Money Heist, Rio de Janeiro & Tattoos | Servus, Philippe Coutinho | FC Bayern

Money Heist, Rio de Janeiro & Tattoos | Servus, Philippe Coutinho | FC Bayern

My name is Philippe Coutinho Correia. I’m 27 years old and I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have always played as a midfielder or on the wings. This is my position. I started playing football at a young age. In Brazil, we always play in the streets, anything could be used as a ball – a can, a bottle -, so we were always playing. I started playing futsal when I was 6 years-old – in Brazil, it is quite common to start with futsal. I played futsal until I was 13, but when I was 11, I started playing soccer too. I played both for two years and then at 13, 14 I focused only on soccer. Regarding Bayern, I feel very honoured to be here. It’s a huge club with a beautiful history and to know they were interested in me was the key. So I’m very happy to be part of this great club now. I knew Thiago before, we used to talk. He’s also from Rio de Janeiro, we have friends in common. So we talked a lot about joining Bayern, he explained to me how everything works here. And it sure made me fall in love with the club before I even got here. – You speak very good English…
– Sort of… Yes, for sure. I learned to communicate a little in English. I understand it, but of course, I did some classes. I want to learn German, of course. I will definitely dedicate myself to learning in my free time, so that I can understand, because it is a language that interests me a lot. Some call me Phil, some Philippe, some Coutinho… I feel comfortable with any of them, whatever you like. For sure, my family is the foundation of everything. It is where I find my strength. Today, unfortunately, my daughters could not be here, but they are everything to me, foundation of everything. With them and my wife, we live through the good things and and the bad in our daily lives. So family is everything to me and, today, having my father, my brothers, my wife here is a very special moment to me. Rio is a wonderful city. It is a bit of a cliché to say that because I’m from there, but I’m in love with the city. My relatives are all from there, I have great friends. You live well there. Lately, we have been going through tough times in our country. But Brazilians are very happy people, very joyful, and Rio is like that. In Europe too, I was very happy in the cities I lived in. Now I’m coming to a new city, I hope I can captivate people here, by the way I live, the person I am. Munich is certainly a wonderful city, with great people, from what I’ve seen and from what I experienced here at the club. They are very polite, caring people, and it makes me feel at home in this city. My goals are always to win titles, to win important things. But I’ve just joined a big club, with a great squad and players, so I hope I can add something, help the team and learn from each one of them. Like I said, I want to learn from each person who works in this club and positively try to help on the pitch to achieve the goals that we all share: the titles. Name your top three biggest football idols… Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who was always my biggest idol. Ronaldo and Pelé. Your top three games… It’s hard to choose like that… but I will choose the three games in which I scored a hat-trick. One with the Brazil national team. Another one with Liverpool in the Champions League, where I was scored three goals. And the last one with Barcelona, also with three goals. I believe these were my best games. Your top three most beautiful goals… I don’t really like talking about myself, as I said, but I like the goal I scored at the World Cup. It was a World Cup debut and I managed to score my first goal. Another important goal for me was against Argentina in a World Cup qualifier. And the other goal… the free kick for Liverpool against Arsenal. What type of music do you listen on your way to the locker room? I listen to a lot of different types of music. I’ve been listening to a lot of worship music, songs related to religion and God. These are the ones I listen to the most at the moment. What do you usually do at the hotel before games? In a hotel? I try to eat well, rest, sleep early, I like to have a good night of rest before games and, of course, I like to play video games. These are usually things I do the nights before matches. Who was your childhood hero? My hero has always been my father. A guy who has dedicated his whole life to our family, a super educated guy, with a great character. He was always a hero to me. What words do you already speak in German? Servus… Danke. There was another one, but I forgot… This one I can’t speak.
How do you say “please” again? Bitte… Just those three word I know for now. What can you say for now about the city of Munich? As I said, what I have realised is that they are some very educated people here, who live simply. People who show a lot of affection, at least that’s what I have been feeling. And that is something that touches me, because I am like that, a person who respects all people. And I think it makes me feel comfortable. What are the meanings of your tattoos? I have many and they are related to many things I like, usually related to my family. I have my two daughters tattooed, my wife’s name tattooed, my parents’ names, my brothers’ initials. So the most important tattoos for me are of my family. What is your favourite television series? Favourite series? There are plenty. I watch one called “Empire”. There are a few Brazilian series that are very cool, “City of Men”, I don’t know if you know it. I like “Money Heist”, which is quite famous. I like to watch a lot of shows. What is your favourite food? Favourite food? I think rice and beans, very typical of Brazil. If we made a movie of your life, who would be the lead actor? Ah, it’s difficult…. I think… I’m very similar to my brothers, in the way we are. We are very close. I think it could be one of my brothers. I have two brothers, so it could be one of them.

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