’re you’re using that giant salt look these there’s a reason they put this
giant sole on the three because they want you to use it right they make all
the clubs unfortunately they don’t show us how to use them very effectively they
just tell us they’re better than everybody else’s it’s like man so we got
we’re left to our own devices here we’ve got to figure out okay how do I utilize
this technology there’s a reason this is like this and there’s a reason your
wedge has a skinny one right he’s recently so you got to use that don’t be
afraid to bang that on the ground when you’re hitting it if your shallow doubt
you’ve you’ve heard people drop say oh I drop kicked at a drop kick shot goes a
long way because that Club kind of hits the ground on the ball at the same time
and they do and the ball just comes out with no spin and with your hybrids
driver that kind of stuff it’s uh it’s really good just feel like going back vivia
so let’s jump into the driver see where we’re at so with the driver it’s the
same thing with your driver is what you want to feel take it back under that
take it back feel here feel that okay let me move this so you can see a little
better now those are the keys now a lot of people have problems with the driver
I get it I know there’s many reasons why and I want to see everybody have great
success with your drive because for me it’s really become like one of my most
consistent clubs and I just I feel I feel so confident with it and I think
once you get to a certain level driving the ball should be a fairly easy piece
of the game to be honest with you we all we always look at Tiger and say whoa
what he he can’t you know he can’t why can’t he hit the fairway you know well
he’s swinging 125 six seven miles an hour so you’re just a tiny bit off it’s
you’re not gonna hit a fairway so you’re you guys watching you’re probably
swinging 90 hundred miles an hour and we’re not hitting the fairway right I
mean how offer you hitting fairways hopefully a lot but if you’re not
because you’re slicing or whatever there’s just little things we can do to
really have great success one is our setup I always talk about setup always
your grip matters a little but there’s all different grips you know but said
that’s part of setup a setup is key I’m square tiny little tilt my grip is my
grip right there ball position is off my left ear and have a slight tilt all my
fairway woods and hybrids have the same amount of tilt
I’m just like just I just give it a little a little like a turn dick like
one little not turn right there that’s it I don’t want too much okay again I’m
taking it back here about this far at least in my mind my thought process is
take my hands back to here and then lay that club down they let Club down and
keep my hands close to my body right I don’t want my hands getting far away
from my body here on my hands to come closer to my body like this is like Jim
Furyk you know and then like that’s gonna be better for you then hands way
away from my body let’s keep them close to our body we’re work we’re trying to
get consistent and hit the fairway look you look at the look at the women on the
LPGA Tour like they hardly miss fairways and they’re driving the ball to 40 most
on like average maybe last the long hitters or to 50 to 60 so that’s
something you you could shoot under par swinging 90 miles an hour
you don’t have to you don’t have to be swing 110 miles an hour okay my swing
speed telly with my drivers like 110 max that’s what I’m feeling and really good
and when I’m not trying to swing hard my 6-iron I you know I don’t know my
6-iron goes like 185 and my driver will go
I carry like 292 8 300 sometimes but that’s a really good Drive it’s got a
run out for me to hit it over 300 ok and I’m not taking a long swing I’m here
squatting down and trying to flatten that thing out that’s my goal and that’s the key so if you’re having
problems driving the ball straight okay you’ve got to be able to identify where
in your swing is the problem where does the problem happen most people don’t do
this okay so here’s what I do when I’m struggling take my setup I’m like okay
my problem here okay that one’s straight okay I didn’t slice that so now now let
me swing a little bit longer I’m trying to find my problem right little longer
swing okay that was pretty good straight again right now if okay that was like a
little bit less than a half swing less than a half speed okay and get a little
more power on this right oh I sliced it right maybe you did then you’ve just
identified where your problem is let me get your get your cellphone out on video
this too and and say okay what’s the difference between this swing work that
was perfect right and the swing after that that sliced and look at those two
things and find out what did I do different okay
what did I do different why did one slice and the other didn’t and then work
from there so now let’s say okay that’s my problem right there that’s where I
start coming over the top and slicing the ball so now I’m gonna take the club
back here and I’m gonna play a little draw from this short position okay again
I’m you know setup square don’t set up for a draw just set up square perfectly
shoulders square everything good till now I’m just gonna try to push that ball
out to the right and let turn left a little bit from this short
swing can I do it and try to play a tiny draw from just before your problem area
right just before you start having issues Brett yeah because I was super
long how are ya so Brett was saying he started swinging
shorter and start hitting the ball farther you you bet that that will
happen you don’t need a long swing to hit afar when I started golf I was 18
when I first played around it off of my life my grandfather said a mat make sure
you get see that Club back here and then you know that’s when you start your
downswing worst advice history in my life I mean that plagued me for years
because I would take this club and not only is it long but it comes way across
the line otherwise you wouldn’t see it you know if I could take the same length
swing way back here and that’s way better than way over here but whatever
right so I had to learn how to figure that piece out and I realized you know
when I go past here that’s when all the bad things happen so when I was trying
to learn how to play a draw I said well okay I know how to set up anybody can
set up perfectly let me take a super-short let me take a short swing
and see if I can draw the ball well I drew it Wow let’s first draw or hit my
life I was all going to draw there now what I do okay that only went like a
hundred yards oh so I need a little more distance probably if I want to play
college golf which I wanted to don’t okay all right let me give a little more
swing and see if I could and still play that little draw so okay huh all right I
did it that went 150 perfect all right all I need is 100
yards and I’ll be okay I can survive so okay thanks even get Ola I’m just
writing it 250 and see what happens you know and then I was like oh you know I
sliced it it’s like okay so there’s my problem okay well let me work on that
feeling at 150 yards or 200 yards hitting a little draw with my driver you
know that’s great look if you can hit your driver short
but it’s in the fairway every time what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna
start playing around it off you’re gonna start off short knocking it the first
few holes and you’re gonna then you’re gonna start feeling better feeling
better little more confident before you know it you’re gonna crush one and
you’re not even gonna realize how far you you know you’re gonna think you hit
this short swing and the ball is gonna go far but it’s just gonna happen
naturally because you you start it off right in here that’s gonna be the key
and shallow that out shallow that out and you can you can hit the ground first
you can’t Oh I’ll trade you rare and you can hit a
decent shot I hit the ground I’m if you’re hitting the ground it’s a
dropkick shot which is okay it’s not gonna kill you again
don’t don’t get worried about flattening this out so much that you think it’s
stuck behind this is not stuck behind me because I’m opened up my shoulders old
my hips are open just close the club is back here I mean
that’s gonna that’s just gonna fire I mean this is perfect
doesn’t matter you look how low Sergio is he I mean he’s like he and Ricky like
they’re down here so flat and stock are two different
things let’s not get those confused with each
other your arms your okay so what about tension in your arms or sequencing good
question so yeah so when you are tense obviously
you’re not gonna be able to swing your arms as far or as fast you’re gonna be
too tense that’s a big over-the-top problem because everybody’s tight and
then you start turning and in your butt your arms can’t stay back it’s they’re
tensed up okay so how do you how do you that’s a good question how do you stay
you know relaxed and not tense cuz people grab that knee okay I mean you’ve
really got a we’ve got to practice that you’ve got to practice shaking those out
alright and just having a nice light grip and practice like barely putting
your hands on the club I mean barely I mean this is off I just barely and just
you know practice I wiggle around on the tee box not a lot but I mean I Whittle
this right here right before I go and I just try to have my last sense I’d
rather have my legs tense you know if something’s gonna tent up so my my last
move is kind of like this shake I give you a little bounce and then I’m does my
first move is squat down that’s what I try to cuz if I’m squatting down these
are loose but if my first move is take it back to my arms then then I’m
creating tension so my first move is I got a little bounce and then I’m pushing
it back kind of with my hips and squatting now at the same time not just
let’s let’s all the tension out of my upper body which is something I’m
looking for and then there’s a piece of your swing
that you where you’ve really got to relax and that’s in the transition up
here because a lot of people squeeze with your hands right in here you start
squeezing your hands and not again if you squeeze you’re coming over the top
every time so I do practice a lot where I take it out here and then I release my
grip release a little back in here I’ll do that I’ll take it here and I’ll let
like lay my right hand open a lot like just just a feeling of just letting go
you could really let go with your right arm back there take it back let it go
and just feel that I mean that’s a great way to to you’re probably I don’t know
how good it you’ll hit it it’s hard but it’s just that feeling of like it’s like
that’s where you exhale just you know or just like if you’re a weight lifter
you’re lifting weights and you’re bench pressing you’re like you know that’s
that you’re releasing everything up there so from here I try to just relax
relax and let it fall it’s kinda like that’s that’s when you’re jumping back
in the pool you just really that’s it that’s it if I can get there and let
this just drop let it fall and turn like that’s the key piece of the whole swing
that’s where if you can get right to here and you’re done you’re dunk is the
rest it’s you’re just starting the motion your body takes over the rest of
it that’s why you can be a great driver of the golf ball because all you’re
doing is just you just have to start it just get it going and then it’s just
momentum momentum has already once it begins then you’re good to go okay so
just from here just relax just just think about like okay you’re
you walked up to the edge of the diving board and you’re just you’ve already
jump and you’re just free-falling there you’re parachuting you just you just
stepped off the plane and that’s the that’s where you you get it that’s a
huge piece it’s like it’s like okay can I just get there I’ve got a tough drive
my thought is short I just get just get there you can get there you can get
there okay and I’m like I know I can get there now
I’m not thinking I’m not see I never think about like okay I gotta get the
ball in the fairway okay hit the fairway okay don’t go don’t
hit in the trees don’t hit it in the water like I don’t I never I’m thinking
that I’m thinking do just just get right there I know I can get there I can
control that I can get from here today I can get
there I know it I know it okay now I’m aim good I’m set up good
everything’s perfect I feel good I’m gonna get where I want to get to just
get there and you’re good to go so think that that
that’s the mental piece of it just get here and relax and start to swing you
just get up to the starting line and hit the gas you’ll be good okay any tips on
flipping the club yes okay perfect perfect transition because when you’re
hitting driver now flipping is I consider flipping this flipping this
loop this is a flip I don’t really consider that a flip let’s just that’s
just how my bot that’s how my body just moves I come in here am i this is just
kind of the risk cop on the on the fall through but a flip would be really
flipping like that shutting the club too much so typically I see why that happens
because you’re too handsy in the swing on the backswing right you wrote
hating that face way open and that’s your your wide open and then you have to
square it up so you have to incorporate a lot of your hands in it re you have to
return the club back to square and your body knows it’s wide open so that’s
typically why you do it because your rotate your hands too much
on your backswing so I like to feel like like I don’t rotate my hands open at all
at least I don’t feel like I do I’m just I’m trying to keep it shot
if anything I mean that would be the I’m not shutting it but I’m definitely not
opening it I’m just letting it like I’m not rotating my hand at all you know I
didn’t wrote in my hands that Club that Club hasn’t rotated I think that’s one
of the huge myths in golf is is rotate open set your wrists they say some
people do it I get it David Leadbetter is huge on setting those wrists Michelle
Wie does it a lot of people set those wrists I’m not a believer in that I
don’t it doesn’t work for me and when I’ve tried to do that I’ve
gotten it way open and then I get out of control up top and then I’m too handsy
on the return so I would much rather have no hands even if I don’t hit it as
far I don’t care I want no hands and then I don’t have to worry about
squaring the face up like I never rotated my hands look at um Bryson –
Shambo that’s dude he I was like he doesn’t rotate anything he’s a pretty
good player very consistent so but again some people rotate a lot Michelle we she
she’s like BAM like she’s like you know she didn’t do anything but set those
wrists so you could do it there’s different ways to do it but if you’re
flipping I would say take the rotation out and just keep it keep from rotating once I started actually trying to keep
the face shut I got so much better so quickly and issues that I had in my
swing for years disappeared they just they went away because I started
watching watching different people when they would keep it shut and I said you
know what let me try that and it totally you know changed my game at that point
and it really helped me uh-huh thanks telly appreciate it uh yeah but you know
what yeah that yeah John you’re absolutely right if if you rotate you’re
gonna hit a lot of straight shots even if that Club is totally shot you look at
Dustin Johnson totally shut clubface bowed wrists but he has a ton of
rotation and for me it’s a lot easier to control my rotation cuz that’s my whole
body like I can I can fix that pretty quickly but how much my hands rotate
during you know this piece of the swing I mean that’s like you’re driving a
Ferrari 200 miles an hour and all of a sudden you you want to eat a hamburger I
mean it’s gonna be difficult and so that’s that’s hard I would much rather
let somebody else drive and that could sit in the passenger seat need to
hamburger right that’s easier that’s the difference when you rotate dude you’re
sitting in the passenger seat you’re just you just have to get the thing
going just like pushing a boulder downhill
there you go and it’s in motion you don’t have to worry about it yeah some
of those process yeah okay okay all right all right
um yeah like again like if you’re hitting millions of balls yeah you can
get used to this that piece but most of us aren’t so that’s why we rely on other
things like that rotation you could you know rotating a lot all the time it’s
not gonna really wear on your body a lot like if you go hit a thousand balls
every day you get you’re not gonna last that long I mean at some point you’re
gonna break down but who has that kind of time I’d rather just look let me just
work on things that are gonna help me overall be better with my with my game a
lot of it’s gonna be your short game for sure so I would spend you know I would
spend 90% of my time working on my short game and hitting in my net and then when
I go to the golf course I just play like I wouldn’t even go to the range iscope
putt and then and then play and I work on a lot of stuff when I’m playing on
the golf course you know in my long game she can hit a lot of these shots only
okay let me just take it back here no rotation squat down short swing we’re
good and I’ve seen some guys who can’t hit it very far shoot incredibly low
scores playing courses over 7,000 yards I play with guys to do it all the time all the time
I was at the California State Amateur Championship at La Coste on the Eagle
costal resort last week we were out there Friday and Saturday and I got to
watch Bob you see Bobby Busey I saw him in match play now he he bombs a ball
he’s 29 year old dude and he won the thing twice he was four down in two
different matches never gave up kept jamming it out but what I loved
about him he didn’t rotate the club at all he actually took the club way
outside and had a swing you know short swing kind of like this just and did his
thing took it way outside like I don’t like doing that but he did it and he
bombed the ball short swing bomb it off he’s about my size he’s a little bigger
than me a little slightly taller you could look
up a picture of him on the scg a website but he beat he day who I watch when the
California high school state championships two years ago he birdied
the last four holes did a little walk off and he day he didn’t have a long
swing either and he’s the skinny as you could be but his you know what he gets
all his power and you could look these guys up you know his swing is he squats
down more than anybody I had seen he’s just down here and then he all his
powers from his legs and I love that kid I love watching his game but he yeah
he’s so thin like that’s where all your power is gonna come is then the squat
down here in your legs and if you use those correctly and you come down here
you’re gonna be good even with that short little swing it’s
going to be a huge game-changer for you Glasgow Wow alright hello long ways away
how’s the weather out there um so I’m working on some things uh thinking about
thinking about landing at a golf course to teach out of considering that
considering that let me know what you guys think if I should do that or not
and we’re we’re but we’re kicking it around kicking that idea around alright
so again set up left ear driver don’t swing longer than you can hit it
straight okay if this is your driver swing that goes straight then work on
that first start there get in that throw up a dang blanket put up I don’t care
some padding do this at home you you don’t wanna go to arranging spend $10 on
a bucket of balls in and hit chip shots with your driver so figure out a way to
get this done inexpensively as possible cuz this is this is your best friend
right now right there I’m telling you if you do
this and you slowly get better you slowly learn to take a longer swing you’re going to have great success for
sure and one thing I want to point out I’m not pushing with my right hand at
all okay and I’m not I’m just here I’m letting my I’m letting my my legs and my
body take the club okay I’m not pushing I’m not pushing
with my hands it’s not what I do I’m take it back in here like keep that back
there sometimes I have my wife or somebody hold my club head back here
and I just kind of turn and loose grip just so I could feel it being pulled
away from me cuz that’s a feeling you want to have and just feel that little
that little piece where that club is falling that’s the feeling at least I
like to um I like to have alright okay there’s one a little I just want that
puppy to fall right there right there let it fall even on that short swing you
have a little beat a little beat short swing let it fall and never swing longer
then you could hit straight alright never play faster than you could do it
right and that would they say in music when you’re playing your scales whatever
don’t go faster you can do right so that’s your driver that’s all your clubs
going back to my hybrid just to wrap things up here I want you to work on
this little drill to your hybrid up on your driver tee height and hover that
Club okay I do this with my long irons as well it’s a great drill try to hit it
no higher I don’t want to go any higher than it would normally okay even though
it’s teed up I want to go to the same height as it always would I think I’ve
talked it I’m scared I’m gonna hit it over to my fence right I just want to
know higher than normal it’s hard to do because you’re gonna come right under
that and do something like that so you don’t want that but great little drill
however that over that guy and there you go and feel that feel feel that type of
upswing because it can help you just take it back
in a nice relaxed way anyways a hope today has helped you somehow with your
fairway woods your driver your game whatever you got will be back when
Tuesday probably an hour later probably change things up a little bit and go an
hour later uh we’ll see kick it around anyways uh stay tuned tomorrow your
awesome video coming out oh I think it’s not done yet
so hopefully and finish it up and yeah thanks for watching please subscribe to
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