MCA Motor Club America Scam | Proof Revealed

hey guys Meleda Jackson here and
today we’re going to jump into a conversation with someone who is going
to tell me and show you the MCA of America is absolutely real stay tuned I’m sorry hold on I got to turn my
speaker on all right all right can you hear me now yes sweetie and so I went
ahead and dispatch the company to come on out so you would have to wait this
long and when they said that you could pay them directly with their credit card
or cash whatever you want whatever you need to do okay the five dollars is what
I’m talking about okay so everything else is made for likely papers the
delivery and everything so is there anything else that I need to help you
with right now are you good yeah I just had a real quick question huh
is it true that you guys allow people like me to become associates for MCA of
America make money from home most definitely anybody can can do that as
far as I know I’m just I’m a dispatcher in the roadside assistance department so
I don’t know a whole lot about being like an associate and Helena and
everything but I can transfer you over since you’re having the weight anyway
and let you talk to somebody in there so just apartment which is kinda like
customer service and you can talk to somebody there about it okay all right
and you’ll probably receive a follow-up call later on to make some there just to
verify that your service went okay today so I just want to let you know okay
all right thank you you’re welcome you’re welcome good luck ma’am the other
thing we kept you to do by calling rudder closes America my name is bedding
can I get an ID number or phone number on file three zero two five one nine two
three thank you what’s your name I’m Melina Jackson okay can I get you to
verify your address thank you and then can I get an email
with the last four of your social Thank You what can I do for you I was just on
the phone with the roadside assistance lady and I had a question for her about
I was wondering if it was true about becoming an associate because I hear a
lot of people saying that it’s a scam and I use you guys as services but I
didn’t know about the become an associate part is that is it true I mean
how do I get started doing that yeah oh you can pick up an associate with their
company it looks like you’ve already sent in your forms that you were meeting
yes this agreement and your w9 and a direct deposit form and you can start
making yourselves whenever you’re ready you would be selling the emergency
roadside assistance memberships and for any valid so you make you do receive
commissions I can send you your referral links if you’d like so you can start
making your sales you would share your links with your potential members when
they click on it and purchase a membership and if they’re so close to
violet do you receive commissions that is yours on link up to how much money
can I make with MCA is it a certain amount but amazing how many I’m sorry is
it a certain amount that I’ll be able to make like or is it up to a certain
amount I mean it’s just depending on how many sales you can put in a week okay wait mr. ding was only gonna go in
century hey what did the week’s run from he said a week depending on how many
sales I make a week what’s the pay week one week with Sunday through Saturday okay okay
Wow okay thank you I didn’t know that you cleared up a lot of questions for me
today I appreciate that no that’s it thank you so much for me
all right thank you for your time you have a great day
you too bye comment below I can’t live without money okay well you
don’t have to put all of that but comment below I want in and I will send
you the next step to getting towards the money something that people cannot live
without I have simple steps that’ll take you where you want to go in that student
money my name is believe the Jackson and thank you for checking out this video

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