MCA Motor Club America Scam??? All Lies Exposed!!!

MCA Motor Club America Scam??? All Lies Exposed!!!

00:04�What’s going on. Let’s go ahead and talk about �motor club
of America scam� really quick because it’s really important. Grab your pen and paper. So you; �you probably being hit up online;
somebody probably share some information with you; saw a post or whatever it might have
being. And then the first thing you thought about
was man that sounds like one of those get rich quick plans. I’m going to tell you right now it’s a real
company. It’s a legit business; �they’ve been around
for a very long time. You know I got involved with it not too long
ago. I’ve made some money; �people who joined
with me have made money. Cool. But the thing is it’s definitely got some
cons to it you know what I’m saying. It sounds good but its got cons to it also. � 00:48��And what I mean by that is people
who join �motor club America scam� if they never done any type of marketing or anything
like that they they don’t make money! This is the truth behind it. And then a lot of times they join. Somebody will join �is motor club America
a scam� underneath somebody; �they’ll sign up with �is motor club America a scam�
and they don’t give them the right tools to you know go about doing �is motor club america
a scam� in the right way so they end up quitting. So when they quit they end up getting hit
with a charge-back. And you can just look that up yourself; Google,
You Tube. I can’t make this stuff up. So they get hit with a charge back and you
know folks get upset about that but you know at the same time you know it’s just one of
those things where you’ve got to; �you’ve got to know what you’re doing when you coming
into this you know what I’m saying. 01:36�You can make money. But like I said there is a catch twenty-two. But the thing is you’ve got to get the right
information from the right people. You got to get the training you know what
I’m saying. That’s one of the most important things. 01:50��You know they got the roadside
assistance and discounts and you know a lot of other benefits that they provide. And that’s cool to have you know what I’m
saying. 02:02��Well a lot of people just so you
look for a way to make money with �motor club America scam�. And you know I won’t knock nobody for it you
know. You just got to get the; you’ve just got to
go about it the right way. And you know that’s really one of the main
things. And you see a lot of folks I hear online flashing
cash �and stuff like that you know. I don’t know they may have made their money;
�they may not. I don’t know. �I can’t really say but when you do that
type of stuff you attract the wrong type of people and that’s how you get hit with the
charge-backs and folks quitting because you know you here telling folks you can make this,
�that and a third and folks don’t �make nothing and you know it is what it is .� 02:55�But I’m going to just go ahead and
say this. You know if you; �if you need training or
if you, you know you’re interested in doing �is motor club america a scam� but you
know you are on the fence about it. I say this; �it’s not hard to do. It’s pretty simple but the thing is it just
takes you putting in some effort to do it. And you know a lot of folks get into �is
is motor club America scam� and to be completely honest they don’t do anything. They just be lazy. They expect; they expect the person that they
sign up on will do everything for them. No, no it don’t work that way.� 03:32�It takes work you know what I’m saying. You start off at the bottom level; you’ve
got to grind you know what I’m saying; �you just got to put your best foot forward to
make it work. You’ve got to be focused on what you ding. And that’s how you, you know you get the wheels
turning. And you start seeing some results but you
know if you just come to this thing sitting back not doing anything then of course you
not going to make no money. So like I said it just take consistency and
focus and you know again the right information from the right person you know what I’m saying. That got no screw or no bull from that side
right now. 03:56�But you know just getting the right
information; signing up with the right person you know. 04:01��If you are interested in a joining
�is motor club america a scam� you know just hit me up. You know I leave my Facebook and comments
below. Hit me up. Holidays is coming around. I know you want to make that extra holiday
money. You know just hit me up you know. Like I said when I got involved with �is
motor club of America a scam�, �I looked at it and I said well you know it’s forty
dollars. I mean shit I spend that on a weekend. You know I’ll just make that little small
investment and you know see what kind of return I get.� 04:46�And you know sure enough I made my
money back many times over. So you know I can’t really; �I can’t really
complain but you know a lot of folks it angers me ; a lot of folks who also probably like
have also done the same thing. And I saw that in another �is motor club
america a scam� video. Sooner or later you know once �I get this
uploaded.� 04:51�But any way like I said �motor club
America scam� is real ; you know it’s legit. There is nothing hazy about it. It is just your individual effort and what
you put into it. 04:59�So that’s�all I want to say man. I just cleared it up for the naysayers man. So �I’m out man. Hit me up. Leave comment below. I’m out. Peace.� Is Motor Club America A Scam All Lies Exposed!!! 1

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  2. How old do you have to be to join??

  3. I like how you explained everything because the last person I spoke with didn't sound like they knew much. I'm ready to get started!

  4. This sounds like a good opportunity but I'm a bit nervous about it. I do have a few questions to ask, check your inbox please!

  5. What is this about, I don't get it?

  6. Why i like AAA discounts, road side, one time payment of 59.99 for the whole year !!!

  7. So much talk about charge backs but no talk about the charge back bonus and people are selling themselves short running from charge backs smh. Oh well, MY top sales agent is spanish he don't even speak english. Quit quit americans . Peace

  8. Hi Bro..they are luring people in by flashing wads of money…people are desperate…if they could just be transparent and not merely getting folk to sign up then it would be better! personally I know that I can sell stuff….if its a good product with good customer service & I know in helping folk , I would market it to infinity…people are suffering in this economy and i don't like how they are being preyed upon…but Thankyou for honesty! GOD BLESS you!

  9. I was led on by the flashing of cash myself,but quickly realized its not that easy as they make it truly have to grit and grind cause this is a business not a get rich overnight scheme.

  10. it's not a scam it's a business and don't quick your job for mca.

  11. Not helpful or specific at all

  12. It's not a scam people just come In with unrealistic expectations, because they saw someone flashing money. If it's real and legit using scam to get your video seen Is a disservice to the company. Everyone Is not established In their MCA business, I just started and I'm having success but I'm working It like a real job. Just lost 2 more leads because they saw the scam videos next to mine. They didn't even watch the videos they just assumed It was a scam, thanks lol.

  13. I haven't did marketing before and I legit want to try to get into it . Especially with something like this that I know I can hustle and make money . Can you please let me know more information .

  14. good info man u tell the devil in the details what everyone else lease out ! my kind of person !

  15. Been thinking about this little scared on not getting the training I will need

  16. I'm planning on signing up. The girl telling me to do so seems nice an very informative… told me I can cancel the "membership" after the first month.. I really want to try this out but I'm afraid of getting played. And waste my money. I'm a single mom work my ass off to make ends meet and would love the extra cash in my pocket … but I would love some in depth information. I have AAA lol so why would I need 2 roadside things but the job opportunity sounds amazing but I don't want to be driven by the flashy money I need it like actually need this to work. And would suck if I'm getting Played so someone else can get Paid .

  17. Why do y'all make videos saying all people have to do is post ads on Facebook to make money then when you click their link and watch their video it's talk about making money by referring people to Mca? That's confusing and makes it seem like a scam

  18. I wanna be on your team lol please respond

  19. It's not hard…… it's not hard…….WHAT THE FUCK IS IT???? WHAT THE FUCK IS THE OBJECTIVE???? THIS WAS TERRIBLE

  20. funny how videos I've seen in the past 20 minutes all have tag lines like yours…
    Don't join MCA!!!
    MCA is a scam!!!
    Why I left MCA!
    Facts! MCA scam!

    …and all but one of those was just more people telling you MCA works, here's the money I made, contact me, join my team, blah, blah, blah…

    Here's a little secret. If you have to lie to people to get them to become a part of something, it's a scam.
    Classic pyramid scheme

  21. What kind of charge back will I have to pay I'm thinking about joining but never did marketing I want to be sure don't want to throw away the little money i have. Hope you understand thanks

  22. Thanks for the warning.

  23. Its just business..

  24. Make 10 sales in a week you get all your chargebacks sent back to you.

  25. you rite brother u gotta grind cause I did it too

  26. Just so everyone knows, you don't have to pay ANYTHING to sell it. It is only RECOMMENDED to own the product as well (the $40 investment).

  27. They have an A+ rating with better business bureau. You get so much with the $40 dollars to start and $20 a month. Nobody can beat that price for everything it comes with plus MCA has a referral program too and you can make money with the company to work as an affiliate from home. Which means you can stay home with your kids so that eliminates daycare expense, also it eliminates gas to run back and forth to work. you get time with your family. I know when i worked a 9-5 job i missed out on every holiday with my kids and i wasn't there when they hit their milestones. MCA has been a true blessing to me and my family.

  28. All these views to make no money from it. Lol😂

  29. Wow! People are stupider than I thought.

  30. You looking for ppl stop lying. This is click bait. I hate when ppl don't keep it real. Yo ass looking for ppl to recruit for this shit.

  31. Hello and thanks for information Brother.. I might check this out "…. MCA …. the company is Good… its just a lot I see on Facebook be flashing Money "…. telling People to comment, like & share.. but Never Responded back to the People…. I like your Message because you be honest.. like that's a investment in of $40+ 20 a month… the people who be Facebook selling MCA .. don't tell people theirs a investment… you know… I be checking your site out if I decide to join …. a partner you can work with and make the money together… God Blessed you Brother thanks

  32. If you cancel is there any side effects like being charged or getting money taken away?

  33. Investment on yourself family… that wassup…

  34. What's a charge back?

  35. you gotta pay them to sign up first and last month and then they charge you 19.99 a month wtf? to be and employee . fuck that

  36. If it was legit why flash the expensive cars? $40 bucks gets you $80…smells like a PONZI SCHEME!!!

  37. What happens when you saturate the market? 🤔🤔

  38. Wow, that was motivating!

  39. Don't sign up. Its so difficult to get people to sign up for this. I signed under jay brown and that guy will not even work with you, hell just take your money and will never reply. I have no doubt the people seeking for a job are talented but please exert your effort on something thats actually going to get you somewhere! Mca is not a scam, its legit… but again, its difficult to sell this as a product and as an income opportunity.

  40. Can you Help Meee?!

  41. You need decide if you talking about a scam or what!!! You need sit down an look at what you said….you said it a scam and now you want people to join under you…please guy get a life!!!

  42. What's going on man I was looking into it too a d I wanted to know if you could give me a little more info on the company and what it is one has too do

  43. People flashing cash as if they got 100 dollar bills in a fed ex pack every Friday on a regular when you can clearly read on their website where it says that YOU MUST HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT BECAUSE THEY ONLY PAY DIRECT DEPOSIT!! sounds to me everything is STAGED TO GET FOLK TO JOIN OUT OF GREED BY FLASHING WADS OF CAKE! BULLSHIT MAJOR RED FLAG

  44. Stop complaining losers to see if it work 4 u bitches

  45. Thanx for this info bro…honest and truthful.

  46. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT RECORDED message reveals a simple way for YOU to earn AT LEAST $200.00 PER DAY…EVERY SINGLE DAY…..This is VERY easy to do and has been proven to work. Best of all there is NO SELLING involved…..Call and listen to this 1 min message at: (618) 355-1121 and use promo code: 1184

  47. What is the name of the song he used in his background

  48. Motor club or American is Real

  49. thku i almost stepped into this business with closed eyes and both feet

  50. For all of you people saying that MCA is a scam and you won’t make money, plz stop. MCA is no scam you must be watching videos of people who were actually already rich before they joined MCA. Try watching other stories like people who came from nothing and how it helped them. I recently joined with Christianna Hurt she was already rich. She was never broke but she helped a lot of people like me who come from the bottom. She also provided me with 100% free training that actually helped a lot. I’ve seen other people who work with her who are already making $500-$1000 a week and that is a great source of income. You people need to stop being negative and start thinking about getting to the money.

  51. Can someone translate – this video explained absolutely nothing .

  52. Try dosh and save money when you shop online or in-store automatically

  53. Why can't we sell and make money? Not spam, no one ever joins any links I've posts!😥

  54. You’re saying the way to make money with mca is to be a good scammer who can market a pyramid scheme and convince people to send their money to a scam?

  55. Guys if you heard of pre paid legal its the same pyramid scheme sales based grind to make hard money its never easy if sales was automated then seriously all the hard work would not be difficult i was in something like this and the guy who brought me in never helped i was forced to quit cuz i went into an unknown field blind so just completely do research first and get knowledge ans education of sales and this will be an not bad field to be in.

  56. Like any Business you have work hard at it when you first begin … … And get the proper training .. .. I thought this was a scam but it's not .. I did some ✔ and it's real … Its the people who presented the business the wrong way .. .. They don't be honest .. .. Or they don't want to put in work …

  57. What’s the song in the background?

  58. Have you actually used their service?

  59. Pyramid schemes still working in 2018

  60. When it comes to it people refuse to work for money. All these testimonies cash flashing its all real but there is grind behind it. If money was that easy to come by everyone would be a millionaire

  61. gives more than it takes… love the program

  62. Hey bro… Got one of my facebook friends hitting with this now. On the fence with it. I've done promotional representative work with ADT Home Security. But never done any online marketing what should I do wrong?

  63. This is another MLM scheme like Amway!

  64. If you want to sell auto warranties go to

  65. If you still want to join MCA you can join here

  66. What are you talking about in this dam video. Not only time have you explain how they scam. Your not making sense


    😂😂😂😂that’s literally a scam!!

  68. What do you mean by "charge back"? Refunds?

  69. Nice clickbait. MCA is a pyramid scam.

  70. Thanks for being honest cuz. I have been on the fence about joining but its confusing.

  71. Is the first lesson from mca how to make a youtube video making people think you're exposing the truth when in fact it's the same sales bullshit pitch as every other "regular Joe" out there telling you the cold hard truth about the Mca saying it's legit when in fact it's a scam? I just literally clicked 5 video links talking about exposing the mca all running the same piles of bullshit

  72. What’s the charge back ?

  73. Wtf I just need towing service , I thought I was signing up for roadside assistance …. damn good thing you told me . I might bust some jaws if I find out I can’t get my towing ..

  74. Why does it look like you're readin off a script offscreen lmao

  75. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Motor Club of America hahahahahahahahahaha oh boy… one day you're gonna have a rude awakening.

  76. So you are saying that if you don't have marketing and training then it's a scam?
    So… most jobs are a scam?

  77. If you need a tow from MCA, they may not live up to what the site says. Unlimited towing is actually restricted. You must read the fine print. Or you could just go with a better tow plan.

  78. Fuck you! You are promoting a MLM/Ponzi scheme and you know it! I am not falling for your BS or flashing money in front of a fancy car! You don't want to admit to it because you know you've fallen victim to it and because you think you will still get some suckers! Fucking asshole.

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