New Workout Music Motivation Playlist 2018

New Workout Music Motivation Playlist 2018

New Workout Music Motivation Playlist 2018

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  1. It needs to be longer…not just 1 hour…bcs i exercise with music on abt 2-3 hours a day

  2. whats the name of the second song (shape of you, but what remix?)

  3. This is so bad…

  4. Amazing music❤

  5. Recently started working out I'm going to update you guys every week: goal weight 50 kg
    (23 june): 63.9 kg

  6. I just listen this music when I'm bored 😎

  7. This Playlist be getting me the summer body I wanted💯🔥👌🏾🎶🏃🏾‍♀️⛹🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️🚴🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤽🏾‍♀️🤾🏾‍♀️💪🏾👙

  8. i just searched it up so me and my brother can make fun of it and dance like stupid heads cus we are

  9. Good and active song

  10. i am done i did over 20 mins of working out and i am new to this.

  11. I’m here just trying to pull a few squats and needing music for it lmfaooo

  12. Need the name of the Alone remix!

  13. Nice Mix 🔥🔥 I think I might have some good Workout music on my channel as well🤔

  14. agree with yall
    i dance a nd workout!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. this did nothing for me……..pfff

  16. The only thing I didn’t like about this mix is that you put Ed Sheeren as the second song. Theirs nothing manly about that boy!

  17. Working out to look sexy this summer 💪💪

  18. This music makes my buttcheeks jump!

  19. What is the first song?

  20. Just an exercise it so I can’t go to your party right now

  21. 5.1.2018 it my Birthday

  22. If anyone needs a good beginner playlist for working out check out my Workout Playlist. I've been using it for awhile from other people. Please comment if you have a good video or videos for inner thigh & stomach. Thanks!!!

  23. Nah I m listen Christian rappers ❤️🙏🏻💪🏼

  24. what's the name of the song at 42:40?

  25. Nombre de la canción (Song Name please min 40:25 ) minuto 40:25 porfavor

  26. Anyone else working on their splits while listening

    No just me okay

  27. Super tracks…🤘

    This works for me! Some bass, rap, trap

  29. Fuck, once again i started to late 😩

  30. Well I’m doing Jungkook’s exercise routine and IU’s diet at the same time..
    haven’t fainted yet so that must be a good sign..

  31. Bin ich die einzige Deutsche😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. I’m training for my breach on Area 51 this September

  33. Music is an amazing motivation for workout and many others!

  34. I just used headphones after a while and if you turn it up it sounds awesome!

  35. The Musik is quit ok I think but I am eating write know so I don‘t think it‘s gonna help👍👏

  36. M working out juz bcoz I had break up… It's d best thing to forget her

  37. Dude it's hard for me to workout bc I get muscle spasms which cause my heart to ache and I have difficulty breathing, so don't push yourself guys! If you're not used to exercise then slowly adjust your body into it so it doesn't do you harm!😔😉👍

  38. anybody knows what last song's title?

  39. What’s the first song called?

  40. lame comp of girly music… trash

  41. I have to do this for one hour ughh

  42. absolute trash 🙁

  43. Why does Workout music always have to be such generic shits…

  44. A great mix while cycling.

  45. This helped me complete 100 laps

  46. Aching bones?

    Ignores and continues 😂

  47. Looking for motivational music for working out cause I had two, TWO cheat days and I feel exhausted but I’ll work out in the morning, I lost weight and trying to get muscle and to gain weight. Good Luck to anyone who’s trying to get in shape 😉

  48. Phew thx for the music just ate the fattest cake

  49. I watch this while eating cookies:)

  50. 1:04:45 press this and replay for no ads!!!

  51. Well im actually listening to this so ill get motivated to finish my assignments sooo yeah i have lots of assignments

  52. 38:30 LIFE TOO GAY?

  53. Awesome workout mix! Thanks to Workout Music Service for this great playlist! 😁👍

  54. Thank me later

  55. Love love love!!!

  56. not feeling this music at all

  57. oh shit here we go again

  58. The snap chat add mid music is pure trash.

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  60. Только меня бесит это гламурное ебало с тонной макияжа на тренировке?

  61. This inspired my to make my own house mix and upload it to youtube. Have a listen if you love this one. On my channel now

  62. I'm working out because I hate being chubby l3ts be skint legends 😁

  63. These song sucks except for the first one!

  64. push day one like two pushup

  65. who else listening to this to stay awake while studying lol

  66. everyone check this dude out –

  67. Working out 💪💪💪

  68. I used it in exercise going very well .. thnx admin

  69. The name of girl in video?

  70. I was bullied about my weight so I put in the work and I lost 14.5kg in 9 months and I’m now trying to gain back the weight I lost but in muscle 😂

  71. Always nice to listen to.

  72. Why do people put themselves through this voluntarily??? – I ask while I put myself through my workout voluntarily

  73. I will be damned if I lift heavy weight to this crap.


  75. Me listening while making rotti 😀dough

  76. Starting my workout today and seeing results after 3 or 4 months

  77. the picture anoys me

  78. I am a soccer player and trying to look up to my sister because she made varisty team as a freshman and she has a six pack and so do i now:)))))

  79. I wouldnt listen to this sewerfest of music even if I were taking a crap

  80. Hearing this and I’m on my abs! I’m only nine!

  81. 1:00 whats that song?

  82. I'm gonna crack the glass face of yours 1 off these days bluffer

  83. there is 94% people who saw girl then come

  84. When I saw this thumbnail I went back and exercised more thinking I will get a body like that.

  85. An excellent list.. good mix …

  86. Summer body 2020 here i come.. around 300 days left to exercise, started today 💪🏼

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