Longchamp Le Pliage Club Large Shoulder Tote |

Longchamp Le Pliage Club Large Shoulder Tote |

Hey everybody, this is Calum from Tekuben. In this video, we’re going to take a look
at the Longchamp Le Pliage Club Large Shoulder Tote bag. We bought this at the Paris airport when we
stopped over there, directly from the Longchamp store so we got it duty free. In this video specifically, I want to talk
about the packaging, we’re going to look at the outside of the bag, we’re going to look
at the inside of the bag. I’m going to demo it by putting some things
in it and wearing it. We’re going to touch on the topic of fake
Longchamp bags. Specifically, we’re going to look at the details
of this bag to help you identify or confirm if the one that you have in your hands or
the ones you’re looking at is fake or real. Then we’re going to do a comparison with the
Le Pliage bag we received as a hand me down. It was originally purchased 15 years ago – that
should be interesting. And we’ll end the video talking about how
to care for the bag. So that’s the list of topics I want to touch
on. Let’s see if I remember all of those things. First, the packaging. So we received this, like I said, directly
from – or we purchased it from the Longchamp store in the airport. Asked them to package it as a gift. This is what they did for us. Envelope – it doesn’t really fit but it does
the job. I like the fact that you can untie it, open
it up and reveal the bag we purchased. Voila, there it is. And there’s the receipt. Take a quick look at as well. You can see it was purchased from the airport
and there is the model number as well as the price. So we – I think there was a bit of a discount
by buying it at the airport. We definitely saved on the tax. Here it is. Le Pliage. In French, it means ‘folding’. This bag was introduced, I want to say, almost
26 years now, or 26 years ago. They just celebrated their 25th anniversary
last year and that’s when they released this Club version of the bag. It has some differences compared to the classic
and we’ll talk about that in a bit. But it’s folded up, it’s very nice. Folding because the original inspiration of
the bag’s design was origami. So, let me show you – one button here, one
flap down, two flaps on the side and that’s how you open it up and you can start using
the bag. It has a very nice texture. You can zoom in on the texture here. It’s nylon. It wears pretty well based on our experience
with the last bag. There’s a couple common wear points we’re
going to see later on. But overall, there’s nothing – no pockets
on the outside. No pockets on the…or rather no pockets on
the front and no pockets on the back. So, pretty sparse. This is the button that was used to keep it
folded and tight. You have one zipper pull, two handles on either
side of the bag to give you that balance as tote bags would, and one single button flap
here to keep the bag clasped. You open it up and now we’re going to take
a look at the inside. So on the inside, you get one pocket. This is one of the things that’s different
about the Club Le Pliage versus the Classic Le Pliage. The Club one has a much bigger pocket. It’s about 10 inches wide, 7 inches tall. It’s definitely a good size. I think it’s big enough for you to put your
Kindle and possibly a iPad mini. I think it’s a sign of the times. Things are always getting bigger. Phones are getting bigger. So, sure, the pocket will too. No other pockets besides that. Taking a look at the material on the inside. It has a rubbery type of feel, compared to
this fabric which is the same as what’s on the outside. So a little bit of compare and contrast there. You see it? It feels nice though to the touch. Sorry, going back to the outside again, I
want to talk about the measurement. So, this being the Large size – it’s rated
at about 12 inches wide, 11 inches tall and 7.5 inches deep. Looking at this though, it definitely doesn’t
look like it’s 12 inches. And that’s because at its widest, it’s about
18 inches. The way they measure it is actually on the
base. So the base of the bag – this is about 12
or so inches. So outside, inside. Now let’s demo it. Let’s take a look at what we can fit inside
it shall we? So I brought along the bag that’s currently
getting a lot of use. This is the Tumi Q-Tote bag that we made a
video for earlier. So we’re going to transfer some of the things
in here. Just to show you what this bag can hold. So, I have an iPad here – standard 9.7 inch
iPad to put in here. This is an Eagle Creek bag for your electronics,
your wires, your chargers can go in there as well. Sunglass case. A Clipa bag hanger we can throw into the little
pocket here. Some snacks, we’ll also throw into the little
pocket. A Dove soap bar; because, at the end of the
day this is a tote bag and you know, it’s a shopping bag, so you can throw your shopping
items in there. Checkbook, throw into this small pocket. And let’s do a battery charger as well with
a cable into the pocket. So we have some weight in here now. This is how the bag looks. And now, if I wanted to, I can zip this up
and I’m going to wear it, carry it around. Show you what it looks like with things inside. So the iPad is kind of flat right now. You can kind of tell the outline of it. So it provides a base. I’m not sure that’s good long term for the
tablet but that’s the way we have it here now. So, even though this is a shoulder bag. The shoulder is because of its handle. The other version that they have is the tote
bag which has much shorter handles. But even with the large handles, you can carry
it around like a tote. So I’m 5’10 – it doesn’t quite reach the ground
which is good, you wouldn’t expect it to. So you can tote this around. And then the nice thing about having the larger
handle is you can throw this on your shoulder. So you throw it on your shoulder, this is
kind of what it looks like. 9 inch drop, roughly 9 inches, a little over
9 inch drop. And it could be one handed if you…you can
tell it’s kind of hard if the logo is facing the outside. Which you would want it to if you’re going
to have a bag with a logo – you’d want to have it facing outwards so people can see. So it makes it a little bit difficult that
the zipper starts at this end when it’s closed. But, if it’s open, you can definitely easily
open this up, grab your bar of soap, take it out, throw it back in and then put the
strap back on, carry on your way. But if you want to zip it, you definitely
have to take it out. And that’s where having a nice strong zipper
pull is going to be beneficial to you. Do that, put the clasp on and do this. But if you don’t want to show the logo, want
to be more conservative. You could do this as well. But your flap is now on the inside so you’re
going to have to open that and then…can you do this one handed? No. So this is really a two handed operation. There you have it. Hopefully it gets you an idea of how using
this bag is going to look and feel like. Stumbled my way around there. OK, let’s talk about the next item on the
agenda, which is Fake. So when we researched this bag, a couple of
years ago, we looked into it, we came across a site that talked about all the different
ways you can tell a real Longchamp Le Pliage bag from a fake one. So in this segment of the video, we really
want to focus on the key details, or the elements that could help you determine if the bag that
you have in your hands or you’re looking to buy is real or fake. We’re not experts at fake bags so this is
not a definitive guide. So, instead what we’re going to do is focus
on the key areas that would make an authentic bag distinct or authentic. So let’s start with the front and taking a
look at the embroidery. Hopefully this helps somebody out there. But a real Longchamp bag embroidery, at least
for this model purchased in 2019, this is what it looks like. This is what it feels like, try to get a sense
of the depth there. It’s not very raised. You can definitely tell it’s embroidered. Again, this is the Navy color and the red
is the contrasting color. Let’s take a look at the button there. So it says Longchamp at the top and it has
1948 on the bottom there. And you can see the logo, I want to say embossed
or stamped there. And then on the backside of this, where that
logo is, you can kind of see an indent of it. Very light, very faintly, you can see it right
there. On the backside of the flap, you have two
rows of text. You have a Longchamp brand and then the model
– Le Pliage Shopping shoulder bag. Let’s take a look at the handles here. This is what the handle stitching looks like. And the handles too…really a fan of this
kind of design. So it’s a flat piece of leather and they’ve
pinched it and they sew it all along there – this is what the stitching looks like – and
it ends up on the other side here. And then the zipper ends. Which is important because you’ll be using
it quite a bit to hold onto the bag as you’re pulling the zipper on it. You also require this to stay on there so
that the zipper pull doesn’t fall off. Here’s the zipper pull. Longchamp, 1948 on the bottom. On the backside, same thing – Longchamp, 1948. Now on the inside, let’see where this bag
was made…you’ll find the bag. Oh actually let’s take a look at this, the
backside of the exterior embroidery. So here it’s more raised. And as far as where this bag is made – rubber,
kind of a rubber (plastic) tag. And this bag is made in China. Let’s compare it now to the bag that we received
as a hand me down. So that bag, is the original for us. So this one was purchased around 2004, 2005. It was purchased from France. You can tell the handles are smaller so this
is the tote version of the bag. Now I don’t know how many options were available
back then. I’m sure there are a lot more options now. For all intents and purchases, this is how
we – this is our first introduction to the brand. They still sell the Le Pliage classic in this
style. By that I mean the flap and handle are both
in this brown color instead of this version of the bag which has the color of these two
components match the same color as the bag itself. So we open this up, hopefully what this does
is it gives you some sort of indication of how this bag would look if you were to purchase
it today, how it would look 15 years from now. There’s definitely some wear and tear. You can tell by the corners which I alluded
to earlier. These are stress points on the bags. All of that weight is bearing down. This is also the point where it touches the
most amount of surfaces. As you’re putting the bag on floors, on chairs,
on tables. This is what you can kind of expect over time. You can also see that this was caught in a
couple of rain storms. So the fabric itself is kind of raised up. But the zippers have held up well. The zipper ends, we can compare the two. The old versus the new. We can look at the zipper pulls. This says Paris on the bottom, and then France
on the bottom. You can look at the two flaps. Overall design is about the same. Just – feels a little bit different. The leather has worn very well as we expect
this one will over time. And then the interior has largely remained
the same. I would say I like the new interior material
better than what we have here – though…you know what? It actually feels very similar. You can see a little bit of peeling there. I’m sure that’s because of the water. And then the pocket – you remember how we
said the pocket in this one is much bigger? You can kind of see what we mean there. Especially when you…well you can compare
the outside of it – you can see the outline of the pocket here to the outline of the pocket
out here. 15 year old bag – if you really needed to,
you can still use this. I’m going to fold this away here. And now, let’s talk about care and maintenance
for this bag. So there is a…the bag comes with this. Let me open this up. It reminds you how to fold it. And it tells you how to care for it. So to clean it, you just want to use a damp
towel to wipe it down. You don’t want to throw this into a washing
machine. You don’t want to submerge it in water. You want to keep oils away from this. Don’t use anything abrasive on the surface. Avoid long exposure to light which is kind
of the conditions we have here in Seattle, which is very nice. It’s a nice change. So avoid long-term exposure to light. And when you’re not using it, fold it away. Keep it in a nice dark, dry place. I’m going to take all of these things out
now. But this is the Le Pliage Club Large Shoulder
tote bag. If you have any questions, please feel free
to share them in the comments section below.If you have any thoughts, please share them with
us as well, about this bag, about this video. If you like this video, like it, if you dislike
it, dislike it and let us know why. We want to always be improving these videos
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feedback. But that’s the video. Thank you very much for watching. Shout out to Les Bleus!

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