Modellbahn Paradies: Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg | Doku

Modellbahn Paradies: Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg | Doku

Monumental buildings, huge train stations … and a control center that controls everything.
Hundreds of thousands of figures, also the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars
takes off. “I think it’s one
Setting criterion to be crazy to work in Wonderland. That’s really crazy. ” A creative team that always in 1:87 scale. Hundreds of trains, hundreds of meters of track and tinkerer, which is no challenge
is too big. If you make the mistake, so to speak at the front end, then it draws on that whole thing, so to speak.
Millimeter work under continuous observation. Everything has to fit exactly,
even if time is short. The most modern technology, the thousands of visitors
Annually and always astonishes new, breathtaking ideas.
“It can not go more than wrong. Everything is possible here! 5 o’clock in the morning. Large plaster before the
Big fight day in the largest Model railway plant of the world. Petra and Bastian Jakober still have the
whole plant for itself. A well-rehearsed Team, because even when vacuuming is here Asked for millimeter work. “So you’ve got that way
Figures suck in, but you realize that also, because that always clatters. So
in the moment when you suck that up, then Do you hear that and then you can
he’ll stop later – then you’ll do it after that, pick up 5-6 pieces again and then you glue it after. This is
actually no problem. ” There are always losses. The approximately 1500
Square meter model surface with all their buildings, vehicles and residents, once completely suck Total probably take more than a year. “We are never finished, never, so you can not say we start below and then we are finished up here in three months, but
we go as I said once a day In the morning and then we decide
where we start. Let’s say Las Vegas or America or now for example
Knuffingen, that’s always the dirtiest thing. Since we know … or at the airport, dan would have to in any case once a week. ”
Today, the cleaning team also has to go to the Alps. Good thing it’s in the whole facility
There are hidden maintenance flaps. Nevertheless, Petra must be at
Dust make a long arm, because even in 1:87 scale are the mountains
quite high. Just before eight. The first visitors are
already there. It’s holiday time, State of emergency in the Miniatur Wunderland. Despite opening hours from early morning There is always a lot going on until midnight. Always on site: Frederick Braun. He and his
Brother Gerrit have the miniature Wonderland founded in 2001. meanwhile
Do you have a new reservation system? introduced. The visitors book theirs
Tickets in advance online for a fixed Time window. Otherwise can the
Do not cope with crowds. In the meantime the crowd is much bigger
become. Alone today, there are more than Be 5000 visitors. It has been a long time
Miniature Wonderland one of the Main attractions of the Hanseatic city.
The visitors do not just come from all over Germany, but more and more often
from abroad. “10% come only from Hamburg, I think 25-30% from a 150km metropolitan region. After only half a year I have an e-mail from a person from Tokyo
to get if I’m the one of this
I’m a model railway. He would the soon like to look, he would
Fly here from Tokyo. ” More than a million people come
per year to Miniatur Wunderland. The facility attracts young and older visitors
alike. The huge one Rail network, the lovingly landscaped landscapes, the elaborate buildings – who comes here gets a lot. The facts are impressive. 1040 model trains travel 15,400
meter of track. There are 4110 buildings and bridges,
which are inhabited by 260,000 figures. In more than 760,000 working hours is
the 16 million-euro miniature world emerged. These are dimensions that amaze.
Much of this is unique in the world. The airport with its automatic
taking off and landing planes. The length of the rail network or even that HSV rows of goals
shoots. Even the Transrapid is still roaring here
through Lower Saxony, while old trams pass through Rome and freight trains through the Grand Canyon rattle. And also the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie
was opened here in 2013. years in front of her great role model. Behind all this are many creative ones
Heads. First and foremost, Wunderland founder Friedrich
Brown. Briefing on the railway tunnel … “What many do not even know is us
have between 300 employees who work here in Wonderland and that’s what I like to do
always very scared because we are not typical entrepreneur. We never have that
learned. We learned learning by doing and we are not typical bosses
but maybe that’s just that it somehow worked that way. We
have grown up with 40 at that time People and we still say at 300
People, somehow family. ” And this family is always busy.
Modelers fit a building in the Plant. You have to be careful that they are not accidentally break something,
because in the miniature world they are giants. A small misstep and already would be one
destroyed whole district. At the opening there were initially three
Sections: the imaginary capital, Knuffingen with about 10,000 inhabitants, Central Germany with the Harz and Austria with numerous
Railway lines. A little later came the hometown
of the Wonderland: Hamburg with everything what makes the Hanseatic city. 2003 then the jump over the big one
Pond to America with one colorful mini Las vegas that his
Model makes all honor. Two years later came too
Scandinavia to it. Special highlight: the with 33000 liters of real water
filled north Baltic Sea with its 25 of Hand controlled cruise and
Container ships. Like the glittering snowscape: Switzerland has been part of the
Miniature Wonderland and stretches with its imposing mountains over two
Levels. Particularly popular here is the open-air concert by DJ Bobo. 2011, after six years of construction could
then the world’s most unique Open Knuffingen Airport. More than 40 aircraft are moving independently over the airport. starts
and landings every minute. The plant now extends
over several floors of a historic Warehouse in the Hamburger
Speicherstadt. It consists of nine with each other
associated country sections. It gets nightly every fifteen minutes
Wonderland, then bring more than 330,000 LEDs light in the dark. From an initial crazy idea of
both brothers Frederick and Gerrit Braun is now one of the
Main tourist attractions of the Become Hanseatic city.
The Miniatur Wunderland offers his Visitors endless photo opportunities. It never gets boring here.
Everything is constantly moving here. Almost every day something is going on somewhere
repaired or optimized. In hundreds Mini-scenes tell the model makers
little stories. Even in whole hidden corners or on the back
the plant, where almost never Visitor is coming. Some of the little ones
Scenes are whimsical, others brutal or also not quite youth-free. About 200 of
they can be viewed by the visitors Pushing a button in motion.
It is they who are the miniature wonderland bring to life.
Whether in forensics after the find a drowning, while fishing in the Hamburg harbor city
or when driving with one Hot air balloon. In the miniature wonderland
It’s always something going on! Elephants break out of the circus, Monkeys recover on the sandy beach. The daddy has a flat tire here. Large-scale operations of the fire department are almost there
every minute. The extinguishing water is in However, this case of cotton wool and the
Fire is simulated by colored LEDs. But the modelers have to play
no time, they have to go to the construction site, because the miniature wonderland should continue
grow and become richer by one attraction become.
Italy with 190 square meters, one of the so far largest sections and also one
the most elaborate. Most buildings from Rome already stand, now it’s up to you
the details. The employees mill holes carefully
in the ground. Soon fountains are supposed to bubble up here. To prepare are some of the
Model builder traveled to Italy and are with hundreds of photos and everyone
Lot of ideas returned. Gaston Burkhardt was in Cinque Terre. The village
Riomaggiore liked him a lot, so that he immortalized it here too. In 1:87 scale. “But it’s difficult to build something like that.
Because I have a bit of space here, there is a place and there is a place. It was important for us practically the tunnel, that is original and that is also original. The houses are partly original and pure imagination again. So detailed
you can not copy that. ” The workshop of the model maker.
Right now, here are all with Italy busy because ZTY urges.
The team works under pressure. 450 Buildings need for the new section
be made by hand. This is the only way to create the unique look
the models and also most of the characters will be
meanwhile in the model workshop homemade and painted. Susanne
Sander lays the last hand on one Roman block in their models,
Of course never for her as a dog fan a four-legged friend is missing.
There are no limits to the imagination here set. So there are no rules. It
should always something funny there are always something hidden
to be there. So that does actually the most fun, that one
Simply say, you will like it see.
In addition to the clothing store for the Clergy has Susanne Sander one
Art gallery furnished. The painter’s studio included
Nude model is practically the same one floor higher. It’s done. The block can be on
brought his destination in Rome will. Very careful, so now only
nothing breaks. The building is one of more than 450
handmade houses in new Section. Prefabricated kits are coming
in Miniatur Wunderland not for a long time more for use.
For the modelers are just a lot too perfectionist.
The model consists of hundreds Items. If it falls down that would be
weeks of work have been in vain. But everything is fine! The building fits
accurate to the millimeter into the intended gap. The Roman road is complete. Back in the workshop. Christian
Rosenau is an expert in the age. He cares for building and walls one
get proper patina. With the help of special color pigments
he transforms the radiant white model in an antique masonry. We have original photos, which I took here for example and in which was then as Foundation and try that so far
is going to do. Which was also one have to look a little bit over time, us
can not sit on it forever – and then try that on the system
to integrate. So we stick to the original as far as possible, but here and there we are not Set limits. We can do that too
still like we need, want to have … Almost perfect and really close to
Original. Next door, colleague Leo Eensslin is plagued
with completely different worries. He has to go to the Sistine Chapel
complete, but they still lack the right one
Flooring. Tricky puzzle game, you have to too
always somehow make a test run, Let’s see what that looks like and then
somehow the things where you stop beforehand Thought, that’s the way I am now
can go now – and then you see that it is bad. Do you have to improvise somehow? Then he goes
Printer not … The venerable chapel has been Leo Ensslin’s problem child for weeks
puts his patience to a hard test. Just the many true to the original
Details demand the highest concentration. Especially if that’s too complicated, you
Do not you come in with both of them? the thing is finished already finished. You
can not disassemble that. The disks have to be clean, because you can
do not clean, so be careful give. So if you are at the front end, so to speak makes the mistake, then it opens up
the whole thing, so to speak. After all, the interior lighting
is working. At first I was still so “yes that is all already is so small
nobody can recognize that here either ” but at some point that comes with you
so to speak, you also want for you so be perfectionist. Yes these are then again as I said 1 percent where you Therefore also think that must now
different and I lie to myself so to speak. Next door in the technical workshop:
Briefing on St. Peter’s Basilica. Because he should have one right away
Get power connection. Also the St. Peter’s Basilica is unique.
After weeks of development he became assembled by the model farmers.
So that he later in his full splendor Nina Wieghorst has to shine
Equipped with dozens of LEDs. It requires meter-by-meter cables. That’s why you do piece by piece. For example, I have to go first here with the outer windows to wire trapped and then I always have continue the first row, then the row. Then these cardboard boxes for the towers. I always have that bit by bit
made, so I do not use the cables get confused. When you see that you finally got the job done, that it did not finish in time, that’s exciting and exciting. One trembles that everything works and does not go wrong again! Not at all
so easy, especially as the technicians and Model builder under constant observation
work, because most workshops are too
Visible to the visitors. Many cable `meters later it is
finally done! St. Peter’s Basilica is on the home stretch! A gem of 22,000 items.
There is also a lot of weight together. And yet the model makers have to be extreme
be careful. The slightest misstep could be fatal
Have consequences. Cables fit great, do not hang in the track, fits wonderfully, train can pass by. All good! Wonderful! Almost two years have construction and
Construction lasted, now only the Wiring under the system. Here
Hundreds of cables and wires run. Technician Kenneth Mandl knows each other
still perfect in this cable Jungle out. we have here, think about 300 street lamps are only in the Rome area and we turn off, of course, not all individually. But also in reality it is
that basically every street is taken is wired with three phases and so on
We basically do that too. Each phase is a bit easy
initially delayed by the switch-on torque forth and thereby arises and relative
colorful picture where the lanterns are all approach one after the other. We can do that
also summarize relatively well and This is less and less.
Well, we have ten times that amount Lines are in here when we are on
actually switchable to the end Need contacts.
The bottom of the plant is one own world of cables and connections.
Only the technicians can find their way here. Follow for better orientation
They have a strict color code. Only power supply. This is nothing but the power supply for the railroad. Here are still signal lines for
Steer, for signals so the trains drive yes, also after the signals. It’s like in
reality, they have to be there too. And then something goes on these lines, there is only electricity in it and over here we have the
whole lines. Here you can do it nice to see with the different ones
Cable colors. For example, yellow is whole normal house and apartment lighting. Red is street lighting white with purple and blue, that will be a car
be with the turn signal and so orient we us. Hundreds of kilometers of cable were
already installed in the Miniatur Wunderland and there are more and more. Here are several buildings. This can be seen from these bundles. each this bundle in yellow with blue and yellow
black partly, these are all buildings. And around here you can see beautiful, go a street. So this is a feeder road in
this little housing estate, so I know Also, what is up there, so I know so a housing estate. Here you can realize that the street lights and when we see from above there is one Lantern off, then we can do that
Count out which of these lanterns is that and we know exactly, if at all at the Wiring is located, then we can here
look under it exactly which one it is. One floor higher. St. Peter’s Basilica is now at his
Place, but really satisfied his master builder not yet. we now have the problem that many things do not fit yet. So what you screwed together, you screwed apart again. It’s just always exciting then in the last few meters, but
It is important that it is on End looks perfect.
It would be boring if everything immediately is working. Maybe it will work
heavy device. wait, wait, wait … But you must not forget it is
but somehow only toys. But pretty expensive toy. Very close: menacing thunder rumble. The Vesuvius.
He should soon be one of the Main attractions of the new Italy section will be. Thus the nocturnal Eruptions look as real as possible,
model builders and technicians had to come up with something. The development has been almost two years
lasted. A complete self-construction,
crammed with technical gadgets. Alexander Wolf is the master of
Fireworks. So then we want us now take care of the exhaust air control. Special chains provide for the perfect look.
These are actually industrial chains Beverage factories.
Since we have about 6 mm thick Plexiglas disk placed and on it
with lava-like mass modeled with silicone and soot and through this plexiglass we can do this illuminate whole chain from the side.
As a result, the light penetrates to the surface and it looks like
really, really, how right Lava.
The result is impressive. Scary real. Under Vesuvius hides naturally
also a lot of technology for the perfect flow of sound, light,
Movement and smoke should provide. It is controlled by a special
developed computer program. Now only the ideals have to be done
Settings can be found. Now we are back in the
Experimental phase. How much smoke can we take? How strong must the fan be,
maybe we have the cross section still increase, so we get more smoke? We are still trying a bit out, but it looks good
not bad. Almost two years has the emergence of the
Vesuvius lasted. Twelve months of development, two months of steel and timber construction and five months of development Installation of the technique. Of course, one or the other was
Failed attempt. More than wrong it can not go. Then pops and
Maybe it hisses, then everyone has a bit of fun,
but then you do it again and new maybe it works then. Good, we
of course, with a bit of sense and mind you, but the motto is quite clear! There is not much time left,
two more days until the opening. There are still others elsewhere
many things to do. Soon, more than 100 trains
rattle through Italy. More than Wolfgang has two and a half kilometers of track
weight relocated, 110 signals and installed more than 400 points. For him
Routine. I now have 16,000 meters of track behind me and about 3250 points. Since I’ve been there for so long, from
Of course, you already have one at the beginning Little experience gained with the
whole rolling material. More than 1000 sheets in nominal size h0
are traveling in Miniatur Wunderland. From the high speed train, to the
Cog railway. The longest train is almost 15 meters long. 1270 signals and around 50 computers ensure smooth train traffic. 13 km is the railway network of the miniature
Wonderland’s long. With the new Italy There are even more than 15 sections in this section
Kilometre. In reality, that corresponds a track length of about 1,340
Kilometers. All sections are interconnected
connected and can from all trains be approached. When new trains
be purchased, they first land in the locomotive workshop.
We take care of Maik Kostat and his colleagues for the newcomers too
insert well into the fleet. Alone for Italy were more than 100
bought new locomotives and well over 800 Wagons. They have to be tuned now. So what we change, we build one
Clutch one, so we one Get Sstromverbindung to the car. So the trains are safer and running. The persons were not present. We
stuck decoder in, because of our plant is digitized. That’s why each loco needs its own decoder. In total, there are well over 1000 trains.
Every single one is done by computer controlled. Just like the almost 300 driving
Cars and trucks. Also for her was developed their own computer program that they through the miniature wonderland controls. The program presents for each
Vehicle, so to speak, a brain of its own ready, which allows him own
To make decisions. For example to comply with the right of way. Hiding behind the plant
several charging stations. Is a specific one Battery level reached, driving the trucks
automatically into it and will be back charged. Then they start their own business
back on the road. The control room. He is the heart of the miniature Wonderland. Here are the trains and vehicles of
monitored by the employees. controlled Become the computer. Dive in
Problem on, can it from here be resolved as quickly as possible. It’s actually like that a train or a certain number of trains in the morning
to be activated when we have the facility start up, and then continue in automatic mode, from alone, drive a lap, drive the
Shadow Station. This will be a new one Train activated, which then turn
his lap drives. You can tell, though a train is active when he is like here in front
is so red, then that means he is active and just waiting for his to be gone for everyone
becomes free. As soon as he starts, he picks up such a yellow driveway, like that
can be seen here in front. As you can also see exactly where the train is the same
will drive long and based on that Can we, too, should he
Make a problem, recognize where he is currently located. Who has to work here
be highly concentrated, because again and again it can come to disturbances. So here is a short circuit
displayed in the USA section. Now is of course it’s a bit hard to see, it’s dark. Accordingly, I would simply say, I go there now and take a look that before, after that
Somehow continue what should break. Gerd Beckmann makes his way through the plant. He has to go to America, because there on the edge of the Grand Canyon is the breakdown train left lying. Luckily, the technician can fix the problem quickly. Control room for Gerald. Yes.
Please switch on the USA 2 again and then send the train again, please. Everything went well. We have several options. We
can once on the plant itself Climb on it, which is as good as ever
walkable. Should that not be possible there are flaps where we are from below
can come up below the plant. Or we have to stop the long evening
make and really try there somehow still be able to reach. Fine-tuning in Italy. Until the opening remains the
Model builders and technicians only one Day. And still, not everything is perfect. Tina Fischer is for St. Peter’s Square
responsible, but he is still at the moment pretty empty.
People have to come here, tourists and those there are masses in the Modellbau fundus.
All painted by hand and lovingly designed. Now they just have to
be distributed to the square. superglue ensures a secure hold. We have now here in the
Situation no big event where St. Peter’s Square was completely filled with
many visitors, but only 0815 days. And yes, we try to get pictures
hold or to the situation, just like it was when we were there. There was also
nothing special straight and so try in that stop, that’s not it
but it is not too busy. As realistic as possible and that is
actually the difficulty. And here too: work under permanent observation. With dozens, enthusiastic spectators in the
Back is not always easy to keep a steady hand. Christian Schuh is the water expert in the
Miniature wonderland. At the Italian He still has a lot to do on the Riviera. You have to think about how it works the waves on the ship. So you can
Do not just throw something, a little dab around. And the problem again
is, in 1:87 the waves would be almost invisible, because they are much too
would be flat. So we exaggerate a bit and drive the speed through the area. The finish is done
with white color. Now we come to the final
Act. I try very easily by granulating the top edge a bit too white
do. When such a wave strikes, then you have up mostly and that
light white tone. I will give you a little bit more
exaggerate than it is in reality so that you also perceive him. That’s just the plant at the end again
somehow the last ten percent filled that says you
it starts to reflect suddenly. You can be at a reasonable angle
look around you suddenly see the mountain romp. You can see the whole city
also in the water. That’s just the finish again
at all and then you know too and we are about to open.
That’s why it’s exciting, if that really works too. But, it sees
Perfect and yes we are super proud! Gaston Burkhard is not quite
satisfied. His ice cream shop is still one
Get lighting. But she does not want the way she should.
I have very special small lamps here Leo did that to me because I want it that way. But you know, it’s round and it’s slipping and suck it and the wire is so stiff and you come so bad turn to bending. So somehow had to try …. Patience pays off in the end. Riomaggiore is almost done, one
colorful Italian coastal village with many lively inhabitants. All with
Superglue fixed. And also the Sistine Chapel can finally be used in the plant. If only she would fit. From the whole back and carry
lose weight, jerk and then will Somehow the building moved
to have. In the end it worked but then. The
Sistine Chapel shines in full Shine. And if you look closely, you can
even discover the floor mosaic. Holger Balasz is for the head of the
responsible for the Catholic Church. He is crafting still at one of just under 200 push of a button
Actions. The push of a button action should depict the daily routine of Pope.
That means here are different Room in his domicile and reconstructed
Of course that starts with getting up on, the morning prayer continues
and depending on where he is currently in Daily routine then lights up this
Room on and you can then realize that he works here somewhere
or his morning paper reads and and and The whole thing designed so that you can take that out too. Because it can be that Let’s change sometime
Pope, white smoke rises and then we have to change. What is so bright, for example, that
Study or downstairs, that’s it a room, we do not know what
happens. That’s why we have it roughly now for the first time as a table tennis room
designated. But that’s a secret Room where the Pope will let off steam
may. Or TV must of course also the evening hours then for a
a little bit of distraction. And with us then runs the life of Brian. Done!
After three years of construction and more than 180,000 working hours is Italy
finally finished. Just in time. Reason enough even in the afternoon times
to initiate, Italy has become perfect. No section of the miniature yet
Wonderland was so elaborate and expensive like this one and so close to the original templates. The boundaries between reality and model
blurred. And even the bridge in the
Antiquity has succeeded perfectly. Also boss and founder Frederik Braun is
more than satisfied with the result. Especially the Italy section for him one
Heart matter was. But for too he has no time for much joy. Of course, he already has new plans
right after the opening of Italy it should go on.
Because the miniature wonderland is still not finished yet. A bridge is supposed to be these two
Connecting storage buildings. Even more space for spectacular
Landscapes. We imagine it this way: build here
We will then France sometime later. That means France, that’s the one
English Channel, our bridge to drive the Trains, so to speak. Then go on the
on the bridge, long on one side. Can you look down really great, yourself
to look at the construction kit. On the other Side one goes on the model long and
that’s the English Channel, so to speak. Such a Piece landscape of France is still going
On it, the trains go into the tunnel So on, look a bit ships
over there and then in England continue. So really great real English Channel
over and then we also take parts of Blankets out. So that’s a very high one
Construction phase. Maybe still Head over to Scotland and so on. A fairytale, absolutely great. If we are there over there are coming back again
and build France here and finished then certainly ten to fifteen years again
over and then it works too continue. It’s evening in Hamburg. The day in the Miniatur Wunderland is on
The End. But the ideas go to the model farmers
probably never out. The world in 1:87 scale will continue to grow.

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