Medical School Students Play Never Have I Ever

Medical School Students Play Never Have I Ever

I can handle like the brain I can handle like the organs I don’t care but the nose hairs yes eyelashes that would really yeah hi I’m Stephanie oh hi I’m Stephanie hi I’m David I’m Caleb I’m Lily I’m we’re medical students and we’re gonna play a game of never have I ever okay let’s do it never have I ever gone a really bad grade on something in med school but medical school is pass/fail it is an ass fail and that is the beauty of it mine was an auskey Oh like a clinical skilled assessment type of thing mm-hmm I really prepare for mine because we had like that I’ve written an exam the day before or the day after or something for me is a cardio poem exam and I just barely passed that course but I passed it never have I ever pulled an all-nighter and if you have more than one in a row no you can’t do you can’t do more than one hero I have pulled honors oh you have I thought you’re like the type that always sleeps at like 9:00 a.m. a 9:00 p.m. yes I do the function the next day I don’t believe in all-night run I’ll go to bed at like 10:30 every night Wow how about I just can’t would you rather suffer like 20% everyday and have that last a week or like 90% in one day like I made my choice and I regret every time but I do it every time I have like a final I’m just like not sleeping that night never have I ever gone out drinking with friends after we all thought we failed an important exam [Music] yes you know it’s either to celebrate or to cope yeah every year there’s them there’s a Vegas trip that happens after the first things and then you all get your grades when you’re in Vegas that’s this the perfect time there’s still most people are happy but yes some work or even if it’s not after a final unit so random weekend never have I ever messed up when learning or trying to do something taking quite yeah yeah and that’s what learning is about first we were practicing intubation which is basically you know putting tube in someone’s mouth so they can breathe if they can’t breathe on their own and was mannequins obviously but the very first thing the doctor said was don’t go like this or else you’re gonna break their teeth and I immediately and some of the really embarrassing ones are when you’re in the hospital and you’re working with actual doctors you don’t know anything when you’re going in as a new medical student the doctor that I was with showed me a scan of like a patient it was pretty severe and I I didn’t know at the time and all I said was just like is is this and everyone in the room laughed at me and I was just like whoa my was actually taking a light so it’s pretty relevant question yeah never have I ever fallen asleep in class dude the sleep that you get in class is the best sleep because it’s like the guilty sleep the good part about medical school now is that there’s a lot of classes that are podcasted so now you can fall asleep at home while watching the video a 64 student film no yeah yeah that’s true I started just not going to class I’m just watching at home and sometimes when you have trouble sleeping you can put like a podcast on and it’s just it’s like white noise that helps you fall asleep never have I ever thought about dropping out of med school all right I guess we we need to do a between seriously dropping out or joking about here yeah easy one easy easiest question in the dark hours but totally a coping mechanism yeah it’s like that sucked maybe you should drop out like every time we have a final I’m like aha yes studying so much will work sometimes when I’m just like studying like late into the night I just think like I couldn’t be like going into finance making all this you could have a job yeah I could have a real job be a real adult but now I’m just studying 15 hours a day in my room shut up like I haven’t seen they’re like light of the day it’s just like how much do you really need to know about the human body apparently a lot never have I ever felt squeamish when working with corpses yes yeah so our first time in anatomy lab we worked with cadavers and it was like my first time seeing them so we have a half of a head so just a head cut in half and you can still see his nose hairs oh my god and the note like I can handle like the brain I can handle like the organs I don’t care but the nose hairs yeah eyelashes that would really be me up they basically said you down in a room they’re like this is what you’ll see for the first time we’ll have the faces cover so that you know it seems a little bit less you know real issue nothing can really like prepare you like you’ve looked in the textbooks and you’ve seen videos and things but it’s not the same as like putting your hands on a body never have I ever taken a test hungover I’m doing my all-nighters before so yeah it’s basically how the grand each exam is worth so much yeah like brisket yeah I don’t you drink alcohol so it would be impossible for me to come over never have I ever befriend a professor yeah some of they’re really cool definitely see our class is super small we only have like 64 students from so everyone it’d be weird if you didn’t become front of you know everything yeah we kind of had a big program that’s like a hundred eighty kids yeah I don’t really know anybody super well yeah I mean if if they’ve made the choice to stay at an academic institution and be a professor oftentimes they’re really invested in yeah students I mean we’re just students we’re just human beings learning about other human beings not robust studying all day God that stops weak to everyone in medical school has like a different way of studying and preparing for exams students will get really stressed out because they’re looking at their friends they’re like oh my gosh like they’re studying it this way and I’m like not doing this way but you should just do the way that works for you like pulling my all-nighters has been working so far and I don’t think I could do it the way that David does it but David is successful in the way he does so I think just do doing trusting in what you know is good for you you do you yeah you do [Music] you [Music]

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    Btw I’m a small youtuber and i will post a lot of medical school vlogs once i get in

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  53. Never Have I Ever

    Abused Adderall

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