One Club Golf Challenge

One Club Golf Challenge

Hey guys Chris here with GolfAtHome.TV and
you may hear a jet warming up in the background that’s because this
particular golf course is right next to the airport which makes the greens fees
very affordable which is great practice because today we’re doing something
unique and we’re playing with only a 7 iron and a putter Let’s see how it goes. I have about two hundred and sixty-eight yards
left to the hole club selection, 7 iron That’s an Optishot swing The one club challenge. Playing a whole round of golf. Eighteen holes using only one club. We didn’t exactly do that because we added a putter but it still was a lot of fun I think it’s a really helped me with the short game using a 7 iron only uh… it took a little bit in the beginning
to get used to that instead of a sand wedge or something like that but once but once I got the hang of it I was actually
doing well around the greens with it I was on my way to beating my previous record at that course I shot a ninety-seven last time I played
that course with a full bag it has been a while but then I played with only my 7 iron and i
was on my way to beating that and it’s pretty funny because I also had five
unnecessary strokes in a greenside bunker getting out of a bunker with a
7 iron is uh… well tricky but I did get out eventually in fact I even had a birdie on a 320 yard
par 4 using only the 7 iron which i was very happy about you know it kinda makes sense to play
strategically like that instead of just taking a driver and saying well i’m
going to hit it as far as i can to get as close to the green as i can because sometimes that gets you in trouble but uh i would recommend trying it going out playing with only one club if you’re too scared to do it or don’t feel.. I
played on a very cheap course and so i I didn’t feel so bad, I didn’t feel like I lost anything it’s really fun I would play a
better course using only one club but uh… if you don’t want to do that you can at least try it on
the Optishot P3ProSwing or whatever if you have a golf simulator take one club and play a round with it
and see how you do it’s a lot of fun I would recommend
a one club challenge give it a go and uh… before I signoff I
want to give you a sneak peak of what’s to come I have lots of testing and videos going on for Optishot and other golf related activities at home so lots in the work but uh… bam bam that’s exciting subscribe see what happens

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  1. Nice video. I did that challenge in high school with a six iron. I didn't bring a putter. Butt didn't do more than three putting.

  2. Awesome channel. Good job so far, keep it up!

  3. Nice! The next time I use only one club I'll skip the putter as well.

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