Yo, it’s Leo Sarteel, i hope you doing good The 2019 season gonna start soon we still have to wait 1 month for the first game right now i’m at the black panthers office i’m gonna do an interview of some players i have already done this last year with my under 19 team. You can see the video over here. I’m gonna do the same But now i’m in senior, because i’m an adult We gonna do that with the Elite Team And specially with the new imports and new players that you have never seen and Benjamin Plu that you already know. Hi Benjamin Plu. Hi Léo And Bryan that you have never seen Don’t worry, in off said, let’s start We gonna know more about there life, the ambition and there shoes size I’m here to coach for the black panthers I’m gonna coach, receivers, offense and special teams sorry i’m from Montreal, Canada i’m from Lille i grow up in Valence and since 10years i’m in Thonon i’m from the Mans (french joke about the city name) he don’t gonna cut it i’m from La rochelle. I’m from Lyon I’m from thonon It’s my 3rd year 8 years 7 years 9 years 10 years my friend lucas was playing and i went to watch some games and finally decided to try and since 3 years it has been the most amazing choice have ever made when i was in high school a friend of mine was playing my dad was playing so i grow up with this in my high school the team of Lyon has some posters so i decided to go try in my high school in canada they start a football program i tried and since then i’m in love with this beautiful sport videos ! and when i knew that a club was right next to my house, i went to play Thonon Black Panthers Then Thetford, Canada for 2 seasons Then McGill, Canada and now i’m back home my high school was Dalbe-Viau Then Montmorency Cegep Then i went at McGill University were i played 5 years First i was QB then WR during cegep and university and also returner Thonon Black Panthers in 2016 Then i went to Saint Hyacinthe Cegep (Lauréats) we won the championship then i flew back there i play in Bron (Lyon) i went to Canada the half of a season at Laval I played in Helsinki, i played in antoher finish team, in switzerland i played for the Mans, then for Amiens in U19 i played at McGill i would say a player that look likes me a small player like he is funny he his good, and if i have to pick an other one it would be deandre Hopkins he is incredible when we won silver medal with team france in european championship u19 the european championship this summer with team france any championship i won Division 2 with Lyon and Maple League (finland) when i won high school championship with all my friends in the team, that was great amazing memories a big game under the snow my U16 and U19 years the u19 semi final last year even though we lost it was an incredible moment the trip was cool and the party after was even better you can go watch the video i don’t have any in mind he is never satisfied my best play ever was at the university a 70 yards return against the greatest university in Canada a missed field goal this is one of my best memories also when i tried to hurdle a boy in switzerland and i didn’t work i hurt myself a lot it’s more like my best game against lyon in quarter final i’m gonna say the touchdown in front of my friends in thonon when i was playing receiver in Germany i catch a fade that help us because it was a tied game the TD i scored at McGill screen pass 25 yards, you can watch it in one of Leo video’s in football, won the championship this year and personaly, turning into a coach after football i don’t really know just train and see the opportunities that come and profesionnaly, being a fitness coach i study to became personal trainer i would like to work with university and high schools actually i’m a personal trainer i would like to learn more and keep playing football even if it’s hard to do both at the same time i want to be the greatest player i can it’s a song in the last spiderman movie if you haven’t seen it you have to watch it ! and maybe it’s gonna be our entrance song this year we will see i don’t listen to a lot of music, but i live with benji and every morning before a game he listen to that : it’s fun to say but i like to listen to french rap a lot of Booba and Kaaris I’m in the good country for that yes i would say french rap i’m gonna say Zoo by Kaaris it’s a song that put you in the right mindset the same as Benji before a game i listen to Zoo – Kaaris it’s dirty but i like it that’s it it’s over i’m gonna do another episode with other guys the season gonna start soon i’m happy tomorrow first full practice no it’s wednesday, tomorow it’s a walktrough oh okay.
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