Marie porte un PYTHON à Bangkok!

Marie porte un PYTHON à Bangkok!

We took 2 hitchhikers, For now they are useless, but they have other qualities… So, what were the steps? Stand up! Because there’s no roof you know! Yes! That’s true! If there is people from hotel and restaurant area watching, I’m realizing I forgot to remove the hearts of the pineapples… The best would be to cut the center. Some rhum… It smells good! There, it catches fire! This is so good! No really! Marie carries a python in Bangkok! We are finally in Thailand! And Claude and Alain joined us! We are at Plodd Stop, close to Pattaya, it’s a place for Overlanders, people traveling like us. The owner is a former overlander and it’s thanks to him that we got all the documents to enter Thailand. And in the staircase, it’s the Wall of Fame, where we can see everyone who came here! We are already here. And we found some friends: Jack and Jo, Thierry, Magali, Emma and Diego, and here, Alain and Claude! And here is the overlander truck of the owner! A big thing! We are in Bangkok’s traffic jam, it’s very hot! These are all the boat stops. We live here, we have one in front of us, and we’ll go to stop number 8 to visit the old town, here. Rear parking aid sensor, made in Thailand! Wat Pho and its reclining buddha We are in a hotel room in Bangkok, with air conditionning!! Actually we got this room for free, thanks to Louis who has found the Facebook group of T3 fans (our van). So someone invited us in Bangkok, and tonight we will have diner with him. It’s amazing! To go around, we decided to take the public transportations. It’s our ecological awareness! Well, it’s mostly because in the van, we don’t have AC and in the bus there is AC! Very green!! It’s wet! We just saw a new aspect of Bangkok. When we arrived by car we saw the modern towers, yesterday we saw the nice and clean temples; and here on the river channels, we saw some small dirty houses! It’s funny! Here is Jim Thompson’s house, an american who came here after WW2 and develop silk trade in Thailand. He became famous with the construction of his residency with 6 buildings in teakwood. There are all representative of the traditional thai architecture. Creation of silk thread from cocoons. Here is the garden. This is red ginger, the root is not eatable because it’s too strong. We are going to see a snake farm so Sarah, don’t watch! And Lili too! This is a center to increase public awareness about the good reaction to have in case of snake bite. But also to make some research on venom. It’s very heavy! Otherwise, it doesn’t move too much, so I didn’t feel. But it was awesome! For example, now to go back to our place, we will first take the aerial metro, then the boat till there! Next episode… Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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  1. Courageuse Marie 👏🏻

  2. et pour moi Jim Thompson était un écrivain de polars (Getaway, The killer inside me…) …. man lernt nicht aus !

  3. affreux moment de te voir avec ce truc albinos autour du cou …….ahhhhhhhh

  4. Bravo Marie 👏👌🐍 et Louis bien sûr

  5. J'aime bien la musique des premières secondes de la vidéo. Mais je ne reconnais pas. Bizarre. Bisou

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