Nepalese Lions Clubs Grow in California

Nepalese Lions Clubs Grow in California

The Nepalese
have moved into California
in great numbers.
We’ve got over 100,000
just in California.
San Francisco Bay Area
Nepalese Lions clubs are rapidly growing
in numbers and service.We were kind of
isolated, we were
happy within our communityand I didn’t have
any American friends.
Being a part of the
Lions club actually has
helped us to integrate
into larger society.
Innovative local service projects
are making an impact.We started with
a small soccer tournament,
and then our dreams got bigger.We transformed into
a multi-sports festival
and a recently concluded
the soccer league,
which had more than 300 playersplaying for four months.
From this soccer league I have
known a lot of Nepalese people.
If we are from the
same community,
we can help each other
off the field, as well.
The Sunnyvale Lions established a Nepalese
school for children of immigrants.We wanted to bring
together our social value,
our festivals, our language.
It helps the children
connect to their heritage
and their culture.
All the kids, they
love the class.
Children are
the heart of every parent.
When 60 students come
here to learn something
about their culture, language,
120 parents will be right here.
They get together bonding
collaboration, connection.
Lions organize a Chautari for the Nepalese
adults to connect and support each other.It’s a common place where
people can come
sit together and talk
about anything
in a very informal way.
It gives us a little
home away from a home.
Lions are building bridges between
generations and cultures.The benefit of
having cultural clubs
is the opportunity for the
communities to work together.
Now, I know Bob, I know Becky,I know many of the
Lions members here.
I feel like I’m part
of the community.
Regardless of what
culture you are,
we’re all one family in Lionism.We dance, we love, and we serve together.Bridging cultures. Serving communities.

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