One to Fifty | Daniel Sturridge’s first 50 Premier League goals for Liverpool

It’s Gerrard again, not much to aim for… Tests the goalkeeper, and Daniel Sturridge
brings Liverpool back into it. Downing, lovely ball,
and in by Daniel Sturridge. Liverpool get it back, it’s Daniel Sturridge. It’s a great strike!
It is an absolutely wonderful goal. Lovely touch, Sturridge is there! That is an astonishingly good goal. Oh, what a pass. Sturridge… Magnificent. Oh, that’s another lovely pass,
Henderson will get there. They’re queueing up, Daniel Sturridge… That is just too easy for Liverpool. Waited a long time, forced wide. Oh, what a goal! Brilliant. Sturridge. That just rubs salt into the Fulham wounds. There’s the delivery for Daniel Sturridge,
the goalkeeper comes… Hat-trick, Daniel Sturridge. Sturridge again, can let them fly! And does so brilliantly. Coutinho, Sturridge, brilliant,
Daniel Sturridge… Absolutely wonderful Liverpool goal. Gerrard’s take. Oh, there’s the header, it’s in! Who else? And it’s Sturridge! It’s 1-1. Daniel Sturridge for Liverpool. Liverpool lead,
through who else but Daniel Sturridge? Delaney is the defender,
Moses is the support, Sturridge will go on his own! Now then here’s Suarez, he’s onside. And there’s the goal. Here’s Sturridge. Oh, that’s absolutely amazing. Here’s the free kick, header, in! Liverpool have done it, it’s Daniel Sturridge. Suarez, he’s looking for Sturridge. That is a brilliant stop, Sturridge will go again! Lovely, Sturridge, goal for Liverpool. And it’s Daniel Sturridge,
this for 2-0 to Liverpool. Here’s Sturridge again,
and the goalkeeper’s come… Daniel Sturridge has made it three! Suarez. And Sturridge! And Liverpool are off again,
and it’s Daniel Sturridge. Oh, my word, it’s 4-0 to Liverpool. Liverpool go again,
and Daniel Sturridge is in behind, and Daniel Sturridge for Liverpool. That’s Sterling, that’s a glorious pass, this is Sturridge,
and that’s absolutely wonderful. Plenty of red shirts forward,
can they find the end product? They can. Suarez to Sturridge. Sturridge making ground
in the middle, Sturridge. Game over. Daniel Sturridge gives Liverpool
clear daylight. Game turned on its head, Daniel Sturridge. Sterling. Oh, it’s surely in! Daniel Sturridge for Liverpool. Coutinho. Sturridge. Lovely touch, Daniel Sturridge. Henderson. That’s looking for Sturridge – beautiful. Wonderful goal. That’s on for Sturridge,
he has been forced wide, but Sturridge scores! Sturridge, Milner,
Sturridge goes for the return! Coutinho, Sturridge goes for the return. Oh, that’s absolutely brilliant. Coutinho. Sturridge, free header. It’s Divock Origi, Daniel Sturridge,
the pass slowed him down – but Sturridge will score! Ojo, switching flanks. And teasing Shaqiri! It’s Daniel Sturridge who scores. Daniel Sturridge scores a lovely header. Lucas nicks the ball,
and looks for Daniel Sturridge, and Sturridge for Liverpool! Sturridge with the turn! And scores. Shawcross – oh, it’s a terrible ball. Sturridge for Liverpool, and his first touch… Milner, looking for Lovren, and Sturridge is there! That’s Coutinho,
Daniel Sturridge is onside, big moment. Daniel Sturridge for Liverpool! He’s back, and he’s back with a goal. Sturridge! Brilliant from Liverpool. It’s gonna come to Sturridge. Milner’s take. And it comes all the way through, and Daniel Sturridge has only scored
with his first touch. Sturridge. Goes for it! Astonishing strike by Daniel Sturridge. Unstoppable, unsaveable.

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