Manchester United FC: from Newton Heath to Louis Van Gaal | Your Shout

Manchester United FC: from Newton Heath to Louis Van Gaal | Your Shout

It’s quite a deep history of how Manchester
United came about. It was originally formed as a working team for Newton Heath and Lancashire
railway in 1878 and then it changed its name to become Manchester United and then moved
to Old Trafford in 1910. They first won the league in 1907 and then the following year
in 1908 we won the FACup for the first time. We dominated again in the early 50’s under
Busby. Matt Busby had a real idea of bringing in players from an early age and when people
talk about George Best and Dennis Law and Bobby Charlton, Nobby Stiles, there is quite
a romance to the club and those magical players. That’s what brought a lot of fans to Manchester
United. Matt Busby was basically the pioneer with United winning the league. Two years
earlier he had insisted that the club actually take part in the European Cup despite what
the FA wanted at the time and what the football league wanted. The team was away at Belgrade
and everyone that knows about Manchester United will know about that night on February 6th,
1958. The Munich air disaster, the team plane tried to take off a couple of times, there
were heavy winds and heavy snow and on its second or third attempt it didn’t quite make
it. Several of the players, the press that were on board, club officials were killed. It affected fans all over the world. Famously
Real Madrid offered to loan Di Stefano to United to get us through that period because
we lost a lot of the players. A few years later we triumphed in the European Cup. Getting
to that European Cup final in 1968 was the pinnacle of what Busby did, he built the club
and it took ten years after the Munich disaster to do that. Due to that we turned to youth
and that’s something that we have continually done throughout the times. We have always
used young players and promoted young players into the first team squad. People will always
talk about the babes, they will talk about Munich, but he had his legacy during the war
when Old Trafford was badly bombed. The club were playing games at Manchester City and
it was Busby who helped get Old Trafford re-built into the football stadium it is now. Theatre of dreams. It was something that Bobby
Charlton came up with himself. It’s written on the side of the stands. The atmosphere
has gone, I have seen it here when the atmosphere has been white hot. The Stretford End certainly
has retained the majority of that and that’s where the atmosphere is. I’m part of the Stretford
End flags group and predominantly what we were set up to do was to do the banners which
you see on the front of the Stretford End such as ‘one love’ ‘for every manc a religion’.
Along with other supporters groups we have spent the last three or four years talking
to the officials at Manchester United to put in place a singing section and that is where
we wanted like-minded fans located down near to the pitch to try and improve the atmosphere. To pick the best manager of Manchester United,
it’s between Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson. You look at Sir Alex Ferguson’s history and
what he has won. We won the FA Cup in 90, Cup winners’ cup in 91, League Cup followed
that then we won the Premier league title in the first year of the Premier League in
92/93. He brought the club back into winning the league title after going 26 years without
winning one. Won two European Cups, countless community
shields, 13 league titles, a world club cup. Fergie is a one-off, you won’t see anything
like him again. An unbelievable manager. The last couple of years has really brought it
home how great he was. To see that same team under David Moyes just made you realise how
massive Fergie was. He could turn average players into fantastic players and fantastic
players into world class ones. It’s an impossible call to say what your best
player or team was. Bryan Robson is my favourite all-time player. Captain Marvel, he drove
United. An older fan would say a Chartlon, a Best or Law, Gary Pallister, Steve Bruce,
Paul Ince, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, he has won absolutely everything there
is to win. For me the best player I have seen in a red
shirt is Cristiano Ronaldo. The goals he scored were unbelievable, there was one season where
he got 48 goals for the club. Peter Schmeichal, Ferdinand, Dennis Irwin, Roy Keane, Yorke
and Cole, Cantona, van Nistelrooy, I could go on and on and on. The rivalry with City has obviously always
been there because it’s obviously another club within the city of Manchester. Our rivalry
was more so with Liverpool really. City are just City, they are not our rivals, the derby
of the north is United v Liverpool. Manchester City are always the local team
that we play against and you want to beat them because you have friends and family that
you will go to work with. Liverpool has always been the biggest game when it comes to United.
That is gradually changing as City change as a club. Manchester City in the last four or five years,
definitely the rivalry is more intense. The tension has been built up a lot more because
City are there as a force now, you can’t ignore them. They have got a great team and they
are fighting for the league again this season. We probably had our worst Premier League last
year under David Moyes and what we have had since Ferguson took over, I think Louis van
Gaal is a sensible appointment. We have seen exactly what he has done with Holland in the
World Cup, there is a bit of Sir Alex Ferguson about him as well. It’s good to see the world
class signings coming back to United that is what we have needed. I believe in his philosophy
and I think with Angel di Maria he has got a superstar and he will drive the club forward. If you look at Van Gaal’s record at Ajax he
brought through a lot of youth players and we have seen it this season with Tyler Blackett,
Paddy McNair and James Wilson. At the moment it is an exciting time to be a Manchester
United fan again. We turn up at Old Trafford and we don’t know what we are going to see
in front of us. There is still a lot to be done and I don’t think we can judge him until
the next transfer window when there are a couple more signings coming to the club.

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