Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Sport) | Curtin University

Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Sport) | Curtin University

>>Hi my name is Renee Kennedy and I’m a
Curtin Master of Clinical Physiotherapy graduate. After working in private
practice for a few years, I decided to do the Masters to challenge myself to
become better as a clinician and to make sure I was as good as it could be. Especially because I aspire to own my own practice. I prefer to study two years part-time, working at the same time and the course allowed me to do
that. The Master of Clinical Physiotherapy Sports Physiotherapy is ideal if you want to work in sports at a high level. I also chose it because I like to treat
a variety of issues. I did it to really broaden my experience as a clinician.
The postgrad is structured very differently to undergrad courses. They
teach adult learning, they teach you to be self-sufficient and they teach you to
think differently. We had really experienced physios come and speak to us. They’ve been out working with sporting teams, working in clinics, doing research
and presenting to people and they were very very generous in sharing their time
and knowledge with us. I liked the combination of the practical plus
theory and backing it up with the most contemporary evidence. You receive a lot
of support and feedback but you also learn a lot by watching experienced
professionals simply do their thing. My placement with the Dockers Football Club
was amazing, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I got to see how an elite sporting club
works, the way they use technology such as GPS data and creatine testing, the
wellness monitoring and how it all integrates in the day-to-day management
of these elite athletes.>>The Dockers association with Curtin is unique and
it’s a terrific opportunity for us to be involved with the postgraduate
physiotherapy programs. And personally I get a real buzz out of working with the
students who clearly are very motivated and very keen to be involved.>>The course goes
through a broad range of subjects. It sets you up for whatever you want to do in the future. I came out feeling like a full bottle
with the latest evidence and also having that toolkit of ideas and techniques from
every professional that we had speak to us. I draw from what I learnt in the
postgraduate and also draw from my own experience and then I can make a better
decision based on that. I think people should go and do it and challenge themselves.

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