My First Time Playing Golf at Pebble Beach

My First Time Playing Golf at Pebble Beach

alright I’m in the kitchen my Mangino
here hello he runs the show sometimes I’m chef around here show me
around anyways we’re gonna play Pelle today to
spy-glass tomorrow and uh you know just invited me out nice guy I mean who would
say no to Pebble Beach watches so he’s taking me secret entrance here we go first go over huh these guys hard to go
one of them’s getting the fairway I don’t where the other guys are we’ll be
there in a minute fun fact he knows were surrounded off a
hammer was here how would you like that on your resume that was my Sergio shot possible right down the middle I get to drive and
total spin wedge but I’m ten feet for birdie on the first hole Gino keep you
give you some highlights at the round as we go oh good good shot thank you look
at this guy you need you need a youtube channel fun fact about me you might not know
this maybe do but I am actually from Monterey California where I was creative you’ll have a couple minutes wouldn’t
get to know Gino here will be from Hunter Mexico BAM
how many you married yes I am how many kids I got three three kids and what’s
your lowest around ever 92 where spyglass hang on what’s your favorite
course you’ve ever played Cypress Cypress that’s not on the list this trip
next time maybe huh how long you been married be married for
20 years good man what do you do I know what you did what
I am the banquet chef here the latch on Pebble Beach he feeds you so this is the
man right all right that’s it it’s all the questions all right on the eighth hole cool this
second shot in all of golf and I’m grateful I hit the fairway so that’s
good there’s the green like how you need to
show this to you know what’s going on this looks good this doesn’t look that
bad cuz I can’t see the UH I can’t see the ocean down there so although it’s
cool it doesn’t look as intimidating as I thought it would like if I could see
the waves crashing in there that might be a little more scary still nonetheless
super cool hey everybody’s putting on an
up-and-down show today Chris just got up and now I got a banana Gino didn’t get up and down so I hit my
second shot on ten wait I thought it would be on the beach but I was we saw
it come on Ian let’s see what happens we gotta think
straight up in the air time on the green and see it for par little pipe but a cut shot in there this looks
really good cut to the whole oh it’s that might have went in that was a good
shot that’s mine right at the hole three good
look here it’s me on the Left Chris is the other white
ball and then he knows the soccer ball so we’re looking good I shot no hey I want 17 it’s like super dark
that’ll look like there we’re finishing up no matter what in the dark how’d you
hit it very good it’s doing good all right
we finished in the pitch black hanji no yes it was fine it’s worth it
shot a great round round both good rounds good rounds anyways eight when
you’re up here temple find this dude cooking something for everybody
thank with Jeff so much all right hope you like a fun little video who’s
around you see in the next video love you guys

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  1. Pebbles and Marbles like things on my mind…

  2. You’ll like Spyglass more

  3. Out of my price range

  4. great!!! job I'am a Fan

  5. Nice, but where are the gymnasts?

  6. What did everyone shoot?

  7. I was born and raised in monterey too…Favorite course Spyglass, was my home course in high school. Go checkout Bayonet, one of my favorites up there….

  8. I agree with you on hole 8. Maybe not my favorite in all of golf but top 3 for sure. Kinda cool seeing it from that perspective.

  9. you got the life mr short game

  10. Pebble is truly the best. I've been extremely fortunate to have played Cypress as well. Pebble is better. Those claiming Spyglass is better…LMAOOOOO. MPCC Shores course is fire

  11. Another great video Matt.

  12. Matt, that was so fun to watch. Your swing is nice and smooth. Can’t wait to play Pebble someday. 😁

  13. Monterey is my home away from home, grew up on Carmel beach right there now get to take my Wife and son, still haven’t played pebble but hopefully soon enough, enjoy the vids they’ve helped me a lot! Keep em comin!

  14. Viva Guadalajara Mexico ! Great video

  15. What irons are you gaming?

  16. I just had an experience where I was super excited to play at Rancho couldn't sleep the night before, due to excitement. Im used to playing twilight golf but I Played at 7:20 am, just hit every tree I tried to miss and did not implement my swing changes until the last few holes. Couple of pars in the last3 holes but it was too late I was done and humbled. Not as bad as the last time I played there where I completely unraveled and the wheels totally fell off.
    Tuff day but, a) it was a lil better, and b) I accomplished the morning round. Baby steps I guess for my positive reinforcement. I'll look for redemption after a couple of weeks of practice and a couple of rounds elsewhere.
    So, of course if I played pebble like u, congratulations, I would get no sleep bcz I'd be too excited. Gotta learn to harness that… it is part of what golf is teaching me.

  17. Nice to watch~ MSG helps me a lot to play with a right swing.. Thx.

  18. Tell us what your great round score was then. I mean, you just played Pebble Beach…

  19. Played my best round of my life there. +3. Bogeyed first 3 par 5’s. 3putts. It was a heavenly day. I was so nervous at first tee. I had to run to the bar for a shot and a beer. Calmed my nerves and kept everything simple. Have fun and love the content you provide.

  20. Hope you took care of your caddy! I used to work for caddymaster who provides them with caddies. It’s a horrible company but really cool to work at premier golf courses.

  21. really cool video man… hope play there someday…


  23. Matt- what a bucket list item! Great video. Post your card! I’ll live this one through you. Hit em well at Spyglass!

  24. Going there this summer your vlog today is getting me fired up!

  25. Cant imagine riding at Pebble.. Gotta walk it!

  26. What did you shoot?

  27. Everything breaks toward the ocean when you are this close to the water. A couple of those early misses were probably because of that. 😉

  28. What would golf be without Pebble Beach?

  29. Thanks for sharing Matt! You gotta know your people would be clamoring for your score!

  30. What did you score??

  31. Love the videos and content brother! But you need to make longer course vlog videos my man! It is always fun watching you and seeing what you have but only 8 min? That made me sad…
    Keep up the great work brother.

  32. Great video. Looked like fun!

  33. Love the cap can these be bought online👍🏌🏿‍♂️😎

  34. I'm going to Pebble in August… where do I find Gino! 🙂

  35. You gotta hit up the muni course in PG!

  36. Loved this, waiting for next video ❤️

  37. Matt, just curious what’s your swing speed?

  38. Matt, really like your content, but would love to see more full course, shot by shot vlogs. You got me very curious about what you shot at Pebble Beach!

  39. Lucky you, great weather. Went there with my youngest this past year for the US Open and it made him motivated enough to go out for his HS golf team.

  40. Amazing. That is a bucket list course.

  41. In the DAAAAARK. Finished Strong!

  42. You need to watch Mr. ShortGame's putting videos.

  43. Gino's the man! One those guys that's just always smiling 😁 love it Matt as usual

  44. Very cool. The round of a lifetime for most of us!

  45. Shout out too the chefs out there. I'm sure a well deserved round of golf.

  46. Great stuff bud. I have a very strong feeling you have some wonderful memories to look back upon. Thank you for taking us on the ride….cheers!

  47. UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL COURSE – it's EVERYTHING I've always heard it was !! Out of curiosity WHEN WAS THIS VIDEO ACTUALLY SHOT ??

  48. I was wondering what golf shoes were you wearing here. Love the look…spiffy!

  49. How much cost for a round?

  50. I was stationed at Fort Ord from March 89 to December 91. Learned to play golf on Bayonet Black Horse. Miss those days!

  51. Def bucket list course..

  52. Maybe it would be better to buy a gimbal when filming and walking. And also is this a course vlog, a trainig video, what?

  53. Spyglass is a whole lot tougher than Pebble in my opinion. Both awesome course. Hope to go back. Had to start my savings account again.

  54. Had a steak there last June (unfortunately did not play),best steak ever!!!

  55. Pebble thoroughly kicks most amateurs butts, but you've got to play it at least once in your life! And yes the # eight hole is intimidating, but not much, until you see the chasm that runs across part of it! Thanks for the great memories. Nice video.

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