Liverpool FC players surprise fans with new home kit delivery | Pure Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC players surprise fans with new home kit delivery | Pure Liverpool FC

My name is Charlie Gallagher, I was born
on the 20th of the fifth, 1922, and I have a season ticket,
I go to every home game. This is my son Andrew and LFC is his life. From the age of about six or seven he used to
go with his dad to every home game. My dad used to pick me up
and put me on his shoulders. My name’s Robbie Fowler, I’ve been going
the match for about 12, 13 years now. Travel up from where I live
in Staffords, every home game. My name is Max Dutton,
I’m seven years old and I support Liverpool. I started supporting them cos of my dad. I would have supported them anyway
cos they’re the best. I came out of the army in 1946, I started going
to Liverpool in the beginning of the 1950s, well before the glory years. Tell me why and what it means
to you going to the game. – Enjoyment.
– Yeah. – It means everything to you, doesn’t it, son?
– Yeah. The people that I’ve met through going
the game have become my closest friends. When you’re in that ground,
you can be yourself. You’re surrounded
by like-minded people. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.
I’m so lucky that I get to do it. I like it when my dad takes me to the match, cos you get to see the actual players
actually playing, not just on the TV. I’ve got someone here to see you, son. Ah! All right? I’m Jordan, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. We’ve come to give you a special gift, for being a Pure Liverpool fan
and a massive Red. We wanted you to be the first to have
the new home strip for next season. Oh, thank you. – Charlie.
– Yes. – How you doing, sir?
– Oh, it’s St John! How are you?! I’ve got a present for you, sir. Thanks very much! Robbie! Hello. LAUGHTER – How are you, mate, all right?
– Yeah, I’m fine. Do you have any idea why I’m here? I’ve got no idea at all why you’re here. You’re Pure Liverpool and we want to do
something special for you. – Thank you very much.
– You’re welcome. Open it, open it! Hi, Coutinho! Hi, nice to meet you. I have this for you, it’s a little gift.
I really want to say thank you to you for being an amazing fan. You like? Yes! Oh, nice. – Boss.
– Good? Looking well there. Top drawer, that. Hey, look at that. – You like it?
– Yeah. Look how good that looks on you. Here it is, sir. – So that is yours.
– Thanks very much. It’s like the old shirts. Oh, man, nice one. This is gonna be the new home kit
for next season. Oh, man, that’s gorgeous. – Cracker, that. Innit?
– Absolutely mint. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. My pleasure.
You’re welcome, nice to meet you.

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  12. This is why I believe Liverpool has the best fan base in the world. The club connects with the fans on this emotional level which is hardly seen anymore, and in return the fans show the most devoted support you will ever see. This is coming from a Manchester United fan btw.

  13. Even as a Manchester United fan and how big the rivalry is, Nothing beats how football makes people happy and even changes lives, it's not just a game

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    I'm a Chelsea boy.

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  72. AWESOME!!! Such a LOVELY & kind hearted jesture & to receive it by a LIVERPOOL player can that be topped CERTAINLY NOT!!!! Y.N.W.A to ALL these fans. I'm a bit jealous but, so pleased for them aswell. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏😀😀😀

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  76. Campeão da Champions 2017/2018

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