Making Birdies In Hawaii | Golfing At Hoakalei Country Club On The Island Of Oahu

Making Birdies In Hawaii | Golfing At Hoakalei Country Club On The Island Of Oahu

and you just drove your ball over that
lake what was the carry on that 300 what is
up y’all hope y’all having a great day I’m out here at Hoakalei at Ewa Beach
Hawaii this place is incredible we just got done playing the front nine this
place is mint I’m gonna vlog the back nine for y’all to come along join kind
of see what this course is all about hope y’all enjoy number 10 par 4 what’s
up Radford fans I’m back you can’t get rid of me because Zac’s staying in my
house so he has to take me with him number 10 par 4 379 straight down the
middle perfect for a stinger let er rip Zac all right not too bad here 117 left to a
back-right pin location didn’t hit the fairway with that first shot there
that’s alright let’s wedgie close I’ve got sand wedge in hand you’ve been a
little bit of a fire there I think it’s a little long that was not the easiest little shot
there I couldn’t really putt that all right that is a bogey here on Tim not
quite start we’re looking for I don’t know if y’all noticed right there that I
bladed that third shot back there from just off the green it was in the rough
incredible very difficult to get a putter on it and you don’t really want
to chip it because of how downhill and how quick that is so just kind of blade
that ball the wedge will just go straight through the grass and it will
roll like pot a 10 handicap like me is gonna grab a 60-degree horrible mistake
or just putter so I loved your club selection there yeah just played a
little wedge get it rolling I’m like a putt trying to one down there sounds a
lot easier than it actually is number 11 par 4 320 yards from the tee
box we’re hitting from this is a drivable par 4 tee it high let it fly
with driver Oh Thanks was playing for a little cut
there off those bunkers didn’t quite cut but should be a decent looking and up
and alpha bird how good is this course sir hey walk lane is mint and you just
rolled your ball over that leg what was the carry on that 300 I think
so and we’re about to find out if you’re on the green I give you seven to one
odds I hit that one really well that is actually on the back side of the green
in this bunker roughly 25 yards left to the hole okay guys Zacks back in the
bunker this guy spends more time in the sand then david hasselhoff he’s out he
needs to go a little no he’s asking for it to go he’s yelling at it but that’s
the thing about these pro-v ones they don’t listen for the bounce back pin
slammer let’s go he apparently needed that out of his line this is for a pin
unser in case y’all are wondering kids never a doubt I tried to pull the pin and the ball was
lodged in the cup and the pin and I couldn’t get it so I’m gonna hit the gym
do some more bicep curls that was embarrassing but I got a birdie what’s
up first and that gets us back to even par on to
number 12 par-3 171 yards 8-iron in hand that’s what we’re looking for people
want to see another pin on slammer all right let’s be honest if I chip this in
what do I what are you doing for me what are we doing what are you giving me what
are those little donut things we had the other ball of sawdust all right
I’ll buy you malasada I’ll buy you three want three and I want you to call me mr.
chewinsky for the rest of the trip deal oh that looks really good
that looks really good that was a really good trip sir and that is Ryan there are
no big deal that part brought to you by the first tee of Hawaii we’ve got a lot work to do that was no
bueno right there look let the record show three-putt bogey yeah that ain’t
you know you’re better than that kid I know I make the three pub bogeys
no you don’t let me be the Dennis Rodman – you’re Michael Jordan let me be a
supporting cast I’ll make the three putt bogeys you make
the birdies all right from now on good pep talk okay we’ll see you out there
let’s go on a beach in Hawaii where’s our tunes great hole here par-5 number
thirteen thirteen great out the guy you don’t want to be left you don’t want to
be in the water there’s a bunker over there on the right – I’ll tell you that
Ernie else bunkers water I mean how does the guy expect us to play any golf huh I had pretty good it looked like this
headin over the left edge that bunker but I think it cleared it made it over
the bunker 2:45 left to a middle pen you know the motto I didn’t come here to
lay up that’s why we hit driver off they’re on a very tight par-5 got hybrid
in hand it’s a long ways left all right this is
where we are that was pulled way left we’ve got about 30 yards left to a tuck
pen is a 5 here on 13 a little bumpy start here through the first four holes
on the back nine one over par couple bugs one bird one pin slammer I think we
can get you to one under one under I don’t know I believe in you dude you
birds coming in a couple Birds number 14 par 4 394 yards our line is going to be
right over that bunker there very nice Wow there’s another club twirl
toss throw yeah yeah and it landed on the on the tee marker here which
unfortunately is a large rock painted blue so joke’s on me I guess we’ll take
that one all right so there’s where the ball landed up here close to the hole
but it did spin back we all thought it was a little closer than that have about
20 feet back up the hill Helen thanks so much for having me out again today it’s
been incredible so far love being in Hawaii so really appreciate you having
us out hosting us at all these different tracks out here thanks for coming out
walk away absolutely make sure to check out kelan
he’s with the first tee of Hawaii and his players card I’ll link those down in
the description below number 15 par 4 450 yards we want to
take it just inside of that bunker definitely don’t want to hit it in the
water there but I’m not paying attention to the water don’t worry
driver in hand that one should work well right there
all righty 133 middle of the fairway tough to see
that Sun is glaring pretty hard but the pen is right about there okay we’re
rollin Oh baby with the tur sauce had a little sauce on that one that was fun
do you feel left here for a second pin slammer in a row let’s go should be just
a little right-to-left let’s go pin slammer back-to-back
birdies we’re on a little streak here let’s see if we can finish strong
1-under even though with the rocky start currently 1-under on today’s round three
holes left let’s go are you gonna show me how to zip it like that yeah that was
saucy number 16 par 4 415 yards well that’s the water here we’re kind of
getting used to these water holes our line is gonna be right at those bunkers so we took that one a bit further left
than those bunkers it looked like it stayed up we’re gonna have to go find
out living on the edge but we are okay 105 yards left to a front metal pen should be pretty good little uphill putt
for birdie just need to hit good line that is a
four here on 16 two holes left 1-under par have a par three up here number 17
205 yards middle pen so we’re not going to talk about that
that that word that was yeah so that was a little right obviously there is one
tree on this whole and guess what literally right behind it I mean
couldn’t be more behind it I want to see how you’re gonna play this right there’s
gonna be fun trundle and nestled here we go folks barely clipped the palm it it nestled
but I didn’t see it trundle I was just notified that uh
the past problem I think that’s how you say it
there’s no role trundling through it learn my lesson you got a flight over it oh that would been a part right there
today has been an adventurous nine that’s for sure lots of bogeys lots of
birdies we’re gonna tap this in here for the bogey and alright that is a bogey
here on 17 even par one hole up we are trying to book it to get this in we
should be able to do it on one hole well we’ll get it in yeah it’s beautiful out
here the Sun is just going down how nice does this weather bill it’s like 80
degrees number 18 par-5 573 yards our target
line is just to the right of those bunkers you see there on the left we’ll take that one all day long I was
snazzy that’s how we do sir I just have to say thank you so much for
happening this week already has been in trouble as they say a chick-fil-a my
pleasure they need to check blame for what they do they do will you
acknowledge there’s great golf on the island
absolutely the golf here is incredible I mean it’s like 80 degrees consoling with
that walk it’s so nice I know I didn’t come here to lay out but
I have 280 yards left a little bit outside of go range 6-iron in hand just
a little way up Fareway middle pin 100 yards left I’m
gonna hit a little sand wedge here smooth knock you close all righty
that is a par-5 here on the last hope you all enjoy coming along here to the
back nine at Malakal a thanks so much to Ryan he’s behind the camera right now
this has been incredible kellen as well thanks so much to them for having me out
here y’all enjoyed this kind of content drop a like down below subscribe below
and ring that Bell and until next time see you won’t see you oh yes oh is this
the mango infused oh so good it’s actually pretty cold man
that’s ice cold that would’ve felt good at like 2 p.m.

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