Morocco Vlog 1: Visiting Marrakech

Morocco Vlog 1: Visiting Marrakech

In 1995, Yves Saint Laurent said: “Pierre, when we bought this garden, we bought the challenge that Jacques Majorelle had set. He decided to plant the world at Marrakesh. I want another challenge. It’s to plant the cacti of the world at Marrakesh.” We drink tea here. We eat here. It’s the interior garden The garden, the riad, we live in the riad, which is why it’s decorated. No matter the household, whether it be in the King’s palace or in the poorest Moroccan’s house, before, there were beautiful carpets of thick wool and on top, mattresses that we call: “Frash Sofa” – mattress of wool

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  1. I didnt like or enjoy. Can i still subscribe??

  2. Good editing and cinematography, needs to have more of your personality tho. Also something I didnt do in my first vlogs aswell as it is very awkward at first. Overall I like the vibe.

  3. Nice vlog! Really great editing style! make them myself if you have time 😀

  4. good job! I enjoyed the vlog.

  5. Sweet video man! Shots were super clear and vibrant with colors .. 😀👍🏻💯🔥

  6. very nice vidéo, you welcome in Morocco everytime !!!

  7. AWESOME VIDEO, just discover you.. big up

  8. I saw you filming in the market

  9. From Morocco I sub to your channel .
    This is amazing Vlog ✔✔

  10. how is morocco 😀

    im from it ♡

  11. Beautiful, Nathan. Beautiful! I'm from Marrakech and I thank you for capturing the pure lyrical beauty of my city! Also, your English is so on point! It's rare to see a French with a good English accent haha. Anyway, keep it up! I'm subscribed now to make sure I don't miss any of your upcoming vlogs!
    On a side note, I'd love for you to check out my channel, I make comedy videos/shortfilms in English.
    Peace! 😀

  12. This was so cool! The filming was really good quality it's amazing! Loved how other people spoke in it (even though I don't speak French haha) 🙂 I liked and subscribed !

  13. This is an amazing video, I think we went marrakech at a similar time, I was in Marrakech from the 10th to the 17th of February.

  14. Your report is powerful!

  15. hi pal! I see and listen you enjoyed your stay in Marrakech, I've been there too the last weekend I went with a friend, from friday until tuesday, and It has been the worst travell of my life so far. The people there wasn't very nice at all. (Talking from my view point) They harass you to make you to buy anything and asking money for whatever you couldn't imagine, any kind of silly thing. Even asking money to do nothing. I was inside the souks in those streets We got lost, and two young guys they lied us showing the wrong way to go back to the square Jamaa el-fna, moving us to the wrong streets on purpose, and after they threatened us asking money and warning if we don't give what they were asking for we would have problems. Really It made me and my mate feel horrible for the rest of the trip (it happened the first day we were visiting the City). I'll never go again to any country like this. I know not everyone who's been there has had the same bad experience as we had, and many people same as you did, really liked Marrakech, and is got a very different opinion which i respect totally, and some morrocan people was quite polite. But just I wanna let the people know, which has never visited Marrakech what type of stuff can be found there. greetings!! 😉

  16. we hope to like our country 😁

  17. New subscriber here from the Philippines

  18. this is so lit, it's like watching a professional documentary, good job

  19. Yo 4.2k views holy shit man

  20. you welcome in Morocco

  21. I enjoy the video.. It's quiet good… And you do it perfectly…

  22. Welcome to Morocco 🤗😍😍

  23. Hello my freind how are you

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