Neesha Robinson, cheerleader for Crystal Palace Football Club – Londoner #61

Neesha Robinson,  cheerleader for Crystal Palace Football Club – Londoner #61

So I’ve been a crystal for around three years
now, and this is actually my forth kit- so 4 seasons. It’s been part of me so we grow
as a bond, we’re a family, we just… we can talk to any of the girls about anything so
it’s just amazing, I love it. I’m pretty sure there’s like stereotypes which are attached
to cheerleading but as you’ve seen we’re all approachable we’ll all talk to you. I think
a lot of fans are like really scared to talk to us sometimes but we’re not scary at all,
like if anything I’m probably scared of like anyone else.
Outside of being a crystal I’m a manager at an after-school club. Entertaining crystal
palace fans is somewhat similar to entertaining, you know, the kids where I work because you
need bundles of energy and you just need that spirit about you so I think it’s quite similar
in a weird kind of way. We’re there to cheer on the fans, we’re there to cheer on the team,
and we’ve all got that in our hearts. My favourite part of a day, a match day, is just going
out and that atmosphere is crazy- I love it, because everyone’s a family, everyone’s together,
everyone’s one- and we all want the same thing so it’s really good.
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  1. 'Entertaining Crystal Palace fans is somewhat similar to entertaining the kids' I should fucking well hope not.

  2. Really talented Artist 🙂

  3. I saw her live at a match

  4. I remember neesha and I remember this game I went there with my uncle


  6. Neesha u can sit on my face anytime bb.. oops i mean entertain me!… :—— ) xxxxxx

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